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I am happy to announce that I upgraded our install of WriteFreely from 0.6 through to 0.8.1 last night with it resulting in so little downtime that it didn't register on our status page with its one minute resolution.

This update brings with it a number of incremental small improvements:

  • Use an en dash in the title of posts that are written in German, instead of em dash
  • Blog names starting with a number now have an ActivityPub avatar
  • Fix spacing in sub-lists
  • Optimise web font loading
  • Fix same-page anchor links

In future all announcements of maintenance downtime will be handled in advance via this channel and rebroadcast via @carbontwelve on the Fediverse.

I am currently aiming for four nines up-time (99.99%) per month. That allows for approximately five minutes downtime each month and should be easily achievable on my setup.

In order to track up time and display historical reportage on planned and not-so-planned outages. We now have a status page provided by Nixstats.

It currently shows monitoring from Paris, France. However I will be adding additional monitoring locations soon.