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I have a new mastodon account on https://eldritch.cafe/@jay . I will share my blog posts and random thoughts over there. Also, you can contact me if you have an account in the fediverse. See you soon with a new blog post!


a kind-of review

[This text was published on my Plume account before, but since I moved back to write freely, I publish it here again]

On July 3rd, british band Hot Milk released a new single, “California's burning”. Hot Milk describe their sound as “emo power pop” but this song is so much more. You can hear influences from punk, hip hop and electronic and of course some great, meaningful lyrics. For example, the first verse “semi-automatic in a candy store/strangers break down your door/NRA on the senate floor/is this the life you’re looking for?” or “lock up kids just to ignore/a rainbow flag they wanna cure”.

You can buy the single as a vinyl (“California's burning” on the A side and “June Gloom” and “Wide awake (in awful ever after)” on the B side from https://hot-milk-uk.myshopify.com/. A portion of profits from every sale will be given to Black Lives Matter and Stop Hate UK. You can watch it on YouTube https://youtube.com/watch?v=xt6fK9KltJo or listen to it on Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music. Also, Hot Milk announced that there will be a music video on YouTube soon.

In my last post, I announced that I moved to the Plume instance on tchncs.de and will no longer post here. I posted a new introduction and a song review over there. I like Plume and its features but I started wondering if my move was the right decision. There was no bad experience on Plume but I realised that I don't need all these features, write freely actually has everything I need. I like this simple, distraction-free environment here. Also, it seems that my blog here has more readers, which I don't think is bad :)

To sum up, I decided to go back to write freely. I might repost my song review here and I already have an idea for a series that will (hopefully) start in the next days. See you soon!


I'm sorry to go after such a short time but today I found out about Plume, which is another blogging platform in the fediverse. It's very new and it has some cool features that I couldn't find here. You can find me on https://write.tchncs.de/@/jay Bye, jay

My name is Jay. I'm demi female, my pronouns are she/her or my name and I'm greysexual (not really ace and not really lesbian – something in the middle). In this blog, I will write about social issues, the LGBTQ* community, feminism and (rock) music. I'm still learning how to use write freely so I don't know about every feature. If you can contact me here somehow, don't hesitate to (unless you are just another spammer). I speak German, English and very little Icelandic and languages like Italian/Spanish/France/Latin.

That's it for now. See you! Jay