Another point of concern is that of exploits. He went on to discover the topic in a later reply, and that i added it here as a result of I feel it's an attention-grabbing point of dialogue about whether the hardcore gameplay of early games like Ultima Online would have been as standard if there had been a lot of MMO decisions back then. Personally I believe that LuckPerms is the only option because it has essentially the most options, its free, and has nice assist. I believe much of it was sizzling air then. There shouldn't be a lot it is advisable do moreover arrange the permissions which we already did within the previous part. To do that run /rg flag spawnpvp enable/deny/none i.e /rg flag spawnpvp mob-spawning deny Now it's good to create a separate safe zone at spawn so players do not PvP. Now lets set up Worldguard on your spawn and PvP-only area. To setup for your PvP space, run /f bypass then run /f claim Warzone Proper at your spawn location for me it's /f claim 12 Warzone You do not should create a Safezone because the spawn area has its personal worldguard reigon with PvP and potions disabled.