How Should be Your Genuine Temporary Entrant

When it comes to studying in Australia, the Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) is the most common requirement for all types of study visas. Moreover, it is the most common reason for the rejection of your student visa from the Department of Home Affairs.

GTE or Genuine Temporary Entrant is used as intended rather than a way for international students to maintain ongoing residency in Australia. It is an assessment to convince the case officer that your intention to visit Australia is genuine and you have solid reasons for studying in Australia. Below are some top reasons why student visas are refused and how to overcome this.

Try to Be Realistic in Your Article

It is the foremost requirement. Whatever you want to describe in your GTE must sound genuine instead of unrealistic, your reasons for applying a student visa must be goal-oriented and valid.

Talk about the Circumstances in Your Home Country

It is more so related to your personal circumstances, The case officer wants to know that you have a strong tie with your home country. Your family members are well settled. You are interested in returning to your home to support your family. In the future, you can return home to special events like marriage. It is all about showing enough reasons to return home. The current economic condition of your home country is also taken into account by the case officer. Sometimes, the refusal of a visa is because of the economic condition of the home country.

Explain why you choose a particular Institute

Your GTE assessment also covers the reasons for selecting a specific education provider in Australia when some other institutes in the country are also providing the same course. You can explain about the institute's reputation, the city the institute is located and chosen the institute considering your expenses. Explain the research you have done on the particular institute and the course you want to do.

Discuss the Future Value of the Course

The most common reason the immigration case officer wants to know through the GTE article is that your interest in pursuing a degree or program. What is your future plan? Do you want to study further or want to work? Will the course allow you to apply for higher-paying positions?

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