Nice Linus

ON THIS HAPPY DAY On this happy day, This lovely day in May, The sun so brightly shines, The wind so lightly blows And the birds sing their song- A victorious summer song.

An ant hastened forward like a ray Which has lost its way While I rid the shelf of mice Scattered around like an army of flies At last, the telephone rang And my heart got a bang!

On this happy day, I got twice my pay, Gave out my fears on lease And ate a meal of peas I travelled pages long To the heights where bliss hung.

On this happy day, I've judged it right to pray; Just some words of thanks For a day like this.


Nightfall Normally, we're a quiet, peace loving people. Nothing ever happens, really. Nationwide protests hardly happen here. However, lately, cases of kidnapping and murder have been on the increase. Ritual killings and cultic confrontations have become 'normal news'. Most of these things happen at night, they say, hence, the need to be cautious. It was 7pm yesterday, almost nightfall and so I was hurrying back home. I had undone chores waiting patiently for me. I didn't mean to but somehow, my ears caught several discussions as I passed by the houses lining the street. Up in the sky, an helicopter glided rather slowly towards the East. It was the noise it made that attracted the attention of everyone once again. Children came out in their numbers to admire its different shades of light while adults reasoned among themselves, who the important personality in the aircraft could be. Caught in the commotion, I watched the helicopter until it disappeared behind the horizon. When I was a little distance away from home, the helicopter glided back from the direction in which it had gone before making me wonder if its pilot was confused. On getting home, I discovered there was power supply for the first time in several days! The excitement was too much. I plugged my phone and turned the TV on. I was enjoying a Nollywood movie with my siblings when we heard the sound of the chopper again. Stepping outside to take a look, we discovered that there were not one but two choppers flying across the sky. It was until the next day before I discovered the identity of the mysterious figure who helicoptered over our city that day- his excellency, the Vice President. Like, the Vice President visited. And there was power supply throughout the night too. Wow! What can't elections do?


The Kind of Melon she Hated

Its outstretched leaves, fluffy and widespread like an elephant's ear, she would have loved to call green but for the palish white that covered them. Rooted atop the conical heaps close to yam plants, they reminded her of the cowpeas she had planted at the backyard of her apartment back at school, made her wonder if they had blossomed. Her mother told her it was a different specie of melon. I was the same one whose fruit she had dipped in palm oil after they had been boiled and eaten to suppress the tension which was welling up in her heart on that day when they had that discussion that left her speechless except for the frequent nods, “hmm” or “abi oh” she had to spare to hide her confusion. She had been given motherly advice on academics, relationship, blah blah. Arrgh! She so hated relationship talk, or at least, she reasoned she should. But upon close observation, it was revealed that they only put her in a state of nerves, made her think about the part of sociality she wasn't ready for. Yet, deep down her heart, she loved that everyone that cared talked about it. So, she spent half an hour staring at this different species of melon she hated, wondering why her mother loved its sour-tasting fruit and wishing she never planted them at all. Four days later, after taking a brief nap, she came out to the balcony for fresh air. It had not rained at all in seven days and the sun was scorchy. Gazing over the railings, beneath their flat, she saw the melon plant again. Now, its leaves were wrinkly, parched in a displeasing way. Looking at the sky, Phoebe hoped it would rain soon.

The Kind of Melon she Hated Its outstretched leaves, fluffy and widespread