She came back at dusk. Darkness clouded the stairway as she climbed up. Thoughts of food and rest filled her head. But to her chagrin, upon entering the house, she discovered that no one had cooked anything. Everybody said they were tired. She thought of the mildest reply to give but found nothing. Eventually, she gave silence a chance to do it's magic.

She was going to leave all of them alone and sleep but sleep refused to come. Cause how can someone sleep on an extremely empty stomach? Drinking water sef would only aid the hunger this time. If not for the “big girl-ness” she had been trying hard to maintain all these days, she would have burst into tears right there in her room. Because why will they send someone on an errand that took all day, burnt all energy and not keep food for them to eat at their return??

So when her younger sibling announced that he had cooked rice and pleaded for her help with preparing stew sincerely, she obliged. All the while, resentful thoughts played in her head. This people! Ahh! They didn't know what it means for one to be tired and hungry.

The next morning, her mum came to wake her up to cook at the usual time- 4:30am. Half asleep, she tossed, changing her sleeping position. She was still very tired. Her mother tapped her leg strongly, urging her to wake up. Remembering her mother didn't keep food for her the previous night and how she slept late because she had to cook, she groaned sleepily. “I'm tired. Leave me alone!” She didn't feel her mother's tap again.

The day was breaking when she eventually woke up. Her eyes widened in shock. Jesu! She had to go to work o. She hurried to the bathroom. Alas, her younger brother had gotten in first and that one doesn't know the Greek meaning of “bathing fast”. After a few screams of desperation, she got the chance to use the bathroom. After everything, she couldn't make it to school by 7am.

Take two things. Don't let anger cloud your judgement. Know what will benefit you and do it regardless of resentments. The sun has risen and I think it's going to be very bright today.

Happy Tuesday ✨