The Pool of Thoughts

Dark rain clouds must have gathered but there was no illumination to show their face. A few insignificant stars were scattered about in the moonless sky like seeds. Remarkably, the same song replayed in her head over and over again: 🎵 Listen with your heart You will understand 🎵 It's been three months and now that she needed it most, Cynthia didn't keep her word. The creditor was on her neck and she had no funds. This favor she did was almost killing her on the inside because Cynthia just decided to wait till her mother took ill so she could have an excuse for not repaying her debt! The wind whistled and whooshed. Curtains danced to its tunes and thoughts twirled in a pool. Other incidences recounted in her head; how someone had spilled oil on her textbook, her dinner had been eaten and her clothes had been left at the mercy of the afternoon drizzle. The worst part was that she didn't know who to hurl words at or blame for all her misfortunes. She had almost shouted the whole house down in frustration at her return. Still, there was no culprit. What can she do now? She thought it would only take a few weeks for her to repay the money but now, the creditor has come. She had no money to pay off someone else's debt. Her mind began to drift off to other things. Those dark brown crescent eyes lit up the chiselled face. The well shaped eye brows narrowed in worry. Her red pouty lips stood out, complimenting the beautifully tanned skin. Her dark long hair flew in the direction of the wind. She sighed as Disney's Pocahontas's portrait came to mind. What does it really take to mediate between two parties?

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