You might think it doesn't matter when language makes a sound, turns a word, comes into a sequence of terms, becomes into a wider language. You, I, we, them, the another, others, elses – all might think it doesn't matter when linguistic sensations make signs or sounds turn into words, words become sequences of terms and these are uttered in the intervals among us, keep evolving as the betweens that are in-between-ing.

Think it might not matter yet how to make sounds, signs or other kinds of sensations without these offering some kind of materiality? Some kind of parenthood? Some kind of an evolutionary process made of physical beats, oscillations, movement, elements that have some kind of trajectories, able to have frictions, repetitions, iterations, circulations, and evolutions. Elements that, in their own ways, introduce a difference, even small ones like between this word to the next, this paragraph to the next, small and all, the fact that this text – even if not read by anyone but myself ever – is read-able and offers, at the very least, it's own personal DNA, a different sequence.

Think there is no physicality, no materiality nor a difference? Perhaps not a thought but a feeling? An anxious yet melancholic sensation perhaps? A sensation that feels without terms, words, or some kind of a language? Some kind of hysterical sensation that wakes up when ever a suggestion comes along and whispers: “When uttering stuff, in fact – it does matter – there is a difference introduced and some kind of possible friction palpable for a living interval.”

..and here is when this very text fails. it folds like a crashed wave in an ocean universe from waves crashedness. Yet, is that's it's own being matter's physicality?

The crash? Made by an attempt to grasp, capture, explain, make-something-clear, hence own that very It, that very sensation while claiming such sensations from intervals are physicalities, have their own lives! How can one capture other's life without harming? Without being violent to the point of compelling that other to become that which it never was, nor will – unless being forced?

Yet what is there to be done? You have noticed a sound, the sound noticed you, they noticed a word, the word noticed them. There are encounters – should they be ignored? As if never occurred so no one gets captured? Indeed, with a word, wouldn't it want to be captured? made to be compelled by humans – else how a word might be?

Yes, can be. However, what happens to you when compelling another? Like compelling a word such as an Apple to mean a fruit in general, or something with a biblical reference. What happens through such compulsion comes clear when Apple is claimed to have nothing with fruits, the bible or both. Suddenly the coercion and ownership upon the sound Apple – comes into question. Suddenly that sound owns you too – and the connection becomes mutually violent.

However, for now, I think it is clear that there is some problem, crisis by both attempting to be one's self and introduce stuff – and doing such introductions, offers – in ways that fail to compel the other, another and one's self.

The only way i can currently perceive moving with such sensations is that in-fact we have a language. eg This text, to be an offer that has a chance to fail brutalising us – should be a language in and on and of and from and by and through it's own – be it written in english or some such ;)