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From questions of how language is approached – aka defined?

(eg, while we use the term “language” in connection to humans sharing ideas, memories, means of communications, ways to inform and coordinate, and suchlike, “language” is also used in a wider range of sequences.)

How is language to be approached?

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the ichorian sequence?

  • a rough life area in a rough town within a war torn country in a volatile region.

  • a supermarket queue in a rough life area.

  • both cashier and customer looking through a black plastic bin full of receipts.

  • some people in the queue get a little agitated and protest. stuff tells them the only solution is to move, to a back of an already long queue at the adjacent till.

  • is this situation surreal? my mind has its own event.

  • i was wondering how come many people in these rough places, find it slightly on the hard side to consider art works as being other than visually pleasing representations.

  • representation, as a claim that one set is sufficiently approximating another is a corruption of the very claim to be representational.

{ say we claim that this X is represented by this X. as you can see the 2 Xs, while looking very similar, the same font, same software, same machinary to produce the dots that a human can look at and cry – it's an X!

However, can we deny one comes before another? yes.. depends on how we take “before”. However, can we deny that, by definition, on X isn't the other? seems hard to deny since we wouldn't have to use one and another, as terms, in reference to these 2 Xs.

Hence, it seems when we say that X is like another X, what is claimed is that we are willing to suspend the fact that there's a difference. Willing to forget, for a time being, that there IS an interval between the 2 Xs.

Therefore the claims that the interval between the 2 Xs is an imagination – a process of wondering – be it of a pretending kind. We Know there's a difference between the Xs, and willing, through imagination, to pretend the difference isn't there. In a sense – imagining an imagination away, for a representation to operate. Sounds convoluted to say the least, isn't it? ;)

Moreover: Once a person is willing to suspend unknowingly and imagine away the difference between 2 Xs – It seems to me there's an obvious corruption, perhaps even an obscene corruption when considering that some Use that very suspension of doubt – to their own ends. Once a person is willing to suspend the interval Knowingly – how are they not participating in a cultivation of corruption? [ a genuine question ] (corruption as claimed above with unknowing suspense, and bellow)

Once a person is willing to use and own the interval between X and X to their personal gains – it seems to me a corruption of an exploitative kind. }

  • once a person's valued ways of imagining is through representations, when another person owns the 1st person's ways of imagining, it seems an imagination can be said to have been banked in more than one way.

  • at times when representation is a defining technology – eg binary representations – the manipulations of how binary operations work within culture, once privately owned – how can they not own imaginations as well? [again, a genuine question on 2 counts – a is it a correct conclusion, an b, if correct, is there a way out so they don't own?]

  • ichorian isn't exactly a widely used nor known term. based on ichor, a greek word which came say: ethereal fluid that serves for blood in the veins of the gods. That's after ichor was in connection to a watery discharge from a sore and yellow bile – an illness believed to be and to being caused by excess of irascibility, anger, and bad temper. Poetically, ichor was used in reference to any bloodlike fluid.

You might think it doesn't matter when language makes a sound, turns a word, comes into a sequence of terms, becomes into a wider language. You, I, we, them, the another, others, elses – all might think it doesn't matter when linguistic sensations make signs or sounds turn into words, words become sequences of terms and these are uttered in the intervals among us, keep evolving as the betweens that are in-between-ing.

Think it might not matter yet how to make sounds, signs or other kinds of sensations without these offering some kind of materiality? Some kind of parenthood? Some kind of an evolutionary process made of physical beats, oscillations, movement, elements that have some kind of trajectories, able to have frictions, repetitions, iterations, circulations, and evolutions. Elements that, in their own ways, introduce a difference, even small ones like between this word to the next, this paragraph to the next, small and all, the fact that this text – even if not read by anyone but myself ever – is read-able and offers, at the very least, it's own personal DNA, a different sequence.

Think there is no physicality, no materiality nor a difference? Perhaps not a thought but a feeling? An anxious yet melancholic sensation perhaps? A sensation that feels without terms, words, or some kind of a language? Some kind of hysterical sensation that wakes up when ever a suggestion comes along and whispers: “When uttering stuff, in fact – it does matter – there is a difference introduced and some kind of possible friction palpable for a living interval.”

  • It feels meaningless? How?
  • When anyone and everyone might introduce the same Kind of difference – ones' own begins to sense meaningless. How about games?
  • What about them? You play Zelda? Some tetris? Other? What do you do but point and click like in gazzilion other games – yet we can say this game is such and such, a difference that feels different?
  • Each game you need to Think different. That is the materiality that differentiates. Yes.. And with languages, do we not think different?
  • What's the difference when I ask for bread to someone else's request for a same thing? How about breathing?
  • Breathing? Is your breathing meaningless?
  • Perhaps.. It's just breathing. Yet without it, how all of You will have frictions and intervals with someone like all-of-me?

..and here is when this very text fails. it folds like a crashed wave in an ocean universe from waves crashedness. Yet, is that's it's own being matter's physicality?

The crash? Made by an attempt to grasp, capture, explain, make-something-clear, hence own that very It, that very sensation while claiming such sensations from intervals are physicalities, have their own lives! How can one capture other's life without harming? Without being violent to the point of compelling that other to become that which it never was, nor will – unless being forced?

Yet what is there to be done? You have noticed a sound, the sound noticed you, they noticed a word, the word noticed them. There are encounters – should they be ignored? As if never occurred so no one gets captured? Indeed, with a word, wouldn't it want to be captured? made to be compelled by humans – else how a word might be?

Yes, can be. However, what happens to you when compelling another? Like compelling a word such as an Apple to mean a fruit in general, or something with a biblical reference. What happens through such compulsion comes clear when Apple is claimed to have nothing with fruits, the bible or both. Suddenly the coercion and ownership upon the sound Apple – comes into question. Suddenly that sound owns you too – and the connection becomes mutually violent.

  • this can go on and on.. might need to be expanded..

However, for now, I think it is clear that there is some problem, crisis by both attempting to be one's self and introduce stuff – and doing such introductions, offers – in ways that fail to compel the other, another and one's self.

The only way i can currently perceive moving with such sensations is that in-fact we have a language. eg This text, to be an offer that has a chance to fail brutalising us – should be a language in and on and of and from and by and through it's own – be it written in english or some such ;)

a picture? sunlight on a twig outside (my) window with a reflection of (my morning) cup of coffee. a brown-red chested bird comes to stand on the twig and on the window this looks like the bird was on top of the cup.

a text? This morning, i noticed sunlight on a twig outside my window – with a reflection of my morning cup of coffee. a brown-red chested bird come to stand on the twig and on the window this looked like the bird was on top of the cup.

?{ one could have grubbed a rough picture could have done a grabby word jot yet done a mental screech to recall gut a captured journey bit with flowing morning wilderness in bowing storm an unwindyness }?

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