Nothing happening today, at least not for me. Nothing tomorrow, but the next day? Friday...I have my bath, Amir is coming with Takuya, and I have the CMHA meeting.

Right now, I am trying hard not to fall back asleep. I woke up aroud 5-ish? It is now 7:0a,

I'm going to install Zoom now bc I believe Amir is coming right when the CMHA meeting occurs.

Anyways... I wonder who is up like me? Maybe Julz or Bees? Maybe not Bees bc she is a deep sleeper but perhaps Julz might join me?

It's another grey day out. sighs

Someone is moving their furniture around upstairs... I can hear them from the quiet room downstairs. I bet you anything that it is L.W. She is pretty much the only woman here who does that shit.

Sammy W