Sakura Blossom

just methinks...

On Timmy's and a Lenovo

Ok... well the group went to Timmy's around 1:30p so they should be back anytime soon. I am getting a chai tea, and a Boston cream donut.

I have a headache from hell. I was snoozing in a way that gave my neck and head pain. :(

I do hope they return soon. I am thirsty.. I am trusting Bees and Hols' opinion on Lenovos. I have had bad experiences with them.



They say that music soothes the savage beast. So, here be my faves...




Nothing happening today, at least not for me. Nothing tomorrow, but the next day? Friday...I have my bath, Amir is coming with Takuya, and I have the CMHA meeting.

Right now, I am trying hard not to fall back asleep. I woke up aroud 5-ish? It is now 7:0a,

I'm going to install Zoom now bc I believe Amir is coming right when the CMHA meeting occurs.

Anyways... I wonder who is up like me? Maybe Julz or Bees? Maybe not Bees bc she is a deep sleeper but perhaps Julz might join me?

It's another grey day out. sighs

Someone is moving their furniture around upstairs... I can hear them from the quiet room downstairs. I bet you anything that it is L.W. She is pretty much the only woman here who does that shit.

Sammy W