Sambuca's Life

Or what passes for it... (lol)


Not much is happening... it is a quiet Thursday. I'm drinking water, but I was drinking coffee to stay awake..


I fell asleep sometime after 1:30p and woke up at 3:17p. I need to get more zzZZzz at night and less in the day...

Oh well... Sammy

Feeling a bit fatigued today

All I need is a jolt of java. The pet groomers are here to fix up Eddie, our schnoodle. He is rather raggedy right now... but he will look brand spanking new after his treatment.

I have to eat lunch fast bc Raza is coming today at 12:30p... and lunch is at 12. We are having Mom's lentil and chicken soup.

Anyways, ttfn, Sammy

So.. I'm at Tim's waiting for my sister...

I am being eyeballed by some guy which is kind of disturbing... I have had my cold brew and a panini and a Smile cookie... which the cost goes to local charities... so I feel good about that.

The thing about this Tim's is that it is kind of in a bad area... I just hope that Bees returns soon.

I am on Julz's computer bc her machine is lightweight, my own laptop is a monster. 17”. Julz's is a 12”.

I think I will sim after I get home.


My day thus far...

I have been having a fantastic week! Yesterday was good, as was today. I slept moderately well... yeah, and tomorrow is the BIG day! I get my weekly $20 from Mom. That is awesome. I can go to Tim's and the dollar store.

I made a second website (here) and I have still my OD and my DW.

I will bring my cellphone so that I can take pictures and put them on FB and then transfer them to my site or here or wherever. My cell's cam is really good. I have a ZTE but the camera is top notch.

In case you want/need to contact me, you can by mailing me,