Anti-stress cosmetics are becoming a hot topic overseas.

Anti-stress cosmetics, a new generation of skincare products that focus on skin problems caused by stress, are booming overseas. Here's a detailed explanation from an expert.

Stress can also cause skin problems

Today's society is full of stress, from work, relationships at work, housework, childcare, temperature changes, noise, lack of sleep to stiff shoulders. Did you know that stress can also affect your skin?

According to Dr. Joshua Zeichner, a dermatologist in New York City, when our bodies are stressed, they produce certain hormones to protect themselves from the environment. And “the hormones released by that stress can have a negative impact on the skin,” he revealed on Refinery29.

In fact, many people who feel “stressed” or “irritated” actually experience stress-related skin problems, such as dry skin, pimples, and itchiness.

A completely new category of skincare was born overseas to solve the skin problems brought on by stress. It is now attracting the attention of many people, including celebrities.

What are anti-stress cosmetics?

Anti-stress cosmetics are literally cosmetics designed to solve skin problems caused by the effects of stress.

Dr. Zeichner said, “These products, which primarily target the effects of stress, are aimed at restoring healthy skin function,” and as for their features, he said, “These skin care products provide plenty of moisture to the skin while reducing skin problems such as acne and inflammation. Some of them also promote collagen production,” he said.

Of course, Dr. Zeichner says that they are not limited to the skin of stressed people, but can be used by any skin type that usually suffers from dryness and skin problems.

The hottest anti-stress cosmetic products ①.

One of the most popular anti-stress cosmetics is Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare, a skincare brand created by Dr. Dennis Gross, a celebrity dermatologist trusted by models such as Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Jordan Dunn. Gross Skincare, a skincare brand created by Dr. Dennis Gross, a dermatologist trusted by celebrities such as Gigi Huntington-Whiteley and Jordan Dunn, offers an anti-stress serum called Stress Rescue Super Serum.

This serum contains niacinamide, a natural vitamin, as well as superfoods such as goji berries (wolfberries) and adaptogens, which help protect the skin from stress-related problems and lead to brighter, healthier skin.

Topical anti-stress cosmetics (2)

Another hot topic is the Arnica Relief & Rescue Mask, an anti-stress pack from First Aid Beauty, a skincare brand that has many celebrity users, including singer Selena Gomez.

This creamy, no-rinse mask contains Centella asiatica, a healing herb rich in madecassosides and amino acids, and arnica flower extract. It gently heals stressed out skin.

While it is important to take good care of your skin with skincare, don't forget to reduce stress from both inside and outside of your body by eating a well-balanced diet, exercising moderately, and improving your daily life.