How to use a face steamer to make your skin moist and beautiful

Did you know that many people don't actually use face steamers properly to remove dirt from their pores and moisturize their skin? A skincare expert gives advice on how to use a steamer effectively to make your skin moist and beautiful.

What are the benefits of a face steamer?

According to Dr. Richard Firshein, an expert in aging care medicine, there are two major advantages to using a home face steamer.

The first is that it can help keep your pores clean. Dr. Firshein explained in the U.S. media Hellogiggles that the steam opens the pores of the entire face and loosens and dissolves the dirt stuck in the pores.

The second is that it helps skin care products penetrate better. By applying face steam before applying skincare products, the surface of the skin is warmed up and blood circulation throughout the face is increased. The skin becomes softer and the moisture from the lotion or serum can reach deeper into the skin.

However, face steamers are not necessarily beneficial for “all skin types. According to celebrity esthetician Sonia Dhakal, people with particularly sensitive or dry skin need to be careful, and she advises that “too much exposure (to steam) can dry out or irritate the skin.

Professional Recommendations for Use

Now, let's take a look at how professionals use the face steamer to maximize its effects.

First, you need to clean your skin before applying steam to your face. If you use the steamer with makeup on, it may push the dirt into the pores instead of removing it, so Sonia advises that you should always cleanse and wash your face before using the steamer.

When your skin is ready, stand about 10-20cm away from the outlet of the face steamer and let the steam hit your face. Some types of steamers produce very hot steam, so keep a safe distance to avoid burns.

After about 9 minutes of steam exposure, simply follow the usual skincare routine. Your pores will be cleaned and your skin will be relaxed and ready to absorb skincare products. Sonia says that you will feel the effects of skincare even more than usual.

The ideal frequency is once or twice a week. If you are a first time user of a face steamer, check your skin condition and gradually increase the frequency and duration of steam exposure because it may damage your skin if you suddenly apply steam for a long time.