Skin care changes in your 30s

Metabolism and female hormone secretion change in our 30s. This is the time when you realize that things are different from the past in various situations. In their professional lives, they gain confidence as they build up their careers, and at the same time, they take on more responsibilities, while in their personal lives, some people face life events such as marriage and childbirth. The changes in our living environment also affect our skin, and sooner or later we will start to feel the symptoms of aging.

Now is the time to start taking care of your skin for the future.

Thirties are still young! However, if you go to bed without taking off your makeup or do not take UV protection, your skin will continue to deteriorate. However, if you go to bed without taking off your make-up or do not take care of your skin's UV rays, it will continue to deteriorate. To prepare for your 40s, when you cannot help but be aware of aging, take care of your skin now before the damage becomes serious.

Is your care causing inner dryness?

Be careful not to remove too much!

Many people in their thirties begin to suffer from dry sebum-prone skin, also known as inner dryness. “If your skin is shiny in the T-zone but dry all over, or if your makeup falls off easily, be careful not to wipe off too much sebum by using too much oil-absorbent paper or cleansing.

Washing your face with hot water, using packs for a long time, scrubbing your face, and rubbing your face with a towel. These also lower the barrier function of the skin.

Things to be concerned about in your 30s


Do you feel that your skin feels tight after washing your face? In your thirties, the collagen, hyaluronic acid, and ceramide that help the skin retain moisture gradually decrease, causing the skin to become drier. It is around the age of 30 that people who used to think they had oily skin start to realize that they actually have dry skin.

When the skin is dry, it becomes more sensitive to external stimuli. It is important to review your skin care regimen, including UV protection, moisturizing care, and changing cosmetics to low-stimulus ones.

Fine wrinkles and sagging

Are you worried about your glands and wrinkles around your eyes? Hormonal balance changes and a decrease in skin moisturizers can cause fine lines and sagging. It's great to age, but it's a shame to look old at such a young age. We need to improve our metabolism and the cycle of skin tissue renewal (turnover).

If you find fine lines and wrinkles that have never bothered you before, use a hypoallergenic moisturizer or cream as soon as possible.

Dark spots and dullness

Is your diet unbalanced? Are you feeling stressed? Are you getting a good night's sleep? A disordered lifestyle can also lead to a disordered turnover, which can cause dark spots and dullness.

In order to prevent the formation of blemishes, it is important to regulate your internal environment so as to improve your metabolic rate. If you have been feeling irritable lately, or if you have been too busy to rest, take a break and relax. A stable mind is also essential!

Cleansing for people in their 30s

“The basic principle of cleansing for people in their thirties is to use a low-stimulus cleanser. If the cleansing power is too strong, the necessary oil and moisture will be removed along with the makeup. Choose products that do not irritate the skin with fragrances or colorants, and do not damage the skin by scrubbing.

Face wash for people in their 30s

Some people who suffer from dry skin say that their skin feels better when they do not use a cleanser in the morning and just use lukewarm water. Washing your face has a great influence on the condition of your skin. Especially in your thirties, the quality of your skin may change, so if you start to worry about the condition of your skin, it may be a good idea to change your cleanser.

Moisturizing Care in Your 30s

Moisturizing ingredients such as ceramide, hyaluronic acid, collagen, and vitamin C derivatives are important to keep in mind, and since the skin is still capable of producing sebum in their thirties, it is important not to spoil it by applying too much serum or cream. Do not overdo it by applying too much serums and creams.

Facial Care in Your 30s

Facial treatment and face massage is important for your 30s women to help you tighten your skin. we recommend L&L MIO2 face lifting massager to help you with your facial care. For more facial skincare products, please visit:

Inner care for people in their 30s

Eating habits

If your skin lacks elasticity and luster, take in protein, vitamins A, E, and C, and iron. Antioxidant polyphenols are another nutrient that supports beautiful skin. Green and yellow vegetables, pork, nuts, and avocados are good sources of these nutrients.

Exercise habits

In order to stimulate turnover, you should make it a habit to get some moderate exercise every day. Even a light stretching routine will improve blood circulation and skin tone.


People who keep their skin healthy all the time also need to hydrate their bodies internally. It is recommended to drink room temperature or white water. It is also good to drink fermented teas (black tea, hojicha, oolong tea, etc.), black bean tea, and sweet sake to warm up the body, as coldness may dry out the skin.

Skin vacation in your 30s

Normalizing the turnover cycle of the skin is a prerequisite for anti-aging care. In order to promote the skin cells' ability to recover from damage on their own, it is recommended to take a day off once a week without makeup and cleansing to give your skin a rest.

Before the signs of aging start to show!

Until you are in your mid-thirties, many of you may not feel so rushed. You may still be able to do something reckless. But it won't be long before the accumulated damage to your skin starts to become noticeable, and careful skin care in your 30s will make a clear difference in the future.

“It is important to protect your skin from dryness, irritation, and stress, and to be aware of moisturizing, diet, and sleep!