Fosstodon, my Mastodon home

Some months ago I decided I wanted to join mastodon for some reason, I don't really know why, but it sounded like a good idea at the time, and I'm happy that I did in the time afterwards.


Mastodon is pretty interesting, it kind of feels like a between thing of twitter and reddit in a way for me, it has kind of the feeling of twitter where there are instances that feel more like subreddits to me, one instance is discussing knitting, another feminism and a third FLOSS software, it creates kind of a fun dynamic, and a more tight knit community, and because of federation you can still follow people you find interesting that are posting on another instance.


I like free and open source software, and since I just got more into tinkering with my machine again I chose to join fosstodon. My joining was mostly because of my state of mind and what I was interested in at the time, and I ended up staying because I have met so many nice people there. It seems like people really care, daily you see people trying to help each other, people that try to bring other's mood up, it's just a really wholesome place, and it's a nice springboard to find other people on other instances to follow as well, since I've found that when something is boosted on my home timeline, there is a good chance the account that posted it will be worth a follow.

Of course all isn't sunshine and kittens, there are some things that I really don't care for or like that much, like bitcoin zealots, which I usually just end up muting because it's not interesting in any way to me, and people are passionate about free software and privacy, very, passionate, and some times it gets a bit much. But that's not bothering me so much that I want to leave.

There really is something about the kind of people that like FLOSS software, I think it's kind of the mindset that it's not a zero sum game, the tide rises all boats, it's something that I really appreciate in a community, I feel like people here want to see the others on the instance succeed, and it really is contagious, it gives me this warm fuzzy feeling, and I really appreciate how great a community it is. I think I for once hit jackpot on the first spin :)