bookshelf with books

I've always enjoyed a good book, and I thought today I'd just write a little thing about how much I enjoy reading, I know I'm such a hipster :p


There is something about a book that makes me feel more immersed than any other medium, the way that many things are left out, and my mind fills in the blank spaces with something that feels right for me personally, just makes the worlds described in books both mean something to me, and at the same time be something that I can just dig into.

The funny thing is on rereading a book I find that there are times I've just skipped over some of the descriptions, and then have an even more differing impression of the world or it's characters, I think the work that the author and the reader shares is kind of a really nice cooperation in making kind of a chimaera world that is personal to each person reading the book.

Unlike videogames and films, books don't age the same way, even reading some older books they don't really feel their age, probably because my mind can fill in things that are old with something else without it sticking out as much, and the minds “resolution” doesn't really care about the hardware that was used creating the book.

Resource lightness

One really great thing about reading and books are that they don't need much, I can enjoy a book wherever I am whenever I am, it doesn't need to be recharged, I can pick up a book that I found in the basement and enjoy it without having to find an old drive to be able to read it, or find some old software to interpret it.

Cheap entertainment

One thing is for sure, reading is one of the cheapest forms of entertainment out there, compared to the price of going to the cinema, or doing basically anything else the price of a book is next to nothing, and usually going through a 3-400 page book will take me around 7-10 hours depending books, on a price to enjoyment cycle it's something that little else can compete with.

All in all books just are wonderfull in how they acheive so much with so little, such a small wonderful thing, that becomes what it is just from all of the limitations that it has, for books and most other things I'm of the opinion that so often limitation is something that really creates something special, like games for the older consoles and systems I get amazed time after time how people have managed to do so much, and get so much out of something that is so limited.

All that to say, I really enjoy reading books :)