Surfing with javascript blocked

This has been one of my big experiment the last couple of weeks, I've always kind of thought it would be a big hassle to deny javascript as a default, but on the other hand at least for my feeling it's starting to go really out of hand. Just loading some sites loads a huge dependency tree of javascript totalling space usage more than some games that I spent hours upon hours playing when I was small.

Starting out with uBlock origin

ublock origin logo

My first try was to go with uBlock origin since I already had the plugin installed, and it works, but it has one big minus, and that is that (at least from what I found) can only block a site, or allow everything from it, so you are either all out or all in. It does work though.

Moving over to noscript

noscript logo

After having gotten used to browsing with javascript mostly disabled @Wesly over at fosstodon reminded me that noscript has the ability to whitelist single scripts on a sites, and using it has been even better, and it's working well together with uBlock, so now I'm pretty happy with it.


I've been very happy with how nice and fast the internet actually works when you don't have scripts running for each and every site, also the resource usage for my firefox has gone down quite a bit, the downside of unblocking a site now and then to get it to work is very much worth it. I'd say try it out, you might be surprised about how nice the internet is without scripting everywhere.