Why so serious?

We should not take ourselves so serious, and the world won't burn because not everyone does or uses the same as you.

If you don't use the same thing as me you're wrong.

No you're not, different strokes for different folks like we say in Norway, “Noen liker mora, andre dattera” Some like the mother, other's the daughter. We just have to live with the fact that some people don't have taste and don't know what's best with them, and that's each every one of us, so let's just have a laugh.

But but but, they will think I'm stupid.

Yes they will, but believe me they will no matter what you do. The time I started really learning to talk other languages was the time that I let go and just did stupid mistakes, said things that didn't make sense and have fun with it. Yeah it might not make sense to have a moving background and a colourful slow terminal, but if you're having fun, who am I to stop you.

So just let go and let the crazy flow.

If you just don't worry about saying something stupid or being the one that does something strange you'll see that things open that you wouldn't expect, and in the worst case, maybe you made someone smile, so don't worry, don't take yourself, your project or your setup too seriously be the crazy one, do something stupid and learn something new.