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Advantages Of Choosing Lawn Irrigation

What are the characteristics of a beautiful lawn? If you answered lusciously green grass, you would be in the majority. There's just something about perfectly cut green grass that is appealing to the eye. But, how do you obtain this vision and keep it consistent? Grass needs a combination of sunlight and water to maintain its appearance. Naturally, you can trim back excessive trees to increase sunlight, but you might have to install a professional sprinkler system to improve irrigation. Let's take a look at some of the benefits you can expect with lawn irrigation, customized to fit your outdoor spaces.

Fight Brown Spots

No one likes brown patches. It is a distractor. For lawns, this usually means one of two things. Either there is an over-exposure to sunlight, or there isn't enough water keeping the soil saturated. It can be difficult combating the sun, but with proper amounts of water, you can overcome the obstacles. Brown, patchy areas are deemed unsightly, and they have no places in a beautifully landscaped lawn. A professionally installed sprinkler or irrigation system can balance your lawn's moisture. By minimizing the amount of dryness, lawns can avoid brown spots.

Vividly Greener Grasses

On the other side, you might want to have greener grass than you may already have. Greener grass takes a combination of proper irrigation and fertilizer. Achieving beautiful greener grass doesn't have to be an impossible task. Though, you have to realize that soil can only absorb a certain level of moisture per hour. This will vary depending on what state or climate live in. In Michigan, we recommend that soil or lawns receive ½ to 1 ½ inch of water each week. During troubling times of summer when there isn't much rain, this could quickly turn your grass brown or lose its overall brilliance.

Set It And Forget It

Perhaps the best reason to invest in a professional irrigation setup is—you don't have to think about it again. Sprinkler systems are set on a timer and work without you having to do much of anything. This is something many homeowners enjoy about having their sprinkler system installed. If you find that you forget about watering or have a not-so-green thumb, this can be the best choice for your property to maintain a beautiful lawn.

Are you interested in having a customized lawn irrigation system installed at your home or business? If you're in the Pointe Park area and are looking for professional installation, look no further than Tri County Services Inc. as we provide a wide range of exterior solutions, including landscape lighting, sprinkler system installation, winterization, and more. To view our services or to get in touch today, please visit our website at

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