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The unnamed protagonist is out to search for his cat. But the lengths he must go and the secrets he will uncover are quite, quite unusual.

There is a gentle comedy in the narrator’s singleminded focus on his cat. Lovecraftian sensibilities feature significantly – all dark clouds and unspeakable monsters in the heart of the earth – but are tempered by good humour. “Horror” doesn’t quite cover it, but neither does “comedy”.

Each episode also features lengthy musical interludes – your mileage may vary, but I sometimes fast-forward through them as I find it disrupts the flow.

The first and fourth season feature separate, but contiguous storylines; the ones in between can probably be listened to separately, but feel more like unconnected vignettes of the strange world this cat-owner lives in. There are not as many cats as one might imagine.

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I bet in the next Line of Duty there'll be the typically noir storyline of Steve + chronic back pain and someone (probably Kate) asking why he didn't go for physio and he'll say because there was a 10 week wait in his borough + appointment times don't fit shift work times

Today is a day for doing the needful, of quietly getting on with the things put aside, for preparing for the week ahead. It feels like it's been Sunday for at least three days now, because the schedule has been surprisingly busy. I try to make Sunday a day of rest, but that's not always possible; all I can do is to take rest where it comes.