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CW: transformation, injury/blood, hurt/comfort

started 4/23, completed 1/24

for m.

Knots were made to be tied by hands like his. He could be playing fiddle with those fingers. Instead, they're threading another set of stitches into my leg.


from 7/30/22

rose bushes burning by Broadway stoked cherry voices the bleeding heart's crossroads anthropological box

did Moses find traffic worse leaving Egypt, or greeting Canaan?


CW: #MentalHealth #Depression #Suicide #SelfHarm #SelfInjury #Sharps #Blood #Food #Sleep #Hygiene #Vent

So many folks out there, right now, are teetering on the edge of their own life. They've lost their balance and the poison seems more of an elixir, the panacea peace jellybeans.

I am not one of those people... not right now.

But I have been, before. And probably will be, again.


excerpt from a free write, 7/4/22

Nobody wants to admit it, but anyone with exposure to mainstream media has had at least one Sitcom Aha Moment. Doesn't matter if you love it, hate it, tolerate it; you get to know it. And if you don't, you should, because it knows you better than you know yourself.

For instance:


A name is, really, the least important thing about someone. It's an identifier, a lexical social security number. It distinguishes your head and neck from all the other heads and necks. It's what another someone would shout into a sea of heads and necks, hoping to see yours pop up.