Thank you

Yes, a sincere thank you for remembering me on my birthday! For those of you that don't know (or can't calculate/remember) this was my 54th.

The birthday itself wasn't too spectacular but that was only fitting. Turning 54 isn't special like 50 or 60, and I'm quite the introvert so lavish celebrations would be a bit strange anyway.

The week where the applications for holiday vacation were supposed to be handed in coincided with an autumn vacation so I started the day by working as usual. Nowadays my employer is a subcontractor to IKEA, if you didn't know that already.

The rest of the family was waiting in the car when I stepped out into the parking lot at the factory. After a quick change from work uniform to something less casual (including shirt and neck tie) we headed for the restaurant.

We ordered five sets of Chinese buffet while waiting for my older brother and his family. We are just four in our little family so I must have had a big question mark tattooed on my face until a dear friend showed up, secretly invited by my fiancee. A wonderful surprise that put a golden edge to everything in the buffet.

My brother brought a big helping of politics to the table and we all suffered valiantly through it all. The dinner would have been less of a feast without it, though. The tastebuds require all tastes, including bitter.

Back at home we sat down to see a Japanese animated movie. “A letter to Momo” was strange but funny and fuel for further thought. A recommendation by another dear friend that lives abroad, by the way.

And while the evening was quite young the children disappeared into their room so the older generation was free to fall asleep in each-others' embrace.

The day couldn't have been better so whether I saw you in real life or on social media – Big Hugs and Thank You!

— Pasi