...and some stuff needed for a journey.

Manically musical

Was a musician once and I've been away from it for too long it seems. Something in me fidgets along with the music in my bluetooth headset. It drums on the boxes i pack at work. Gnashes my jaws at night. Hums aimlessly while walking home. Vibrates my soul and wants out. Shows up in the search history, in the junk mail and among downloaded software.

A rhythm and something else to replace my broken voice.

Earphones are not good enough for me

The speakers have left the building and found new work with their real owner in her new home. My own speakers are not fully assembled so I use earphones.

sigh I need to complete my own speakers soon...


Why I am leaving Facebook behind

Recently people have asked me about why I am minimizing my presence at Facebook. I wish I could give them a simple answer.

Most things I do is based on something in my head that I simply call the machine. I throw all kinds of stuff into it and after a while it pops out an answer or solution. It's a handy mechanism even though I only know fractions about how it works. It works, that's the main thing, and it works well.

So the short answer could now be that the machine came up with that solution.

But even in my conscious mind the thoughts have gathered around the influence of social media on our society, both locally and globally. It seems like the actors of commercial social media isn't neutral, and that their bias probably is dangerous for our planet.

I will let you come to your own conclusions but as far as I can see the only real option is to stop using commercial social media and that is the process I have decided to begin.

This blog software – Writefreely – is part of an open and federated alternative called the Fediverse. You will find links to my other federated media sites in later posts.

...and this topic will be revisited again too, I promise.

#fediverse #thoughts

Thank you

Yes, a sincere thank you for remembering me on my birthday! For those of you that don't know (or can't calculate/remember) this was my 54th.

The birthday itself wasn't too spectacular but that was only fitting. Turning 54 isn't special like 50 or 60, and I'm quite the introvert so lavish celebrations would be a bit strange anyway.

The week where the applications for holiday vacation were supposed to be handed in coincided with an autumn vacation so I started the day by working as usual. Nowadays my employer is a subcontractor to IKEA, if you didn't know that already.

The rest of the family was waiting in the car when I stepped out into the parking lot at the factory. After a quick change from work uniform to something less casual (including shirt and neck tie) we headed for the restaurant.

We ordered five sets of Chinese buffet while waiting for my older brother and his family. We are just four in our little family so I must have had a big question mark tattooed on my face until a dear friend showed up, secretly invited by my fiancee. A wonderful surprise that put a golden edge to everything in the buffet.

My brother brought a big helping of politics to the table and we all suffered valiantly through it all. The dinner would have been less of a feast without it, though. The tastebuds require all tastes, including bitter.

Back at home we sat down to see a Japanese animated movie. “A letter to Momo” was strange but funny and fuel for further thought. A recommendation by another dear friend that lives abroad, by the way.

And while the evening was quite young the children disappeared into their room so the older generation was free to fall asleep in each-others' embrace.

The day couldn't have been better so whether I saw you in real life or on social media – Big Hugs and Thank You!

— Pasi

New [Sibling] on the Block

The other computer arrived today. In mere seconds the tiny Raspberry Pi Zero W sat there on my kitchen table. Assembled and ready for the microSD card. It is up and running now.

The pi will stay at home and be my server while the xa2 and the pbp will travel with me. All three computers dependent on eachother. All very effective and low power. ...and all running linux.

I have waited a long time for this day and I'm happy.


Nice type

The transparence of PINE64 is quite remarkable. They notified me that the brand new Pinebook Pro that I received recently has a problem with the keyboard/mouse firmware. They suggested that I update it, which I did after getting home from work. The process was quick and worked like a charm. The keyboard is very nice indeed. ...and yes, a tad better than yesterday.

But informing customers about things the company has goofed up is rare nowadays. So PINE64 should have credit for still doing it.


Happiness lingers

Found somewhere on the net:

Happiness only lasts for a short time but the effect of it lingers.

The apartment is quiet and I'm typing away on my own. The rest of the family is outside chasing pocket monsters. I love having all of them around me but this way there's time to do some typing without tying them up while doing it. In other words I'm having me-time. But not for long. The rest of the family will be back soon and I really want them to be back.

They'll be here for a few days more and then I'm betting on happiness lingering.


Happy New Decade Everyone

We went down to the bride across the river that flows through our little city to watch the fireworks there. ...and they were magnificent!

So we've entered a new decade. Let's make this a good one, OK?

Sometimes So Surprised

Pinebook Pro keyboard

I gave myself two presents for christmas. Both of those were computers and both had to be ordered from online companies abroad.

So today my father called me and said that the postal service had left a package to him but that it was addressed to me. I assumed that it would be a tiny envelope with the Raspberry Pi Zero W that had less of a journey getting here. The small device will be used to teach basic linux administration and will be connected through wifi so finding a place for it will not be a problem.

But the postage bag was quite a bit bigger.

Läs mer...

The whole family under one roof

Work was tedious today. Mostly because of a severe lack of sleep. I produced furniture legs all day today. Time crawled but finally reached off-ours. And the best of all. My fiancée waited by the door and we talked while walking home.

It is so wonderful to have the family gathered. Not even influenzas could take us down. ...but seem to try their best.