...and some stuff needed for a lonely journey.

I'll tell you about my bed. Cut my hair and beard today and though it would be nice to have clean sheets too.

My back could have been better as I grew up and during most of my life. It's crooked because of scoliosis. So basically it hurts every day. My well-being has been and still is dependent on the bed. I've tried a few along the years.

One day I got fed up with the solutions that was available to me. At the time I was getting close to finding something that actually worked with the IKEA folding sofabed-futon. Flat on the floor the frame was stiff enough and low too. The cotton futon mattress was nice but not quite adequate as it was both too hard and too soft at the same time.

So since a few years back my bed now has a fake futon.

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Saturday and my brother borrowed my car. I'm not doing much. In fact, I've pretty much only slept and eaten today.

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Yes, I dragged myself to vote for the lesser evils of the available alternatives. ...but I did it.

It will be interesting to see how the political parties (that have avoided climate questions at all cost this year) will handle the very real climate changes and the things we, as a country, will have to change ourselves to save our souls (and nature too). Some of the parties in the Riksdag don't even have it within their programmes to address these things.

They will all have to deal with things anyway. ...even the opposition.

#climate #politics

Scraped my car windows for the first time this season. The dog “playpen” was covered in frost too. Winter is slowly coming and for once the autumn doesn't make me sad. I think I have the dogs, cats and horses to thank for that.

...or maybe the vitamin B supplements? The treatment I get for diabetes apparently reduces the uptake of those vitamins. Nobody told me and I should have checked it myself. So I'm late but it's at least slightly better than never, right? I should have been more curious about nutrition back in the distant school years.

But it's a beautiful day out there and the cats are sleeping in the sun after breakfast.


Wait for it. ...any second now... It catches up.

Life is supposed to flow through everything in the Universe. Qi. Libido. Whatever. Some days I can feel that it does and things step in time, dances with Tao. Other days it simply lags.

There has been more than one indicator pointing in that direction but on every encounter the numb routines take over until the lag ends and life inside everything catches up. Hard work pays off but I'm just a lazy bum so life is held on credit. ...until the catching up chores are done and things go back to the normal out of phase offline humdrum.

Yes, it has been one of those days today. Most Thursdays are.

I didn't miss my phone today even though it was left at home while I was taken somewhere else. It was a good day and the celebrations were appreciated by the birthday person (yes, it's a secret). It's nice to be offline once in a while.


Things happen sooner than you think and yet well overdue. I never thought that the work to fight climate change would be accompanied by covers of 80s songs, but that's how things are. I know those songs well, running up that hill, because I was just a kid back then. They happened while I was procrastinating. The fretless carried me over the marshlands of my soul. A scarecrow animated and scored. Stick arms carrying me in the gale. I'll whisk them up in the moonlight to a bed of roses.

But just as I think I'm king... It all begins. Not of my hands or of my imagination, just a deeper understanding and a gentle but oh, so firm stand. One of the collective shadows, one of the encouraging ones waking up. I can see it among the trees. The choices made finally make sense, but I'm so tired.

Want to stay awake to see it happen. ...because it is finally happening.

It has been a long time since I posted here. The reason is that other things have taken all of my time. But now there is a sliver of a moment here and there, so things might change soon. Don't hold your breath for rapid change, but some haiku-ish stuff might come pretty soon.

You just have to be here to know for sure, right?

I am up again after some fever. Took my second vaccine shot and stood up to it better than the first one. But it still shot me down pretty hard.

Well, it could have been worse.


A woman on the net asked me to design a bass guitar for her. It all started with a mistake, really.

photo of the sketch

The secret is out anyway so I might as well tell you too that I'm designing a bass for myself. The beginning of it all was learning that some bass guitars actually have guitar pickups. Squire Broncos do and others too.

One of the classic bass guitars that got modded with guitar pickups was the original Fender Precision, before the split pickup, that is. So the search was on for a cheap bass that could supply the minimalistic instrument of my dreams.

During that search I found a pickup that didn't care about the number of strings. It would work equally well in a bass although it was designed for a guitar. And it was cleverly engineered too.

What would it be mounted into? It would need to be light-weight and just the right size. A short scale bass like the mustang would be perfect except for the short scale. A long scale unit would probably be heavier and possibly even too long.

A kit, maybe?

Yes, there is a place where you can buy a kit mustang. That place also makes it possible to replace the 30 inch short scale neck with longer ones. I already knew about the 34 inch option but there was yet another one that was new to me. A medium scale bass is 32 inches... Nice.

I brought out pencil and paper and started drawing. A mustang body with a medium scale neck. So far so good. But with a normal Fender headstock it would neck-dive. How light could the headstock be?

Placing the tuning machines in a line on one side of the headstock wasn't the answer. Maybe three plus one as on the MusicMan Stingray? I did several attempts but all made the lonely tuning machine look... well ...lonely. So it had to be a two plus two configuration.

After downloading true-to-scale drawings from an online shop I finally had something that had all the properties I was trying to include. The headstock was getting smaller and the strings were short enough to eliminate the need for a string tree.

After getting all the parts drawn I scaled the bits down on a photocopier to half size. Now the design would fit on two A3 sheets. A couple of hours later I had the entire design in front of me. ...and the proportions weren't too bad considering the changes I had made.

The original mustang has 19 frets. My fretboard would be longer so it could have more frets. Why not aim for a full two octaves (24 frets)? Making the cutaways deeper was difficult. I really wanted the body to be a modernized mustang and doodling for a looong time actually resulted in something useful, much to my surprise.

The sketch was supposed to be uploaded to my private “homework” blog, but somehow it ended up elsewhere, more public. I must have been really tired.

So someone saw something they weren't supposed to see. ...and liked what they saw.

A woman got in touch with me through the fediverse and asked me if I could design a bass guitar for her too.

“Do you listen to Khruangbin?”, she asked and I truthfully answered that I didn't know what she was talking about. “It's an american band playing stuff influenced by music from all over the globe.”

“Why do I have to know about them?”

“Laura Lee, the bassist, made me play the bass.”


“But my Squire jazz is just too heavy and long. My shoulder is killing me. I want something that could replace Laura Lee's backup (a Höfner knockoff with a geisha sticker) but still look a bit like her main bass.”

It took a while to figure out what she meant by that. ...but during that process I got to listen to some wonderful tunes.