What about my bed?

I'll tell you about my bed. Cut my hair and beard today and though it would be nice to have clean sheets too.

My back could have been better as I grew up and during most of my life. It's crooked because of scoliosis. So basically it hurts every day. My well-being has been and still is dependent on the bed. I've tried a few along the years.

One day I got fed up with the solutions that was available to me. At the time I was getting close to finding something that actually worked with the IKEA folding sofabed-futon. Flat on the floor the frame was stiff enough and low too. The cotton futon mattress was nice but not quite adequate as it was both too hard and too soft at the same time.

So since a few years back my bed now has a fake futon.

Most people know about and use duvet covers. Personally I find the Swedish word for it – påslakan – to be a better description of what it is. The term could be translated into bag-sheet, and basically it is a close to an envelope-like bag for the duvet inside.

The bed has the normal pillows and duvets with covers, two thin layers of foam mattresses, of course, but it also has the strange fake futon part on top.

Imagine putting more than one duvet into a cover. The fluffy synthetic fiber duvets of the fake futon weigh about a kilo each and I stack five of them before neatly covering them. The result is close to a traditional Japanese futon but made from the stuff I could find here in Sweden.

The size of the fake futon and thus the bed itself is decided by the duvets and the cover so most single people would call it big and most couples would call it small. The measurements of it are 200 by 140 by roughly (14 +) 9 centimetres. I sleep alone most of the time as my lovely lady lives elsewhere but we do fit comfortably when she visits.

I really like my bed. It is firm enough to support my spine at night and soft enough to cushion the soft parts. The layered approach allows me to adjust the softness and also functions as storage for extra duvets, if needed.

The bed simply works for me because I made it modular.

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