Why I am leaving Facebook behind

Recently people have asked me about why I am minimizing my presence at Facebook. I wish I could give them a simple answer.

Most things I do is based on something in my head that I simply call the machine. I throw all kinds of stuff into it and after a while it pops out an answer or solution. It's a handy mechanism even though I only know fractions about how it works. It works, that's the main thing, and it works well.

So the short answer could now be that the machine came up with that solution.

But even in my conscious mind the thoughts have gathered around the influence of social media on our society, both locally and globally. It seems like the actors of commercial social media isn't neutral, and that their bias probably is dangerous for our planet.

I will let you come to your own conclusions but as far as I can see the only real option is to stop using commercial social media and that is the process I have decided to begin.

This blog software – Writefreely – is part of an open and federated alternative called the Fediverse. You will find links to my other federated media sites in later posts.

...and this topic will be revisited again too, I promise.

#fediverse #thoughts