Zero day

Saturday and my brother borrowed my car. I'm not doing much. In fact, I've pretty much only slept and eaten today.

Been watching videos about IPFS (InterPlanetary File System) lately and continued to do so while having lunch in front of the main computer of the household. My plans are not that impressive. I just want a single page site to link to my social media accounts, including this blog. Most of my interactions will be in the Fediverse through Mastodon, Pixelfed and so on.

Setting up a homepage for myself is easy as I already own a domain to link it to. ...but it will be powered by the sun in the coming years, I hope. So the site will probably be off line now and then and instead of scaling up the photovoltaics (the computer is really hard to scale down) I'm letting the battery run low or even completely dead when the weather is especially bad.

That is where IPFS comes in. If I post that single page (and the images on it) on IPFS then it would be possible to see even if the tiny server is down. Using IPFS will also allow me to link my social media places to a central point while authenticating them with the added security of encryption.

So it's a very slow day today. Aaalmost zero, really.

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