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  • Diamine Syrah in Lamy Al Star
  • Diamine Kelly Green in TWSBI Go <1.1 stub>
  • R+K Fernambuk in Parker
  • Campo di Marzio blue in Faber Castell Grip

The Kelly Green is a very fresh, bright colour, but continues to be incredibly wet. Keeps splashing in my pen cap and feathering and bleeding all over the place.

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finally watched Top Gun, mainly because my volunteering mates love it for some unknown reason

I mean, I get why now

Again, backdated...

  • Diamine Damson in Lamy Al-Star
  • Diamine Ruby Blues in Hero 330
  • R+K Fernambuk in Parker
  • Diamine Festive Joy in TWSBI Go

Some new inks coming, and a new Jinhao!

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  • TWSBI GO 1.1 stub – R+K Fernambuk
  • Pilot Retro Pop (M) – Diamine Emerald
  • Monami Olika (F) – Pelikan Black
  • Lamy Al-star (F) – Diamine Thunderbolt


  • Parker – mixture of Quink Black-blue and Diamine Ruby Blues
  • Lamy Al-Star (F) – Lamy blue
  • Monami Olika (F) – Pelikan Black
  • TWSBI GO (1.1) – Diamine Peach Punch, then R+K Fernambuk
  • Campo Marzio (B) – Diamine Emerald


  • Having transferred some ink from the Parker cartridge to the Lamy, the Parker is finally near empty.
  • The Lamy also has a couple of pages left in it.
  • The Monami is now a sensible writing colour
  • I wrote the TWSBI dry. Having now filled it with Fernambuk, I find myself lacking in accent colours; the Diamine Emerald doesn't seem as light as it seemed, but it might be incomplete cleaning of the Campo Marzio pen.


  • Hero – R+K Fernambuk
  • Pilot Retro Pop – Diamine Winter Spice
  • TWSBI Go – R+K Smaragdgrun
  • Parker – mixture of Quink Black-blue and Diamine Ruby Blues

The mixture was quite by accident; I had too much Ruby Blues in the syringe. Must remember that ink chambers really hold under 1ml; it looks like very little in a 5ml syringe (since that's all I have access to).

I've already written through half the Pilot, so reasonably hopeful that I should be able to re-ink in a fortnight or so.

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latest earworm:

NATIVE TONGUE, by Switchfoot

A protagonist with excellent aesthetic (turtle neck short sleeves and dungarees)

Anna moves from Sapporo to her relatives to convalesce – a concept that we really should bring back – and finds herself feeling like a foreigner. Partly because she's an outsider in the small town, partly because of her isolation from everyone else, and partly from an insignificant physical feature which doesn't disadvantage her in any other way. It's a bit thin.

Gorgeous scenery, slightly odd fantasy times and I went to “imaginary friend” quite quickly... tho they almost retcon it in at the end.

Another just-about-3 out of 5.

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I have been looking at military surplus sites for rucksacks because... aesthetic.

1h 35min

about 20 minutes in and I've clocked the premise of this movie because I have watched far too much Doctor Who and this is like the key premise of multiple episodes

In fairness it is pretty fast paced, and at least has some kind of twist (which was initially pretty daft), and the “kids in sticky situations” interaction could have been worse.

whether time flies or not while you're watching this... your mileage may vary

honestly? solid 3/5

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