Missing stamps in Collection – Country Codes

Missing stamps — What are LV, MA and MT ?

From a friend's collection, a quick look shows the gaps in the image above.

Which Country are those Missing Stamps in your Collection page ? They only show as a 2 letter Country Code, but you can look those up.

Sometimes you might guess, from the letter positioning, or the country code is simple and obvious — US for example, who else would that be? :P

But some codes are surprisingly difficult to guess.

Translating 'NN' to a Country's name.

You can have a couple of options :

  1. open up one of the large Collection Pages, and scroll down to the area where the missing countries are. A quick click on their stamp will show their name. See screenshot : . . Maybe make a note to search for someone in that location, to write and ask for a stamp? It does work, and if it wasn't for the World Explorer in the Stamp Store, it would be the Only way to go. :)
  2. You can also look at a reference page, with a full list of all World countries and codes. Some are obscure, little islands, but every single nation is included.

** Reference page : Country Names list in English has 249 entries! :)

Some of our missing Codes !

Here's a screenshot of some of this file — a part that includes one of our missing stamps above.

Other Idea — listing all Countries without a Slowly Stamp?

Leaving this as a Reference post — I was thinking we could try to create a Topic with all Countries that do NOT have a Slowly Location stamp yet.

Had chatted with pen friends about this before, and know that some South American nations are still not in the Slowly Country stamps list.

Which ones? Which other nations, in all the various continents ?

Time for some investigative work? ;)

Country Names lists — also in many other Languages

BONUS : If someone would like to see the Country List in French, or Russian, or any other languages, the same GitHub page has a large number of listings — in these and many other Languages.

Famous Last Words

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