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Friends Near and Afar, Letters we Share and Cherish.

Was just discussing this with a collector friend

A nice stamp from Italy, the 'Carnevale' one now is no longer available.

I feel this is due to Slowly team's sensitivity to the pandemic situation – they probably took it off the stamp store around March 2020, when Italy's Northern region was suffering badly with the first wave of the pandemic.

A lot of older residents died, and it's possible an Italian user wrote and suggest removing it. Or that Slowly staff themselves felt it was better to remove it.


A few things have changed over time

I have written before about the basics of getting free coins by watching short video ads in SLOWLY. That Blog post is the most viewed page here, at about 4,250 views currently (Jan 17, 2022 stats).

Now, here is a new, supplementary post to add more info. Specifically, on how to deal with the occasional 'N/A' (no ads available) problem.


A user at Reddit commented...

it’s just that I like to send my pen pals the American stamps when writing to them at first and finds this an unusual choice. (I also feel the same about the US Basilica of the Sacred Heart but I see that one has been discontinued). (original post here)

Ah, but that one IS a very special stamp now.

As you mentioned, it has been discontinued. I created the WIKI Location Stamps pages, and for that particular stamp I was surprised.


An article about a new and interesting service :

Every day, the mail still comes. My postal carrier drives her proud van onto the street and then climbs each stoop by foot. The service remains essential, but not as a communications channel. I receive ads and bills, mostly, and the occasional newspaper clipping from my mom. For talking to people, I use email and text and social networking. The mail is a ritual but also a relic.

That relic is also the model for a new personal-communication app called Pony Messenger. Think of it as email, if email arrived by post: You compose a message and put it in an outbox; once a day (you can choose morning, afternoon, or evening “pickups”), Pony picks up your outbound dispatches and delivers your inbounds. That’s it. It’s postal-service cosplay. It’s slow email.

The article on The Atlantic is well written and even mentions SLOWLY and other slow tech apps and services.


A user posted a Release Notice for this stamp our Slowlyapp Subreddit – and various comments followed. The stamp is very pretty, one of my favourites indeed.

But as noticed and commented by one of the users, it did not appear in the Canadian stamp store so far. While it WAS here in the first release of the stamp, not this time around?


A good question I have asked myself for a while...

And, now I have an accurate answer. Thanks to the Google spreadsheet that monitors the Slowly API, we get a snapshot of all currently included 'stamps' in the catalog.

This is the ultimate authority, as if it's not on the list, it don't exist.


Comments in some good Forum Topics

....can bring up great ideas.

For example, this one, posted on our Slowly subReddit by LoseFirst00, asked :

My letters average around 800-900 words and that’s me saying a lot. What do people who write 2000-4500 words actually say in a letter?
Like how do they fill up so much content. It makes me feel so boring not being able to reach that word limit

Which received an excellent reply


There was a large batch released early Wednesday

...and the pinging on my devices let me know they arrived. 1 am on my location, and now I just finished updating the Slowly Stamps WIKI, so I can post them here as well.

New stamps are first noticed like it happened here, their entry being added on the API is what tells us, serious collectors, that a new stamp is upcoming.


Spotting new Slowly stamps is a thing

I imagine some of you might be curious, on how some folks can spot a new Slowly stamp and talk about it, share an image for it, way before it reaches the stores.

Since early 2020, different people have managed to get an insight into that, and different tools were developed.


We are in the process of doing some major renovations at our SLOWLY Stamps WIKI site. I am one of the admins there, and very happy with some recent work and additions. Starting with the main landing page : Listing of Stamps on SLOWLY