Friends Near and Afar

Friends Near and Afar, Letters we Share and Cherish.

Late November marks the American one

In North America, Canada and the US each have their own Thanksgiving celebrations in October and November. Wikipedia has a good page explaining the significance and history of Harvest festivals :

A harvest festival is an annual celebration that occurs around the time of the main harvest of a given region. Given the differences in climate and crops around the world, harvest festivals can be found at various times at different places.

Harvest festivals typically feature feasting, both family and public, with foods that are drawn from crops that come to maturity around the time of the festival. Ample food and freedom from the necessity to work in the fields are two central features of harvest festivals: eating, merriment, contests, music and romance are common features of harvest festivals around the world


“What achievement stamp has really moved you when receiving it ?” – a dear good friend asked, and here's my reply. A short letter I just sent, and which I enjoyed writing.

Their letter came with the 'You are a Star!' stamp, and asked me which stamp was equally memorable to me. A great idea, a prompt reply, and a possible discussion. So I am publishing it and hope other people will share their own experiences.


A new relationship blooms

...from 13 hours in Time zones away ?

An interesting comment I just found. It's about Slowly, but not on the regular Slowly Reddit place — but a comment in a topic on another, /r/WeMetOnline.

Inserted line breaks for easier reading, the original is a solid text wall, and lightly edited. Thought of sharing here as it is a nice story – and could be a Slowly Stories submission, if the author wanted to prepare and polish it a bit.


A penpal who had not written for a while

...but who responded to my light touch via a 'hello, how are things' letter recently.

Works in the big local Tourism industry – heavily impacted by the complete freeze in international travel since the early months of this year.

This friend had been silent, months since the last letter came; or went. I decided to extend a hand and sent a light letter. Something to say 'hello friend, write back if you like', but not a heavier, in depth letter like I so many times write.


A real story. Snapshots from penpal life

Sent, just now, a quick and polite message to a pen pal in a remote land, whom I had corresponded in the past.

Originally posted on a Reddit thread, now lost to Archival status. See the post and some relevant comments here.


Our new Project is Alive

After working on creating the individual WIKI location stamp pages (now over 180 of them, ALL of the Slowly location stamps, all 122 Countries present) – we moved to preparing a public announcement and release of this Feature.

See Yann's Customized 'World Explorer' here.

But stay with us and find out what is so special about this version.


On 'Suggestions for You', I found a nice profile

For me, to have an About Me in a user profile is absolutely essential – otherwise I could not tell what this person is like, if we could have some good letters or enjoy a new friendship. I wouldn't pick a pen pal based on their age, and a few interest topics, an avatar and a username.

Turns out this person has a cool avatar, and a very good About Me, which immediately got my attention.


Some of us think so

Letters are serious forms of writing, for the people who enjoy them.

Specially when writing to someone with similar interests, or who is a writer and reader and provides encouragement and feedback.

Liz, who I wrote about in a Slowly Stories feature, is one of those. I mention in the story that she's my future editor – and advises me to write, produce and, someday, publish a book of my own. Which I would entrust to her hands for editing.


Feature Request :

The Context Menu (dot menu at bottom right corner) functions in Slowly Mobile version. Would LOVE to see the “Copy to Clipboard” function added to Web Client mode!

And this would add a lot of functionality to it. I have some other suggestions too, outlined below. Some are more complex, some are not present in Slowly versions at all yet – mobile or Web.

But let's look at the simpler ones first.


Closing the World Map in iOS — plus other questions.

I normally use the Slowly Web Client, it's where all of my letters are written, and where most are read. (I might even READ a letter on my Android mobile, but never would respond there. Unless if no other option existed.)

But I do have an iPad tablet, plus some older Android ones, which sadly cannot run Slowly due to the android version required (version 5 or newer, only).