Friends Near and Afar

Friends Near and Afar, Letters we Share and Cherish.

A Fall day and a reply letter to a friend gets written;

To S., a friend from Czech Republic. A good correspondent, active collectionist of Slowly stamps, who I was fortunate to meet via the app. We alo share a love for Economics and understanding how things work.

Sent on October 21st, 2021 — Letter below was lightly edited to remove personal references and portions we don't want to share in public.


And it all started with a conversation

...which is how some excellent ideas for Blog posts come to fruition. We had a user post a snapshot of the coveted 'First Bucket of Gold' SLOWLY stamp, which they had just conquered.


A must have for any serious SLOWLY user

Creating the perfect “About Me” (or 'bio') for your Slowly profile is really important. My friend and penpal -little-ghost had lots of good ideas and wrote some excellent topics on our sub-Reddit for the SLOWLYapp.

While sadly their account at Reddit has been deleted, various important user tips posts they made have been preserved – and I thought they deserved to appear in a Blog format. So, here is the first one.


A great resource for stamp collectors

A new series of National Flag stamps, these started appearing in January, 2021. Slowly Team had not disclosed any information about them – and we were surprised to find some new 'empty slots' in our stamp collection albums. While we did not know the rationale at first, from observing the first issues it appears they are planning to release a MAJOR new series - one new stamp per Nation, that is currently 129 total.


Location Mysteries ?

Or so they seem.

Every once in a while we have a comment or discussion pop up in one of the topics. Someone intrigued by how come a given user is capable of collecting foreign location stamps, etc.

There are Ways of 'Spoofing' one's real location, and anyone seriously interested in this could search for more info, learn and experiment, and soon enough be on their way.


An excellent and frequently asked question

In the community of Slowly app Stamp Collectors, specially for the people with the larger, almost complete collections, this is a good topic of discussion.

And opinions DO vary – a quick search of relevant topics in our subReddit finds arguments both For and Against the existence of that particular stamp.

So, what is the big question? If this stamp, which nobody I know of has in their possession, even as a stamp received in a letter. Does this HB2017 really exist?

Or is it an Urban Legend ?


An important topic, glad it is now being discussed

Yesterday I received a direct message on Reddit from a fellow user, with mention of a topic he created. His topic is very well written, explained and provides numerous links to additional information.

The theme of the post is the Privacy of our communications with our pen pal friends in the Slowly app. I responded with various comments, and immediately asked if he, /u/CrazyLizard on Reddit, would be interested in being published here, as a Guest Author post in this Blog.

CL agreed, and we collaborated to bring it here, hopefully reaching a larger audience as well. The full article follows. Thank you, CL!


Type is Beautiful

I have always liked Typography – the study and use of different styles of fonts for projects, ranging from a flyer to a newspaper or magazine page, to a full blown book.

There are many beautiful fonts, and today we have easy access to them – many can be acquired and installed in our own computers without cost.

Recently I have started on a Web Development course online, and this opened up many new and interesting paths. Like looking under the hood and seeing how a website is built, how they achieve any particular effect or feature.


Time saver, as now we frequently need ID Resets

Nice! Found a way to create a direct shortcut to the Android Advertising ID controls, right on the mobile device's work area.

Now, one touch press opens it... instead of having to find the icon, then load it, go through various levels in settings to reach the 'Advertising ID' control. (normally located at Settings — Google – Ads – Reset Advertising ID)


A topic that deserves attention and discussion

I have posted in our Slowlyapp subReddit in the past, various topics about the occasional discounts offered by Slowly app team.

Sometimes it's for coin purchases (which later can acquire the pretty stamps for use inside the app). And at other times, it's an attempt to gain more users for their paid service level, created last year, and called 'Slowly PLUS!'.