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A new series of National Flag stamps, these started appearing in January, 2021. Slowly Team had not disclosed any information about them – and we were surprised to find some new 'empty slots' in our stamp collection albums. While we did not know the rationale at first, from observing the first issues it appears they are planning to release a MAJOR new series - one new stamp per Nation, that is currently 129 total.

We have started a new special page for them, and new and upcoming Flag releases will be added here – sorted Alphabetically so it's easier to find any country.

SLOWLY WIKI National Flag page is HERE.

Notice the 'National Day' column in the listings? The stamps are being published in their home countries as Location specific, free and Time Limited releases; expiring on the National Day shown. Dates are based on the National Days page.

Will they be available later, or reissued, or appear on 'Time Machine'?

We have sent an email to Slowly Team, and received a reply with their plans for all the National Flag stamps. Basically :

So no using the Time Machine to catch up, we will need to keep up with them as they come along. In the next year, a repeated schedule will see them once again, available for short period in their local Stamp Stores.

WIKI page Columns are Sortable if desired!

...which can be VERY handy if you are curious on 'What national flags would January include?'

A click or two on the Column headers and you can change the Sorting option (the default being all countries in Alphabetical order) to Sort by National Day — and finding the 'January' ones will be easy, all grouped together.

A few of the stamps do not have their National Days entered yet - and if you sort the table by National Day order, these show at the very top. We will endeavour to fill in this data as soon as possible, as this page can be VERY USEFUL for any serious stamp collector on a mission (and there is quite a group of these 😜😎)

How Many National Flags do we have in total?

I have been adding and editing this page and it is now up to date - showing a total of 129 National Flags (which include all of them up to October, 2021).

As we approach the end of 2021, the flag releases should be complete – originally Slowly Team mentioned a total of 100 releases this year — in a Corporate Blog post titled 'Attention to Stamp Collectors!'

Hence, we created the “Flags of the World” stamp series. You can use these stamps to share the origin and remarkable deeds behind the flag with your pen pals. Our initial goal is to distribute these stamps for free in at least 100 countries with the most SLOWLY active users. If circumstances allow, we will try our best to cover more.

...but they have gone farther and we still have TWO months left. The cycle started in January 2021, so it should be completed at the end of December.

I would like to publicly thank all of the friends who worked on this and other Slowly Stamp collections research: LessonWang, Babacar, Bajaja, CoffeeLover and others.

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