New feature suggestion – SLOWLY Postcards ?

Wouldn't it be great if we could create Postcards some point — to send to our pen pal friends?

The postcards would allow for brief messages, without annoying the recipient (who might be expecting a long letter, possibly). This would be faster than composing a full letter, and done in short order when inspiration came. While travelling, for example?

It would also allow us to send a great image, relevant for the moment. Special occasions, Birthdays, Holiday greetings, I can see this feature serving in many instances, and being enjoyed by many. So here are the details...

(originally posted on our subReddit here, on July 26, 2020 – and now out for the wider world to consider)

A new idea, explained

I had this idea yesterday — and made a comment about it in one of the Topics on our subReddit here. Problem is, I can't find it, so here it goes. For discussion, comments and possibly being passed on to the Slowly Team for consideration.

I think this could be an interesting added feature. I would take some work from the programming team, but could be implemented without rushing them, if there's interest.

Longer term, maybe we could even create a depository of images, where anyone interested could place local postcard images (non-copyrighted, their own photos for example) and these could be seen and reused by anyone interested.

Great image sources abound

We could even use Vintage postcard designs which might now be in the Public Domain, their copyright having expired. The Boston Public Library hosts a nice collection there. As does the Museums Victoria, from Australia.

Or look at the beautiful photos available on sites like, which are free for use in most cases. also has lots of interesting images on file. For example, see their Metropolitan Museum of Art Collection here (now hosting 141,061 images).

Vintage postcard, Boston Public Library

Vintage photo, Museums Victoria

Photo by Tetiana SHYSHKINA

Photo by Les Anderson

Photo by Dariusz Sankowski

A Site that creates and mails custom postcards

A quick search and some checking, and I found a nice site –

They go a bit beyond what we need, allowing their users to create their own designs, with any image they wish, a custom greeting and message.

And when complete, they will print a hard copy and dispatch it to the recipient, via postal services. All for a cost that is not far from the basic international postal rate here in Canada, for example.

The site's post card creation tools are neat, and inspiring if Slowly decided to consider this idea. I created a mock card to be sent, and took a few snapshots for posting here.

MyPostcard creation steps

  1. Select a basic style from their gallery.
  2. Select the desired image for use; either a local file, or via an URL to online image.
  3. Selecting the desired Image for your card
  4. You have option of Frames to use around the image if desired.
  5. Selecting a custom Frame for the image
  6. Now on to entering the Message to our friend, and their address.
  7. Writing the desired message and recipient's address
  8. You can select one of their Fonts, colours and text size, make sure all of the text fits!
  9. Font style selection tools
  10. And then you have a Preview step, where you can see the finished design before ordering and paying for it.
  11. Preview of the finished card after you selected the image and text

A completed design

This was simple and satisfying, their user interface is simple and logical, functional. You can change font and colours while composing, and see what suits you best.

Front, showing the NeoWise Comet in the skies over Jasper, Alberta, Canada

Back, the user customized text and recipient's address

For SLOWLY users, I imagine the addressing step could be simplified.

We would select the User's name; and their location (City, Country) would be picked up from their profile.

Ideally we could also select one of the very pretty SLOWLY custom stamps like we do for regular letters.

Famous Last Words

Various example vintage photos and illustrations from, with sincere thanks.

Special Thank You to the folks behind this wonderful app — all the hard working people at Slowly Communications.

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Come and join us, if you are not yet using Slowly.

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