Some stamp sets missing – Slowly Web Client

Not all available Stamp Sets showing in its Stamp Store?

One of our subreddit users noticed an interesting stamp, 'Latte', which he hadn't seen so far.

And he posted and asked about it:

Info on this “Latte” stamp? Is it limited? Is it part of a set?

Prompt response followed and identified it as part of the SLOWLY Coffee House set. Which the OP had not seen – as he uses the Web Client, as I and many others also do.

What is missing, then?

8 Stamp sets are missing

On the mobile apps, iOS or Android, the Canadian Stamp Store shows 28 stamp sets.

And I had noticed some missing, but never looked for how many, or which were not present on Slowly's Web Client.

The Web Client stamp store displays a grid of Single stamps, in 2 columns and 10 rows – so a total of 20 Single stamps could be displayed.

In the Canadian stamp store, there are 37 Single stamps for purchase at this time, so 17 of them are missing from the Web Client's own stamp store list.

The Stamp set listing uses the same layout, allowing 20 stamp sets maximum. So – we are missing 8 in total there.

Which ones?

In alphabetical order, followed by my own personal preference rating (in brackets).

Cheer Up! (3)

Digital Wellbeing (8)

First Contact (6)

Movie Lovers (5)

Outer Space (2)

Slowly Coffee House (4)

Take a Break (1)

Weather (7)

A big list, which includes some very nice sets – some of my personal favourites in fact, Design wise. I will list the missing sets here, sorted in my personal preference order, some are outstanding, a few less so.

Take a Break one of my faves, I love Travel and used these stamps extensively on letters to dear pen pals, if the letters discussed voyages and stories.

The design is simple and elegant, nice colours, cheerful. Individual stamp names are:

Outer Space another of my faves, I love Science Fiction and used these stamps if the letters discussed anything Space or Futuristic topics.

The design is simple and elegant, nice colours, cheerful. Individual stamp names are:

Cheer Up!

A pretty set, which I purchased at a discount, 20% off as Slowly offered sometimes for sets which might not have been selling well at some point. This happened in mid 2019, and has not appeared since; it rotated between different items, so you could try and wait for a fave at 80 coins per set.

This set has nice colours and a dynamic design. A worthy one for letters, including some Congratulations themed ones – very useful for special occasions. Individual stamp names are:

Slowly Coffee House also a lovely set. I love Coffee, and used these stamps on letters to java loving penpals.

The design is simple, restrained, and illustrates the diff coffee styles well. Individual stamp names are:

Movie Lovers also a set I got discounted in 2019, my first year with Slowly. I love Film and these could be handy for letters to other movie fans.

The design is simple, elegant, nice colours, cheerful. Individual stamp names are:

First Contact a nice set, although it only has 4 stamps instead of the usual 6. This kept me from purchasing it for a while; I got the stamps via letters from a UFO fan friend, so that was covered. But eventually I did purchase it too. This one wasn't ever discounted, I think.

The design is simple and elegant, nice colours, the theme is fascinating. Individual stamp names are:

Weather not one of my faves, but a decent enough stamp set – worth the purchase price.

The design is simple, elegant, nice colours, I like the geometrical touches. Individual stamp names are:

Digital Wellbeing not one of my faves, but it was offered as a FREE set for a limited time – near the end of August 2019 or so. The messages are positive and uplifting – I think these were probably proposed by Simone Wong, Kevin's sister, who is very into psychology, but no longer works at Slowly Communications.

The design is simple, all stamps figure 'Heartman'. Individual stamp names are:

UPDATE – November 25, 2021 :

A week after the original post on our subReddit, the new Blog page and the announcement on Twitter.

And checking on the Web Client, I see that the SLOWLY Team has recognized the boo-boo, and modified the stamp store layout.

And is now showing ALL 28 Stamp Sets available here in Canada – in the Web Client, same as in the mobile versions.

As usual, no acknowledgement was received for my tip and reporting, but it does feel good when we can affect some change.

Thank you, Team. Keep up the good work.

Cheers... 🍻😉

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