Friends Near and Afar

Friends Near and Afar, Letters we Share and Cherish.

A new feature just appeared on Slowly Web Client

A button in the Stamp Store, going out to a 'Stamp Request' new site. Introduced on Slowly Web Client version 3.2.9, one click on Stamp Store takes you there. And the site can become quite active if we join...

They imported a number of received suggestions from past emails (for example, there's an entry for a request for Anzac Day stamp, which was accepted and issued recently).


Some good news to report !

I am happy to see these, and to know that our Reddit community had a role in bringing these to life.

About two months ago we had some discussions about people receiving 'letters' (more like messages, indeed) in languages they have no knowledge of, and which are not listed in their profiles at all.


A new month brings new stamp releases...

We were waiting, the collectors community looks forward to the usual release batch arriving near the end of a month, with stamps which will be unlocked soon, in the next month.

That happened, and it is a large batch – ** 16 new stamps in total**, and here they are. πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘


And when it rains, it pours!

We were chatting in another topic yesterday, the collectors community looks forward to the usual release batch arriving near the end of a month, with stamps which will be unlocked soon, in the next month.

That happened, and it is a large batch – 24 new stamps in total, I could not even post images for all of them at Reddit, as it allows only 20 images max in a post. But here they are. πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘


The official word is in, here is how this process works.

We had various recent topics with users who had unpleasant experiences, and wanted to report the offending accounts. We discussed the best way to do that; although it wasn't fully clear how the process worked.

I sent my Slowly contact person a letter and received a prompt, professional and well written reply. This being the official word, now published here so we all understand better how to do it.


There are various Translation tools we can use

And they do work surprisingly well, usually for free, a good service we could possibly use for our Slowly activities?

We had a topic on Reddit recently with a first letter the user received, and which was fully written in Mandarin. Ooops. They copied the text, and used an online translator, just to be able to read it.


Was just discussing this with a collector friend

A nice stamp from Italy, the 'Carnevale' one now is no longer available.

I feel this is due to Slowly team's sensitivity to the pandemic situation – they probably took it off the stamp store around March 2020, when Italy's Northern region was suffering badly with the first wave of the pandemic.

A lot of older residents died, and it's possible an Italian user wrote and suggest removing it. Or that Slowly staff themselves felt it was better to remove it.


A few things have changed over time

I have written before about the basics of getting free coins by watching short video ads in SLOWLY. That Blog post is the most viewed page here, at about 4,250 views currently (Jan 17, 2022 stats).

Now, here is a new, supplementary post to add more info. Specifically, on how to deal with the occasional 'N/A' (no ads available) problem.


A user at Reddit commented...

it’s just that I like to send my pen pals the American stamps when writing to them at first and finds this an unusual choice. (I also feel the same about the US Basilica of the Sacred Heart but I see that one has been discontinued). (original post here)

Ah, but that one IS a very special stamp now.

As you mentioned, it has been discontinued. I created the WIKI Location Stamps pages, and for that particular stamp I was surprised.


An article about a new and interesting service :

Every day, the mail still comes. My postal carrier drives her proud van onto the street and then climbs each stoop by foot. The service remains essential, but not as a communications channel. I receive ads and bills, mostly, and the occasional newspaper clipping from my mom. For talking to people, I use email and text and social networking. The mail is a ritual but also a relic.

That relic is also the model for a new personal-communication app called Pony Messenger. Think of it as email, if email arrived by post: You compose a message and put it in an outbox; once a day (you can choose morning, afternoon, or evening β€œpickups”), Pony picks up your outbound dispatches and delivers your inbounds. That’s it. It’s postal-service cosplay. It’s slow email.

The article on The Atlantic is well written and even mentions SLOWLY and other slow tech apps and services.