A Favourite SLOWLY Holidays stamp set

A lovely image I just found on Twitter

...and which I retweeted and thanked the poster for.

It immediately reminded me of my favourite Holidays themed Slowly stamp set – the Purrfect Holiday one.

I was lucky to discover it when it was first released, for the Holidays in December 2019. Even luckier, I had a nice coin balance, courtesy of SLOWLY accepting and publishing my first submission to Slowly Stories. So, it was an easy decision, to purchase it, and it has been used in many letters to good friends all over the world.

Purrfect Holiday

...was a very short time release, it disappeared from the Stamp Store just after January 1st. Luckily it appeared later when the Time Machine new feature was introduced, and can still be seen and purchased there.

Decorate a Christmas tree

Make a snow angel

Expecting your visit

Go ice skating

Wrap some gifts

Drink mulled wine

These stamps are wonderful designs, and I consider them the very best Cat themed stamps on the SLOWLY catalog.

And maybe we could print the larger sized images (1,000 pixels images are on the Slowly servers) – then make little fridge magnets for a surprise gift to a dear feline lover too?

Some other lovely Feline Stamps exist

Yes, there are others, and some are really lovely too. Like these :

Tombilli single stamp, Turkey

Which is very nice, and just got its own Custom Page in our Slowly Stamps Wiki.

Tombilli, a nice female cat who lived in Istambul, Turkey, even has her own Wikipedia page. As well as a street statue.

Tombili's bronze statue in Ziverbey, Istanbul, Turkey

See the larger size image on Wikipedia, courtesy of Johannes Nickel.

There's also a pretty set called 'Greetings' :

New Job, from 'Greetings' set

One of the 6 stamps in the set, which will soon have its own Slowly Stamps Wiki page too.

'Greetings' set, available in the Global Stamp stores

What are some of your own Holiday theme Stamps ?

Let us know, share the love. Thank you...

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