“Books and Cats” Slowly stamp set proposal?

Slowly users tend to be both Cat and Book lovers

All the Cat-themed stamp issues did well – my favourite being the gorgeous 'Purrfect Holidays' set, still available via the Time Machine.

I thought of a suggestion, for a set of stamps presenting both of those passions. I follow a great account on Twitter called 'Reading with Cats' and delight on the imagery she posts and shares on this theme.

Since we now have the Slowly Feedback site

...I went ahead, made it. The topic is here, and was posted on June 2, 2022.

This could make a lovely stamp set for sure. Even to have different artists, design styles would be nice – the variety of images I see on 'Reading with Cats' twitter feed is wonderful.

And why not, make up a Sample Set ?

Just now I thought, why not make a Mock-up set, the usual 6 nice stamps, with the Books and Cats theme proposed here?

So I did; used the nice Canada Post PicturePostage site, and can now share these as samples, of what such a set could look like.

The images are all from Twitter posts from the Reading with Cats account. I follow it and delight with the many nice works she shares.

Giving Artists their due credit

Credit to each artist was posted with the original images. We cannot take these and use for a commercial endeavour, like the Slowly stamps, without licensing them. But this does show how a varied style set on a given theme could be refreshing, in my opinion.

Slowly team could contract their own freelance design studios, and produce a nice varied style set as well? They do have a lot of skill, as demonstrated in many of the stamps and sets.

Here they are

Stamp 1 – image source : Reading with Cats. Artist : Raphael Vavasseur

Stamp 2 – image source : Reading with Cats. Artist : Rick Beerhorst

Stamp 3 – image source : Reading with Cats. Artist : Ryan Conners

Stamp 4 – image source : Reading with Cats. Artist : Amanda Oleander

Stamp 5 – image source : Greg Catarino. Artist : Alissa Levy

Stamp 6 – image source : Reading with Cats. Artist : Rebecca Campbell

This post was elaborated as an added comment to my existing proposal, for a stamp set with the Books and Cats theme.

And how do I create these Mock Stamps?

Easy if you read and follow my “Create your own Custom Stamp – and use it ?” post. Then head on to the PicturePostage.ca site and try your own ideas!

Maybe your own avatar, like mine above?

Maybe surprise a pen pal friend, send them a custom made stamp with their own avatar? Always well received.

My friend's custom stamp was much appreciated!

Have fun... 🙂👍

Famous Last Words

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