Forwarding a nice Letter to another Pen pal

Have done it, have enjoyed it. Have you?

An idea that I had in the past, and for some time used, lightly — that a well written letter could enjoy more appreciation and readership if I could forward it to one or more of my most trusted penpals.

Consider the idea, here's some of what I have in mind.

Done that?

At this point we should have a nice letter in the editor, something you want this person to see, read, maybe comment. I have greatly enjoyed their feedback, and the fact that I got more out of the time spent writing the original letter.

Go back to the very top — and introduce the idea, explain it briefly, so the destination person understands (and doesn't feel threatened, that you might do this to one of THEIR letters — make sure they know this will NOT happen)

Here's an example of how an Intro to a shared letter could look like.

Hello again, C.,

It's me again, this time with a copy of a letter I just wrote and sent to a lady I spoke with on Twitter – where we both posted to the Slowly official support account.

She sent me a nice letter, thanking me for advice and help. Here is a reply detailing some of my travels that I feel you would enjoy reading. It brought back good memories.

For your reading pleasure, C. , as I know you enjoy travel stories, and those are all first hand experiences.

Have a good week C. :)

Till next time, dear friend. Big hug!


-————————( forwarded letter begins )————————

Thanks for the Inspiration, dear L.

A recently used (two days ago in fact) letter — to the friend who inspired me to write a great letter, and to create this, a new Blog, fully focused on Slowly stories, letters, tutorials, suggestions et cetera.

Hello L.!

Just a quick note, I got really inspired by that letter I wrote to you last night. I felt it would be a great piece for a blog page.

And it inspired me to go and get a new one started. :)

I took off any personal info, abbreviated your name to a L only, and made it a pretty page with various stamps and illustrations. I hope you like seeing it. :)

The letter is at : Friends Near and Afar, Letters we Share and Cherish

Sending this with my sincere thanks,

Y. :)

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