Hello Kitty 45th Slowly Stamps – Rarest of all.

Hello Kitty 45th Anniversary Stamps are impossible to get.

@Slowly Team — could those be added to Time Machine ?? Please ??

The image above is just a small sampler of the MANY Hello Kitty stamp sets — issued in 2019, for the 45th Anniversary, and ONLY in a few Asian countries.

Philippines, Singapore, others. Image captured from the Most Complete collection ever — LessonWang's. And here a larger image of a Gorgeous one!

I have sent a Request to Slowly Team via Twitter, where my account is actively linked to the one at Reddit and promoting posts two ways.

A suggestion?
Hello Kitty sets are hard, I am not even counting on getting them. Maybe they COULD get added to Time Machine, they fit profile.
* time limited
* special editions, sometime country specific
* and no longer available

A Report from the Slowly Stamp Collector's Front Lines

I have been speaking to Stamp Collector friends, with 470+ Stamps, who are only missing those — and working HARD to get any of them, with NO success.

Thank you so much for your letter.
Unfortunately, my stamp collection stopped.

Even though I wrote almost ninety letters, I still don't have any stamps with Hello Kitty*.*

It's very difficult because I have to delete the contacts and then return them again.

I think a hundred contacts are too little to collect the stamps.

I have to give that up. I don't have much space in the directory and I can't wait long as everyone answers me.

It's a shame that even with ninety letters and I didn't get any of the eight stamps I wanted.

Well, there's nothing I can do. Life goes on.

This is a REAL letter, I just translated it from another language.

And my reply was :

“Good to receive a letter from you — I was thinking about you, but maybe you could be busy, and with that problem of having to add and remove people from your list to keep the correspondence.

That's why I was happy when I saw your letter coming. I was thinking of writing also about the issues of large stamp collections -– I just saw yours now and you're already at 485, my God!!! 🙂😎

Very good, and you know what I think about those Hello Kitty? I don't care about them, they're very rare; I'm going to go slower with collecting more now, since it seems to me that we would be enjoying the stamps a lot more like that.

So — please Slowly Team, could you consider adding these to the wonderful Time Machine ?

Please and Thank you, with cream on top, Cheers!!

Crossposted on Twitter too — To clarify, this text was originally prepared and posted at our SlowlyApp subReddit in this Topic.

Some issues that my Pro Collector Friend mentioned ?

It might not be clear, from this small quoted piece, that the hard limit of 100 pen pals Maximum at any time is a serious limitation for the serious Hunter.

This friend had described to me before like getting a Senegal and Tanzania stamps required about 30 pen pal additions, with a letter each sent — all requesting the small favour of a return short reply with their own National Stamp.

Until, the final person in that long hunt obliged — and sent a reply with the stamp.

This is really the spirit of Collecting

I admired their perseverance and stamina.

To search that many new users, adding one or two at a time, always working to keep below the 100 maximum limit.

This person wasn't only hunting for one country, or another. They spent a whole year pursuing stamps from countries all over the world in this way.

The average time to get that hard to find stamp? They mentioned one month, and commented on my own successful acquisition of a few difficult to find stamps — from Belize, Cuba and Ecuador.

Requesting and Waiting, slower but more satisfying ?

I saw you've already got the stamp from Belize. You're luckier than I am. I waited almost three months...

This way of getting the stamps is very slow but I enjoy myself much more than I just being given it by some large collector.

I remember my feelings, how excited as I waited for their letters, and I was very curious if the stamp would be there. Now I lack these feelings.

Very true — I also find that I enjoyed my stamps a lot more when they came to me slowly. Each new stamp, found on an incoming letter was a thrill.

Each new stamp set I acquired, one at a time, with purchased coins. As there were NO Free coins until recently, Slowly version 5.1, October 2, 2019 introduced this feature.

And when I got that new and lovely stamp set (always carefully selected, I have some huge favourites), when I got that new set I would start using it. With the closest pen pals, one new stamp in each letter, sequentially working my way thru the typical 6 in a set. Until they had the complete set.

That was the time to switch to some different stamp, a new single or maybe another set that this friend still did not have.

My response to that paragraph above

“I also wrote reflections that I thought about the collections – and I agree with you, that it is better to go more slowly, we enjoy them more.

I was lucky with the stamps from Cuba and Belize, Ecuador. I picked some people to write, and I had answers from almost all of them, I sent two letters to each country.

But it's necessary to be careful – I chose people who were on the internet recently, and who had a good Ratio for replies. It worked, and I still have letters with them now. ;)

The only problem is that I find it difficult to cut the link, I mean if I have got the stamp — I can't simply remove them. That would be plainly using them, to get what I want, and discarding them; not right in my opinion.

It would certainly be good for you if you could have a larger number, a greater limit. Maybe we could think of a suggestion and send to Slowly ? I can always write to them on Twitter.”

All of which is true — that is exactly how I obtained these 3 countries, and I still keep corresponding with the agreeable people who obliged my request (and I do it on their own language, an important courtesy, in my opinion.

For the 3 countries, I had 5 replies, one that did not engage. All are still ongoing pen pals. I selected 2 people in each country, so I wouldn't have to wait a month to obtain a single country's stamp. Worked. :)

Famous Last Words

Special Thank You to the folks behind this wonderful app — all the hard working people at Slowly Communications.

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Come and join us, if you are not yet using Slowly.

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