How Many SLOWLY stamps are there in total?

A good question I have asked myself for a while...

And, now I have an accurate answer. Thanks to the Google spreadsheet that monitors the Slowly API, we get a snapshot of all currently included 'stamps' in the catalog.

This is the ultimate authority, as if it's not on the list, it don't exist.

So, how many and why?

The spreadsheet (shared here), a Read-Only but fully usable copy, shows :

Data Range from A1 to A1066 in the ID field. There are two lines at the top, column headers and legends.

1066 rows – 2 header rows = 1,064 stamp cells possible

There are 3 Placeholder images

...which although included in the API listings, are NOT stamps – just images needed to illustrate the Stamp Store features, like Time Machine and World Explorer.

And thanks to this, we can calculate an exact total. These three are shown below :

Time Machine placeholder Full size image here

World Explorer 'Case' placeholder Full size image here

'Easter Egg Unkown' Full size image here

1064 – 3 holders = * 1061 stamps Total *

So current total (as of December 14, 2021) is : 1,061 Stamps.

But the Wiki says...

Our Slowly Stamps Wiki has 1052 stamps in the catalogue, on the same date. So we are short 9 in total. (edit: difference now 2)

And if anyone can spot which those are, please let me know – thank you!

(as I can't find which ones are missing 😜😉)

Edit : received messages from fellow Redditors, who spotted some items, and we added 7 more stamps to the Wiki. New total is 1,059 – only 2 stamps short compared to API.

Edit 2: and a sharp eyed observer noticed exactly where the problem was, we fixed it. And have the same stamp count as the API now – 1,061. ✨🌟😊

The new WIKI stamp counters are a joy

I would like to leave a thank you note here to our fellow Wiki Editor Dvaruas, whose programming expertise added the table rows and Stamp counters for the WIKI pages.

Very handy to have these accurate, by category totals.

Numbers shown as of Dec 15, 2021. Live links to each Category page in list below.

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