World Nations still without a Slowly Stamp ?

Could we have a Slowly stamp for...

The other day, a new user posted a topic at our Slowly app Reddit sub, inquiring about a stamp for Paraguay — which is one of two South American countries I knew are still missing a location stamp of their own.

The list of Nations at the UN Wikipedia page is here. And it contains 193 current members mentioned.

The Stamp Collections for the active users normally show them having 122 Countries stamps. So there's room for some more, eh.

How many Nations are there ?

The United Nations member states are the 193 sovereign states that are members of the United Nations (UN) and have equal representation in the UN General Assembly.[1] The UN is the world's largest intergovernmental organization.

Souce : Wikipedia.

The current Slowly Stamp collection show 122 specific Nations listed.

Checking which ones are missing at least one Local stamp is a big job — So I suggest we do this by region, making it easier to focus. There are many countries and regions, careful checking is required.

South American Nations :

We reference the Wikipedia list of Sovereign States – South America.

Still missing stamps, two letter codes : ( total : 5 )

North American Nations :

We reference the Wikipedia list of Sovereign States — North America

Still missing stamps, two letter codes : ( total : 6 )

And that completes the listing for all of the American Continents. Some nations are small, islands in the Caribbean, but some are much larger and more important. Would be nice to see some design work and a stamp issued for them don't you agree ?

And I bit the bullet and faced Africa, which I thought would be missing some countries.

African Nations :

We reference the Wikipedia list of Sovereign States — Africa

OMG, it is missing Nations indeed — 40 African States don't have a Slowly stamp at this moment.

Still missing stamps, two letter codes : ( total : 40 )

And that is it for Africa. From a total of 54 Nations, only 14 have their own Slowly stamp currently.

Total Nations without Slowly Stamps so far : 51

And this includes all the Americas and Africa.

UN member Nations : 193 – 122 (Slowly Nations currently) = 71 without stamps

71 missing – 51 (listed above) = only 20 more missing Nations to be found and listed.

Any volunteers to help ? :)

References Used to prepare this Topic :

Article Dedicated to a pen pal, who shall remain unnamed.

This post is dedicated to my pen pal friend who is the best example of dedication and sportsmanship in pursuing the acquisition of a complete World collection — by writing to people everywhere and requesting their local stamps.

And waiting for replies. Sometimes multiple letters needed to obtain a single country's stamp (30 each was mentioned in the case of two African countries in particular)

One year, it took. But the project was completed, and you can't do it in a more honest and humble way. Kudos, friend. Thank you.

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