Kevin Wong – Slowly Startup Diaries, post 5

An interview on the Clubhouse app

Kevin's appearance on the program “Entrepreneurship Without Direction”.

This time, I was fortunate to meet Harry of Sorted, as well as John and Finnie, the two hosts of “Entrepreneurship Without Direction”. After a long retreat, it turned out that I hadn't done an interview for a while, and it was the first time that the designer shared his experience until he founded Slowly, which lasted more than two hours.

You can also listen here: Google Podcast / SoundCloud / Spotify

editor's note : Mandarin original conversations, no transcript available.

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🔔 The original text was published in, on June 5, 2021. Sadly, this URL is now gone, redirecting to the generic site. A backup of this site is on here.

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Translation Notes and rationale:

This translation was prepared by Yann2, a user, fan and supporter of the SLOWLY project. And it is in no way authorized or condoned by the original author. Any translation errors contained herein are my own, and subject to revisions – please send comments if necessary, thank you.

This translator's view is that the inner workings of Kevin's mind are of interest to the passionate fans of the app he has created from scratch. Hence, we bring here an English language version which can be more widely read. Thank you, Kevin!

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