SLOWLY launched a new 'Stamp Request' site!

A new feature just appeared on Slowly Web Client

A button in the Stamp Store, going out to a 'Stamp Request' new site. Introduced on Slowly Web Client version 3.2.9, one click on Stamp Store takes you there. And the site can become quite active if we join...

They imported a number of received suggestions from past emails (for example, there's an entry for a request for Anzac Day stamp, which was accepted and issued recently).

How do I reach this new Suggestions site?

It is actually quite EASY. I first found out about this new site when I noticed the new 'Stamp Request' button showing in the 'Stamp Store' area of the Slowly Web Client – as illustrated in the snapshot above.

I believe the same should also work and the button be present in recent Mobile versions of Slowly (although I use those very little and have not checked yet).

You can also see my original post when I first discovered this, on Reddit.

Here's what the 'landing zone' looks like

...if you click on the 'Stamp Request' button in the Web Client Stamp Store :

This shows the current list of Stamp Suggestion posts, sorted by TRENDING (which is, the ones which most recently got votes or comments, etc.).

A more useful view would sorted by NEW proposals, which lists ALL posts in chronological order, most recent ones first.

You can also visit, and add your own ideas

Some people have already discovered this and started bombing the site with their own requests. A user from Paraguay for example sent a number of suggestions.

One from Norway sent a nice one (Swords on the Rocks) which Kevin Wong has already marked as 'Under Review'. Swords in Rocks post has a nice image :

His entry :

Norway only has one stamp so a stamp with the design of the monument 'Sword in rocks' would be neat .

I agree – Norway is really short changed with ONE single location stamp right now. And we can support the suggestions by Up-Voting any of them. Swords on the Rocks has 9 votes currently, including my own.

Commenting, adding suggestions, upvoting?

You need a site account to upvote, comment or add new posts. They allow you to link and use a Facebook, Google, Twitter or GitHub account, or use an email and password to login. If you access the site directly from Slowly, it should log you in with the correct username and avatar.

Adding your vote improves chance of a stamp being issued. It will show your slowly avatar, but not the voter's name.

Comments will show the username, and you can also add an image to a suggestion post – recommended, add as much info as you can to improve the chances of your suggestion being accepted! Images, quoted text, wikipedia and other links add value. 😀😉

Seeing what is Hot and What's Coming Soon ?

We can do that too – as when Kevin reviews and assigns post Categories, they could be 'Under Review' (good chances it might be created and issued) or already have the 'Planned' label - and a definitive issue date (shown in the post as well!).

VOTE and support the nice ideas under review. 😎👍

Support our proposals for NEW Location stamps ?

We started a little Campaign of our own, by selecting one of the countries listed as without ANY Location stamps, doing some research, and trying to find a theme for a good local one.

The proposals are up, and could benefit from your comments, suggestions and upvotes. There is no guarantee the Slowly Team will take one or more of those on, other than us showing there's a need and support for those smaller and less populous countries.

So – please consider visiting the topics and voting if you like. A good comment is also very helpful. Thank you!

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