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Oh Wunder

Der Trend setzt sich in Köln fort: Auch am Mittwoch ist die Inzidenz massiv angestiegen und liegt jetzt laut Robert Koch-Institut bei 397,7. Das ist ein Anstieg um 42,5 Punkte im Vergleich zum Vortag und ein erneuter Höchststand. Am Dienstag lag der Wert, der angibt, bei wie vielen von 100.000 Einwohnern ein PCR-Test in den vergangenen sieben Tagen positiv ausfiel, bei 355,2, am Montag bei 313,3.

via Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger


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With a combined 68 years of experience, CunninghamLegal’s attorneys are experts in the areas of estate planning, trust administration, Medi-Cal and VA Benefits planning, Business Law, probate, disability/special needs planning, asset protection, and much more.


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Several modern appliances, ranging from steam irons and hair dryers to USB chargers for portable electronics, are fitted with retractable cables in order to avoid this problem. They run on two rotating wheels within a storage compartment that holds the whole length of the rope. The ratchets automatically lock when a user pulls the rope to lengthen it, preventing the cord from rolling back up into its original storage position. A retractile cable can be stretched and then returned to its original contracted form, reducing stress on the wire. A retractable cord, often known as a coil cord or a curly cord, is a type of retractable line or cable. Retractable cords provide a number of advantages, including great flexibility, robustness, and the ability to save space. Galaxy provides a retractile coiled cord in a variety of AWG sizes, shielding kinds, and jacket materials to fulfill particular demands. Retractable cords and cables from Galaxy are flexible, resilient, and multifunctional. Retractable cables have a unique construction that allows them to increase in length and then swiftly shrink back to their original size. Retractable cords are utilized in a variety of industries. In the medical business, they're typically utilized to power devices including medical imaging equipment, patient monitoring equipment, and probes. Retractile cords provide a number of advantages, one of which is their capacity to save space. Any environment with a big number of electronic gadgets, such as hospital rooms, control rooms, or manufacturing floors, rapidly becomes congested. Retractable coil cable, often known as curly cords, coiled cords, or spiral cable, is the ideal form of cable to utilize. Communications, robotics, industrial, medical, dentistry, electronics, autos, and a variety of other industries are all represented. Custom electrical cables are also available. Whatever purpose you have in mind, you may personalize it to meet your requirements. Simply tell us what you want and we'll make it for you. We make the best-coiled extension cords and retractable extension cords on the market. There are many producers of retractable wires throughout the world, but none can compete with us in terms of quality and price. Autac, Inc. has over 70 years of experience in this industry. Day by day, our 70 years of experience have improved us. We've figured out what our clients require. Our top concern is client happiness, which is why we have thousands of devoted customers all around the world. If you're looking for the most affordable and high-quality retractable cables, go no farther than Autac, Inc.

Website: https://www.cityfos.com/company/Autac-Inc--in-Branford-CT-22727788.htm


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With a combined 68 years of experience, CunninghamLegal’s attorneys are experts in the areas of estate planning, trust administration, Medi-Cal and VA Benefits planning, Business Law, probate, disability/special needs planning, asset protection, and much more.

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Make your wearable items more inspiring and rocking by accessorizing morale patches from Flexsystems USA Inc, the best source for morale patches. We have been manufacturing PVC labels since 1994 and can sew the emblems, patches and rubber emblems on to your hats, bags, shirts, shoes and an assortment of items.


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from Friends Near and Afar

A new and interesting site for SLOWLY Stamps fans

This morning a comment on my Reddit topic announcing the sad closing of the super useful SlowlyStamps.info site, (created by F.) got my attention. This user mentioned knowing F. personally, and added the URL for a similar site, which I assume the poster, No-Advantage2155 is involved with.

I took notice, of course, as we are searching for alternatives. And visited the site, and later returned to get more familiar with it.

And it's quite neat!

As shown by the banner image above, which presents all 6 stamps on the 'A Bug's Life' stamp set.

The site doesn't have an About page or documentation on how to use its features. But they are there, and I am discovering things I had dreamed of having on our Slowly WIKI project – yet, still don't have. 🤨

Like, easily showing a complete stamp set (see Bug's Life, above). Or, all the stamps in a given country. Which this Blogger site DOES with ease if you discover how.

All the Australian Stamps, you say?

Easily done, see this link. Or a snapshot?

(For this snapshot I zoomed out so they would all fit in the screen)

Accessing the 'LABELS' menu

...is the key to custom listings. The 'Tag' icon on the right top corner (just below the Search box) is the way to access the Labels menu.

Sometimes it might not be on screen. If this happens, hover over the small Black vertical bar shown :

...and it expands to the Left side, showing the 'Labels' word, underlined; as it is a link to sorted category listings.

The Listing has many items – stamp sets, country names (which display all the stamps for a given country), whole categories like 'Achievements', etc.

Expanding the Listings

Click on the Tag icon, and the labels list appears. Scroll down and select what you desire.

Achievements category is extensive.

The functionality here is outstanding – all the stamps are Categorized and so can be displayed in many ways. Individually, as part of a set, or as part of a Country's full stamps list, or even a Category like 'Achievements' or 'National Flags'. Neat work! 😎👍

National Flags category is extensive. Scaled down for blog post.

There is a SEARCH function as well

...which works as intended. A search for 'Hello' shows all the uber rare and desirable 'Hello Kitty' stamps and sets.

Search results for 'Hello'

I am impressed and happy to see this new site – and to report on it to share what it can do, so others will enjoy it as well.

Thank you /u/No-Advantage2155 for sharing this, and for the work that went into this site. Well done!

I had seen some snapshots posted in 'New Slowly Releases' before that were taken on this site – the cute angled snapshots view is really distinctive and I wonder HOW they had obtained that image... 😀👍

Different Site Views are possible

At the Top Left corner, a pull down menu offers some possible Layouts for displaying the site – and all the snapshots posted here were taken with the 'Snapshot' layout.

The Snapshot layout is pretty

There are other possible Layouts – some are less informative or useful, the 'FlipCard' one is interesting :

The Flipcard layout is more compact and good for a quick view

Will it dynamically update, adding new API entries?

Unknown at this time, I will ask and add the information here when available. We can access the newest Stamps additions via SlowlyStamps.info for now, but the site is closing on December 4, 2021, and we will be left without an easy, publicly available tool to monitor new releases.

Work is in progress for a Google Docs spreadsheet which can monitor the SLOWLY API, and show any new entries as they appear. A current snapshot :

Click snapshot for larger image

We will release more info on this as well, when we have a little more progress. It is working, we just need to make sure privacy is protected for the project authors.

Famous Last Words

Special Thank You to the folks behind this wonderful app — all the hard working people at Slowly Communications.

Letters we share, with pen pals all over the World, via the magic of the Slowly App. A modern day take in the traditional penpal experience.

Come and join us, if you are not yet using Slowly.

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With a combined 68 years of experience, CunninghamLegal’s attorneys are experts in the areas of estate planning, trust administration, Medi-Cal and VA Benefits planning, Business Law, probate, disability/special needs planning, asset protection, and much more.

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Jack's Cleaners is a private cleaning company based in Duluth, GA which can provide you with professional and affordable domestic or commercial cleaning services. To book our cleaners and housekeepers on any day of the week you can give us a call on (770) 285-7087 or fill out the online booking form which can be found on our website at https://www.jackscleaning.com, while you are there you can also check out the full list of our cleaning procedures and customers' reviews that we've collected since 2012.


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How To consider The Quality Of Image Background Removal Service

Image background removal service is an effective medium of eliminating undesired objects. But, background removal is not an easy task to perform. Expert photo editors utilize their expertise to get the best output. Moreover, the editors need to have complete knowledge of the tools of the image editing software. A silly mistake can ruin the whole effort. So, you have to be careful in considering the quality of that service. And, the reason for this help is to get a high-quality subjective image. That is the reason you need to pick the best help regarding your photograph. You can't apply all the services for all kinds of pictures. What are the purposes of the background removal services? You may find multiple options for background separation. Depending on the type of the subject, there are different types of services available to cut out the background flawlessly. Also, the quality varies with the services. But, clipping background is the most popular and convenient among all the benefits. Here, the editor uses a Photoshop clipping path to select. Then, you can eliminate that area precisely. Moreover, image masking is also an efficient method for background removing services. The expert editors apply masking services to cut out the experience accurately. Also, you can use this service to remove undesired objects. Furthermore, you can replace the photo background with alternatives. You can compare the quality of these services by zooming in and out the edited pictures. Here, a quality background removed image will look fascinating. You can see every edge of the subjects.

The expert editors of this realm ensure the quality editing of the background removal service. In addition, you can outsource this service from third-world countries like Bangladesh. Here, you get your desired picture at the cheapest rate on the market. You can check out the sample before dealing with a background removing service provider. Learn More: https://www.adeptclippingpath.com/image-background-removal-service/


from The Diary of a Mad Chicken


Me after dinner in my room

Dinner – swiss chicken cordon bleu with corn and beets

Julz at the dinner table

Bees at the dinner table

The mural on the dining room wall

Scenes at the dinner table

Written on November 23rd 2021 @ 5:39p


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With a combined 68 years of experience, CunninghamLegal’s attorneys are experts in the areas of estate planning, trust administration, Medi-Cal and VA Benefits planning, Business Law, probate, disability/special needs planning, asset protection, and much more.


200 Auburn Folsom Rd Suite 106 Auburn, CA 95603


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