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Grind in Seconds: The Efficiency of the Electric Herb Grinder

In the sphere of supplement preparation, the electrical plant grinder stands as a testament to modern comfort and efficiency. Usually, grinding herbs expected guide work and time, but with the arrival of electric herb grinders,

the method has been structured and produced more accessible to users. In this information, we'll examine the functions, advantages, and factors of electrical herb grinders, as well as their impact on supplement fans and consumers.

An electrical plant mill is a device built to automate the method of grinding herbs into a great consistency. Unlike guide mills, which need physical energy to move a running process,

electric plant mills use an electrical motor to execute the grinding process with little effort from the user. These grinders an average of function sharp blades or teeth that pulverize the herbs in to small particles, ensuring a constant and standard grind.

The heart of an electric herb mill is their electric engine, which powers the running device and automates the method of herb grinding. The motor's pace and power establish the effectiveness and efficiency of the grinder.

Electrical supplement mills feature sharp blades or teeth that effectively chop and work herbs right into a fine consistency. These knives or teeth are generally manufactured from metal and other tough components to ensure longevity and durability.

Some electric herb grinders offer numerous grinding settings, letting consumers to regulate the coarseness or fineness of the work to accommodate their preferences. That flexibility makes electric plant mills ideal for a wide selection of plant preparation tasks, from coarse running to great powdering.

Electric supplement grinders are made for simplicity, with easy controls and spontaneous operation. Most versions function one-touch or push-button function, making them accessible to people of all talent levels.

To make sure safe function, electrical herb mills frequently integrate safety characteristics such as automated shutoff systems, overheat defense, and childproof locks. These characteristics help prevent accidents and ensure satisfaction for users.

Electric supplement grinders automate the running method, saving consumers time and work compared to information running methods. That makes them well suited for individuals who grind herbs usually or in big quantities.

Electrical supplement grinders create a constant and standard work, ensuring that herbs are evenly refined and mixed. This reliability enhances the quality, scent, and capability of the herbs, causing a greater overall experience for users.

Electric supplement grinders are flexible methods that can be used for grinding a wide selection of herbs, spices, and botanicals. Whether running dry herbs for preparing, medicinal herbs for organic solutions, or botanicals for aromatherapy,

electrical supplement mills can handle the duty with ease.Many electrical herb grinders are small and lightweight, making them easy to transport and use weed grinders the go. This portability enables consumers to take pleasure from recently soil herbs wherever they're going, whether in the home, in your kitchen, or on outdoor adventures.

Think about the engine energy and speed of the mill, as larger energy and speed typically end up in quicker and more efficient grinding.Choose a grinder by having an correct running volume to accommodate your preferences,

whether running small batches for personal use or greater amounts for industrial purposes. Look for mills made from sturdy materials such as for example metal or high-quality materials,

with powerful construction that can tolerate regular use and handling.Consider the easy washing and maintenance when selecting an electrical plant mill, as some models may have detachable parts which can be dishwasher safe or simple to completely clean by hand.

In conclusion, the electric supplement mill represents an important development in herb planning technology, providing users ease, performance, and flexibility in grinding herbs. With their powerful motors,

sharp knives, and user-friendly design, electric herb mills streamline the method of supplement running and raise the general herb grinding experience.

Whether running herbs for culinary, therapeutic, or recreational applications, an electrical herb mill is an invaluable tool that simplifies the job and promotes the satisfaction of herbs for consumers around the world.


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The Future of Herb Grinding: The Electric Herb Grinder Movement

In the realm of supplement planning, the electrical herb mill stands as a testament to modern convenience and efficiency. Usually, grinding herbs expected guide effort and time, but with the introduction of electrical herb mills,

the procedure has been streamlined and created more accessible to users. In this article, we'll discover the functions, advantages, and factors of electric herb grinders, along with their impact on herb lovers and consumers.

A power plant grinder is just a device made to automate the method of grinding herbs right into a great consistency. Unlike guide mills, which involve physical energy to switch a running process,

electrical supplement mills utilize an electric motor to do the grinding process with small effort from the user. These grinders typically function sharp blades or teeth that pulverize the herbs into little particles, ensuring a consistent and standard grind.

One's heart of an electric supplement mill is its electric generator, which forces the running device and automates the procedure of supplement grinding. The motor's speed and power determine the performance and efficiency of the grinder.

Electrical herb mills feature sharp knives or teeth that efficiently cut and grind herbs into a great consistency. These knives or teeth are often made of stainless or other tough resources to make sure durability and durability.

Some electric plant mills offer numerous running settings, letting customers to modify the coarseness or fineness of the grind to suit their preferences. This versatility makes electrical herb mills suitable for a wide range of plant planning responsibilities, from rough grinding to fine powdering.

Electrical supplement mills are designed for simplicity of use, with easy regulates and user-friendly operation. Many versions function one-touch or push-button function, making them accessible to customers of most skill levels.

To make certain safe function, electric supplement mills usually integrate safety functions such as for instance automated shutoff systems, overheat security, and childproof locks. These characteristics support prevent incidents and assure peace of mind for users.

Electric supplement grinders automate the grinding method, keeping customers time and work compared to manual running methods. This makes them ideal for people who grind herbs frequently or in big quantities.

Electric plant mills produce a steady and standard work, ensuring that herbs are equally processed and mixed. That reliability enhances the taste, scent, and potency of the herbs, resulting in a better over all experience for users.

Electric plant mills are versatile resources that can be utilized for grinding a wide selection of herbs, spices, and botanicals. Whether running dried herbs for cooking, healing herbs for herbal remedies, or botanicals for aromatherapy,

electric herb grinders can handle the job with ease.Many electrical herb mills are lightweight and lightweight, creating them easy to move and use on the go. That flexibility enables consumers to take pleasure from recently floor herbs wherever each goes, whether in the home, in the kitchen, or on outside adventures.

Consider the weed grinders power and rate of the grinder, as larger power and speed usually end in faster and more effective grinding.Choose a grinder having an ideal running volume to match your requirements,

whether running small steps for private use or bigger quantities for professional purposes. Search for mills made from resilient materials such as for example stainless or high-quality pockets,

with powerful structure that may resist frequent use and handling.Consider the simple washing and maintenance when choosing a power supplement grinder, as some models may have detachable components that are dishwasher secure or easy to completely clean by hand.

To conclude, the electric supplement grinder represents a significant advancement in herb planning engineering, offering consumers ease, effectiveness, and versatility in grinding herbs. Making use of their strong motors,

sharp blades, and user-friendly design, electric herb grinders improve the method of supplement running and raise the entire herb grinding experience.

Whether grinding herbs for culinary, healing, or recreational applications, an electric herb grinder is a valuable software that simplifies the job and increases the satisfaction of herbs for consumers round the world.


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Pi Legal Consultancy

Pi Legal Consultancy is an international law firm in Turkey. We offer high quality cross-border legal consultation in Turkey and beyond.

Pi Legal Consultancy sets up a global network inside and outside Turkey. We have three offices in three strategic cities of Turkey. We offer an embracing legal consulting through legal consulting service in Istanbul and legal consulting service in Ankara as well as in Batman.

Pi Legal Consultancy law firm consists of English Speaking Lawyers, Business Lawyers and Immigrations Lawyers. With our dynamic and multilingual team of lawyers and experts holding advanced degrees and extensive experience in their areas of expertise, we are committed to providing reliable and to-the-point guidance as well as practical solutions in today’s volatile political and economic landscape of fast changing regulatory environment.

We also work with competent professionals around the world to deliver seamless services to our personal and corporate clients.We also enjoy solution partners and lawyers based in most European Countries, Africa, Canada and the United States.

Our Solution Partners

In this context, we deliver legal services in key areas, including corporate governance, banking and finance, administrative and commercial cases, mergers&acquisitions, energy and mining. Currently, we provide legal and business consultancy to leading French, Canadian, Norway, Denmark, Israel, Switzerland, Netherlands, British, American, Kuwait companies and the Ministry of Health of Kuwait. We have also created a great collaboration with the Embassy of Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom.

We also offer legal consultancy and representation service to the foreigners, working or living in and outside Turkey.

Pi Legal Consultancy improves partnership with very well-known global companies including Mondaq, Fenice Media and CorporateLiveWire.

Our References

We also offer legal consultancy and representation service to the foreigners, working or living in and outside Turkey.

Our Team

Pi Legal Consultancy is a law firm Turkey. Our firm consists of qualified experts, English speaking lawyers and experienced solicitors having very high level of knowledge and skills on legal matters and their cutting-edge solutions.

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Cannabis in Candy Type: The Attraction of CBD Gummies

In the world of cannabis consumption, CBD gummies have emerged as pleasant and convenient snacks that mix the healing advantages of cannabidiol with the ease of a familiar, soft format. These gummies , infused with CBD derived from the cannabis plant, have become significantly common as a mainstream wellness item, providing users a tasty and available way to integrate the possible benefits of CBD to their everyday routines.

CBD , or cannabidiol, is a non-psychoactive ingredient present in the cannabis plant. Unlike its more popular counterpart, THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), CBD doesn't produce a “high.” Alternatively, it interacts with the endocannabinoid process in the body, possibly providing a selection of therapeutic consequences, including stress comfort, nervousness decrease, and suffering management.

CBD gummies provide a user-friendly entry stage for those exploring the advantages of CBD. These snacks usually resemble conventional gummy candies, making them friendly and discreet. The gummies can be found in various forms, types, and concentrations of CBD , letting people to choose products that match their choices and dose requirements.

One of many key advantages of CBD gummies is their convenience. Unlike other types of CBD , such as for example tinctures or supplements, gummies involve number extra gear or preparation. They are pre-dosed, reducing the requirement for calculating or calculating dosage. This simplicity makes CBD gummies an attractive selection for individuals seeking to combine CBD within their wellness routines without the complexity related to several other usage methods.

The charm of CBD gummies extends beyond their easy use. The discreet character of the snacks allows customers to take pleasure in the possible benefits of CBD without pulling attention. Whether in the office, in social options, or throughout travel, CBD gummies provide a delicate and socially adequate way to integrate cannabinoids in to everyday life.

Taste variety is another significant aspect of CBD gummies. Suppliers frequently provide numerous types, from fruity to bad, catering to various taste preferences. That variety enhances the general knowledge, turning the act of eating CBD right into a pleasurable and healthy moment.

CBD gummies also handle the aversion many people may have to the natural style related to natural CBD oil. The infusion of CBD in to the gummy method enables customers to enjoy the advantages without the unique style that could be a obstruction for some.

Beyond style and comfort, the managed dosage supplied by CBD gummies offers consumers an amount of predictability. Each gummy usually contains a certain level of CBD , rendering it simpler for people to manage and monitor their intake. That precision is especially helpful for folks who need consistent dosing for beneficial purposes. www.buudabomb.com

The potential healing aftereffects of CBD carry on to be a place of curiosity for experts and customers alike. While personal answers to CBD can vary, some customers report encountering relief from problems such as for example nervousness, insomnia, and serious pain. The versatile character of CBD helps it be a adaptable complement that matches in to various wellness regimens.

It's crucial to note that rules and recommendations bordering CBD items range by region. Consumers should assure they obtain CBD gummies from reliable resources that conform to quality and security standards. Third-party screening for efficiency and purity is really a popular training among reliable CBD producers, giving consumers with visibility regarding the contents of these products they choose.

Just like any wellness product, it's recommended for individuals to consult with healthcare professionals before adding CBD gummies or any CBD item into their routines, particularly if they've existing health situations or are taking medications.

Essentially, CBD gummies symbolize a blend of quality, ease, and possible wellness advantages within the kingdom of cannabis-derived products. While the reputation of CBD continues to grow, these gummies offer a playful and friendly access level for persons seeking to discover the possible healing effects of cannabinoids. Whether as a daily supplement or an occasional treat, CBD gummies have found their devote the diverse landscape of wellness products, giving people with a tasty and accessible way to feel the potential benefits of CBD.


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Ata Hukuk Ofisi

Avukat ve alanında uzman danışmanlardan oluşan deneyimli kadrosu ile Türkiye genelinde Ankara merkezli ve Ankara avukat olarak kurumsal ve bireysel müvekkillerine hukuki hizmet vermeye devam etmektedir. Ofisimiz, değişen ve artan hukuki ihtiyaçlar çerçevesinde sonuç odaklı bir yaklaşımla güncel, hızlı ve etkin çözümler sunmakta, hukukun her alanında en iyi hizmeti verebilmek için güncel hukuki gelişmeleri yakından takip etmektedir. Mevzuat, mesleki etik ve toplumsal değerler çerçevesinde bireysel ve kurumsal müvekkillerinin ihtiyaçlarına uygun hizmetler sunmaktadır.

Ata Hukuk Ofisi; iş disiplini ve düzenli iş takibi ile iş hayatında müvekkillerine katma değer sağlamayı ve doğru değerler, çalışma kültürü ve ilkeleri ile sürdürülebilir başarıya ulaşmayı hedeflemektedir. Kaliteli hizmet ve müvekkil memnuniyeti en önemli amaçlarıdır. Ata Hukuk Ofisi; vermiş olduğu danışmanlık ve avukatlık hizmetlerinde öncelikle müvekkilleri için en uygun stratejileri belirlemektedir. Çözüm odaklıdır, uzlaşı ile çözülemeyecek konularda tecrübelidir, etkin dava takibi ile sonuca ulaşır. Danışmanlık ve temsil hizmetleri sırasında müvekkillerini sürecin dışında bırakmadan tüm gelişmelerden haberdar eden aktif ve erişilebilir bir hukuk ofisidir.


Ata Hukuk ofisi hukukun bir çok alanında etkin ve güncel çalışmalar yürütmektedir. Başta ihale hukuku ve ihale avukatı olmak üzere, aile ve boşanma hukuku, ceza hukuku, gayrimenkul hukuku, icra ve iflas hukuku, iş ve sosyal güvenlik hukuku, miras hukuku, sağlık hukuku, tazminat hukuku, ticaret hukuku, trafik hukuku, tüketici hukuku, idare hukuk ve vergi hukuku gibi alanlarında hizmet vermektedir. Deneyimli ve uzman bir kadro ile hizmet vermekteyiz.

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Karotis Bezi Usg Hakkında En Çok Merak Edilenler Karotis bezi ultrasonografisi (USG), boyun bölgesinde bulunan karotis arterlerin ve bu arterlere beslenme sağlayan bezlerin incelenmesini sağlayan bir görüntüleme yöntemidir. Bu test genellikle arterlerdeki daralmaların ve kan akışındaki anormalliklerin tespit edilmesi amacıyla kullanılır. Karotis bezi USG hakkında merak edilen bazı temel konular şunlardır:

  1. Karotis Bezi USG Nedir? Karotis bezi USG, ultrason dalgalarının kullanılarak boyundaki karotis arterlerin ve bunlara beslenme sağlayan bezlerin görüntülenmesini sağlayan bir tıbbi görüntüleme testidir. Bu test, arterlerdeki plak birikimlerinin, daralmaların, tıkanıklıkların ve kan akışındaki anormalliklerin belirlenmesine yardımcı olur.

  2. Karotis Bezi USG Nasıl Yapılır? Karotis bezi USG, genellikle bir ultrasonografi uzmanı veya radyolog tarafından gerçekleştirilir. Hastanın sırtüstü yatar pozisyonda olması istenir ve boyun bölgesine bir jel uygulanarak ultrason probu bu bölgeye yerleştirilir. Prob, yüksek frekanslı ses dalgaları gönderir ve bu dalgalar vücutta yansıyarak görüntülerin oluşturulmasını sağlar.

  3. Karotis Bezi USG Neden Yapılır? Karotis bezi USG, genellikle kişilerde görülen başlıca risk faktörlerine sahip olanlarda, özellikle de yüksek tansiyon, yüksek kolestrol, sigara kullanımı, diyabet, ailede kalp hastalığı öyküsü gibi durumlar söz konusu olduğunda yapılır. Ayrıca, inme riskini artırabilecek belirtiler gösteren kişilerde veya daha önce inme geçirmiş kişilerde de bu test istenebilir.

  4. Karotis Bezi USG Nasıl Hazırlanılır? Karotis bezi USG için genellikle özel bir hazırlık gerekmez. Ancak, testten önce hastanın boyun bölgesindeki kıyafetleri çıkarması istenebilir. Ayrıca, testten önce sigara içilmemesi ve kan inceltici ilaçların kullanımının doktorla görüşülmesi önerilebilir.

  5. Karotis Bezi USG Sonuçları Ne Anlama Gelir? Karotis bezi USG sonuçları, arterlerdeki daralmalar, plak birikimleri, tıkanıklıklar veya kan akışındaki anormallikler hakkında bilgi verir. Bu sonuçlar, hastanın inme riskini değerlendirmede ve tedavi seçeneklerinin belirlenmesinde önemli bir rol oynar.

  6. Karotis Bezi USG Fiyatları Ne Kadardır? Karotis bezi USG'nin fiyatı, yapıldığı yer, sağlık kuruluşunun politikaları ve ülkenin sağlık sistemine bağlı olarak değişiklik gösterebilir. Genellikle özel sağlık kuruluşlarında yapılan USG testleri daha yüksek maliyetlere sahip olabilir.

Karotis bezi ultrasonografisi, boyundaki arterlerin ve bezlerin incelenmesinde güvenilir bir yöntemdir ve ciddi sağlık sorunlarının tespitinde önemli bir araçtır. Ancak, herhangi bir tıbbi test gibi, sonuçların yorumlanması ve tedavi planının belirlenmesi için uzman bir sağlık profesyoneline danışmak önemlidir.


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from the Tulips

you begin to hear sirens blaring in the distance, their pulsating tones piercing your ears to emulsify the load-bearing wax within with your flesh. it is a sound you have never heard, one that is unbearably raw, carrying an emotion you have never experienced and an alert for something truly unfathomable. whatever this is, it's something unprecedented, it's something new, it's something unthinkable. but it is so incredibly cognizable that it is impossible to avert your attention. it clops in front of you, its gait standard. it does not cry in pain. it does not say anything. it merely remains. it merely Is.

so who the fuck is this asshole? well, we must first take the literal interpretation. it is a picture of Twilight Sparkle from the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (2010-2019) superimposed with the facial structure of Karkat Vantas from Homestuck (2009-2016). this itself seems simple enough to describe, but there is more to be gained here: not only is it a picture of Twilight Sparkle, it is quite possibly the picture of Twilight Sparkle, the reference from which all Twilight Sparkles are drawn. all of her hooves are firmly grounded, her expression (if you were able to see it) not overly excited or depressed, but merely content. this is the Twilight Sparkle you think of when i ask you to picture Twilight in your head, one not especially emotive but merely being.

similarly, the Karkat from which this image is derived is the reference Karkat, it is the symbolic rendering of Karkat (though this “render yourself symbolically” is only present in the context of Aradia, subverted in Homestuck² with Rose). it is the sprite from which Karkat is created, likely the initial conception of Karkat. again, when i ask you to think of Karkat, it is the Karkat you picture. if we take as given the notion of a platonic space of ideals behind reality, it is the platonic ideal of Karkat: though taking that as given is, like Wittgenstein's idea of the World being all that is True, fucking stupid.

ergo, when considering these as references, this is not merely a distortion of Karkat xor Twilight: it is a great distortion in the Marxist sense of both, one that asks you to discard your conceptions of either original ideal in the pursuit of an unholy synthesis, the result of attempting to move in dialectical contradictions when no true dialectic is present to move against. it is a mixture of not just a picture of either, but the concept of both. it is designed to force you to conceptualize this not as a mixture of Twilight and Karkat, but as a new entity altogether: Twilight Karkle, the great distorter, the tear, the Godhead Eternal. it is designed to recontextualize your relationship with both Twilight and Karkat to make you view them as one and the same. it's designed for you to look at it and go “oh god, Jacobson, you're kind of right” while engaging in cordial conversation with your compatriot over a messaging app in the evenings.

but we must not give into this temptation, for we must first analyze not merely the existence of Twilight Karkle but the reason for its being. it is difficult to extrapolate the moral character or intention of the author from a piece of art (see Davey Wreden's The Beginner's Guide), though we must.

the term “post-irony” is derived from the latin post (meaning “after”) and the greek εἰρωνεία (eirōneía, meaning “feigned ignorance”). it is the thing that occurs after feigned ignorance. by all means, the very notion of irony implies a post-irony, for it is merely the state in which you put an end to your bit, impaling it on your sword for it has ended its usefulness. but when interpreted as a state of commentary in its own right, the notion of being after feigned ignorance implies a double negative, or at the very least a dissolution of the feigned: under non-constructive logic it would result in a double negation translation into mere non-ignorance. if we assume Wittgenstein's ideals of the World being all that is True, the notion of transitioning into post-irony is then a change in the state of what the World is by definition. but that would be fucking stupid, because Wittgenstein is wrong about everything, especially that.

it is seemingly obvious that this is both an ironic and post-ironic lens to both characters. Twilight is often read as having Blood as an aspect by people who seem to care about classpecting characters from My Little Pony. her very arc is being reminded continually of the importance of friendship. Karkat is very similar in this notion, though friendship comes much more naturally to him in his own way¹. while the ironic notion is obviously present in the pixelation of Karkat's face versus the smooth lines of Twilight's mane and hooves, designed to point out this contradiction, there is a post-ironic — nay (neigh?), sincere aspect to it, designed to point out this similarity.

but in this case, the creator engages in a distinct conflation of the ironic and the post-ironic. if we again engage in the analytical lens, we have ironic and post-ironic, we have ironic and sincere in one — we have a contradiction. again, engaging in the practices of non-constructive logic with the presence of excluded middle, we are unable to maintain this contradiction and we engage the rule ex falso quodlibet, in which we put up our metaphorical hands and say “this is wrong! our assumption is wrong!”.

it is wrong, though. this being should never have been created, its existence is a sin in it of itself. by now you've noticed the (intentional) mistake in the argument here, that being that despite my refutation of Wittgenstein's ideals by merit of their obvious wrongness, i continue to engage in an analytical lens in which the World is all that is True. this is not a call to the non-constructive logics in which (A → ⊥) → ⊥ does not necessarily imply A, nor is it a call to the paraconsistent logics that allow for the admissibility of contradictions. it is instead a call to destruct the very notion of the analytical lens, for it is fucking worthless. indeed, we have a thing that the analytical lens cannot account for in the form of Twilight Karkle.

the primary crime of Twilight Karkle, then, is that it exists at all, not anything it could possibly do. it is the crime of the Creator that opened an image editor to create this. while a masterpiece of subversion, even a deep, penetrating deconstruction, it remains that this is still a contradiction, one that cannot be remedied, one that begs to be split. if Twilight Karkle were to walk up to you, you would regard it with pity. this should never have happened.

this never can happen again.

SCORE: three identical clones of Sigmund Freud out of 27 cans of Monster Energy

¹ credit to an unnamed non-Dirk individual of the spiralcomp system ² [DATA EXPUNGED]


from Beside You ❌

“Pak, maaf saya terlambat.”

Seorang mahasiswa dan mahasiswi dengan wajah cemas berdiri di depan pintu kelas, 1 menit yang lalu Saka baru saja masuk ke dalam kelasnya untuk mengajar. Ia bahkan belum duduk, dia baru saja menaruh tas dan laptop nya di meja.

Saka hanya bisa menghela nafasnya berat, memeriksa arloji miliknya yang ada di tangan kirinya. Saka, seorang dosen yang tidak pernah mentolerir mahasiswa nya yang datang terlambat. Apapun itu alasannya Saka tidak bisa mengizinkan mereka masuk.

Di tatapnya 3 mahasiswa yang terlambat itu dengan pandangan datar namun mengintimidasi miliknya. Saka memang tidak pernah marah, namun ucapannya tegas dan pendiriannya tidak goyah.

“Kalian terlambat 1 menit.” ucapnya dingin.

“Maaf, Pak.”

“Saya maafin, kalian bertiga bisa ikut kelas saya selanjutnya.” ucap Saka, tanpa memperdulikan lagi ketiganya, ia langsung berjalan ke arah meja nya dan memulai kelasnya siang ini.

Saka tidak pernah takut di sumpah serapahi oleh mahasiswa nya. Baginya waktu itu penting, dengan datang terlambat menurutnya seseorang sudah tidak bisa menghargai waktu orang lain dan dirinya sendiri.

Di usianya yang sudah 29 tahun Saka sudah bisa menjadi seorang dosen muda di sebuah universitas swasta di kotanya, hidupnya benar-benar monoton menurut kebanyakan orang. Hanya mengajar di 2 universitas, sisa nya ia pakai untuk mengisi seminar dan menulis buku.

Yup, Saka ini selain menjadi dosen muda dia juga adalah seorang penulis buku yang mengusung perkembangan komunikasi. Enggak heran kalau dia sibuk banget, sisa waktu lainya ia pakai untuk berolahraga. Tidak ada percintaan atau hang out dengan teman-teman seusianya.

Selesai mengajar Saka berniat untuk beristirahat sebentar di ruangan dosen, 15 menit lagi nanti dia masih harus rapat dengan Dekan. Sedang asik memejamkan matanya sembarin bersandar tiba-tiba saja bahu nya di tepuk pelan dari samping, membuat Saka jadi terkesiap dan mengerjapkan matanya dengan cepat.

“Saya kira siapa, Mas.” itu adalah Angkasa, koleganya. Mas Angkasa juga mengajar di kampus tempat Saka mengajar. Saka memanggilnya dengan sebutan Mas karena Angkasa sendiri yang memintanya.

“Sakit kamu, Ka?”

“Enggak, Mas. Sedikit ngantuk aja.” Saka terkekeh kecil “sebentar lagi ada rapat sama Dekan. Ada apa, Mas?”

“Saya mau ngundang kamu, buat datang di acara tujuh bulanan Istri saya. Bisa kan, Ka?”

“Kapan, Mas?”

“Minggu depan.”

Saka mengangguk, tentu saja ia akan datang. Mas Angkasa itu salah satu teman dekatnya, Mas Angkasa juga banyak membantu Saka selama ini.

“Bisa, Mas. Jam berapa?”

“Acaranya mulai dari jam 10 sampai jam 2 datang yah.” ucap Angkasa, pria itu kembali menepuk pundak Saka sebelum kembali lagi ke kursinya duduk.

Baru saja Saka ingin bersiap untuk rapat dengan Dekan, ponselnya tiba-tiba saja menyala. Menampilkan notifikasi dari seseorang yang Saka anggap terlalu sering mengganggunya, Saka hanya bisa membaca sederetan pesan itu tanpa ia berniat membalasnya.

Tanpa membalas pesan itu, Saka mengambil kembali tas miliknya dan akan hendak berjalan ke ruang Dekan. Namun 1 panggilan telfon menginstruksi nya, itu panggilan dari Panji sahabatnya.

“Iya, kenapa, Ji?”

tadi Tasha chat gue—

“Gue udah tau.”

Saka bisa mendengar dengusan kasar dari bibir Panji di sebrang sana.

temuin sebentar lah, Ka. Gue tau kalian udah selesai, tapi emangnya harus musuhan?

“Gue enggak musuhin dia. Untuk hari ini enggak bisa, Ji. Gue ada rapat sama Dekan.”

selesai rapat kan bisa, Ka

“Udah dulu yah, nanti gue sambung lagi.”

Setegas itu Saka, ia tidak akan mudah di bujuk oleh siapapun itu. Baginya tidak ada yang perlu di bicarakan lagi dengan Tasha, hari itu hubungan mereka sudah selesai. Dan Saka tidak ingin berurusan dengan gadis itu lagi, ia hanya ingin fokus pada dirinya sendiri.

Kelihatanya Saka memang tidak mudah tersentuh, tapi jauh dari yang orang lain lihat. Ia adalah seorang pria yang memiliki hati lembut, mencintai keluarganya dan sangat hangat. Saka tidak pernah main-main dengan wanita yang ia sayangi, pada sampai akhirnya wanita itu justru yang mempermainkannya.


from Beside You ❌

Minatozaki Sana as Tasha Raihany (Sasa)

Lee Seokmin as Panji Arkadian Satio (Panji)

Song Yuqi as Massayu Yuqira (Yuqi)

Choi Chanhee as Hanan Bintang Danuarja (Anan)


from Beside You ❌

“Tala.. Juna udah jemput kamu tuh, Dek.”

Begitu mendengar suara teriakan Mbak Sora dari lantai satu, Tala langsung buru-buru memakai lip tint asal dan mengambil tas miliknya. Ini sudah jam 9 sebentar lagi kelasnya akan di mulai, tidak biasanya Tala datang mepet seperti ini.

Ini semua gara-gara Mas Arial yang semalam mengajaknya menonton sebuah konser band lokal kesukaannya, sebenarnya Tala enggak terlalu suka. Seleranya itu kan lagu-lagu dari idola KPOP, tapi mau bagaimana lagi. Mas Arial memaksa karena 2 tiket yang sudah dia beli tidak bisa di refund.

Satu tiketnya lagi harusnya milik Mbak Mira, tapi saat hari konser tiba. Mbak Mira tidak bisa datang karena jadwal pemotretannya mundur. Yup, pacar Mas Arial itu seorang model. Super model yang sangat terkenal di Indonesia, cantik. Tapi Mas Arial juga tampan. Pasangan sepadan dengan raut wajah yang nampak mempesona.

“IYA MBAKK SURUH TUNGGU SEBENTAR” teriak Tala dari dalam kamar. Dia masih berusaha memakai sepatunya dulu.

Setelah memastikan dirinya sudah rapih dan wangi, barulah Tala buru-buru turun ke lantai satu. Mbak Sora lagi nyiapin sarapan, di temani Tari di sana. Ada Mas Angkasa dan Mas Arial juga yang baru saja keluar dari kamarnya.

“Telat kamu, Tal?” tanya Mbak Sora begitu melihat Tala turun.

“Iya, Mbak. Ini semua gara-gara Mas Rial nih. Nyebelin dia tuh, gak bilang kalo konsernya selesai jam 9 malam. Kita baru keluar venue jam 11 Mbak, gila gak tuh.” Tala melirik ke arah Mas Rial, Mas nya itu hanya bisa terkekeh sembari menenggak susu hangat miliknya.

“Nonton apa kalian emangnya?” kali ini Mas Angkasa yang biasanya enggak perduli sama kegiatan Tala dan Arial jadi ikut mengomentari.

“Nonton Cakrawala, Mas.”

“Lain kali tau waktu dong, Ril. Kalo ngajak Adikmu, kamu kan tau Tala ada kelas pagi hari ini”

Tala sedikit melirik Mas Arial hati-hati, dan benar saja dugaannya. Wajah Mas Arial sudah masam karena di tegur Mas Angkasa. Dua Mas nya itu memang bertolak belakang, karena sikap mereka yang bertolak belakang enggak jarang Mas Angkasa dan Mas Arial bertengkar kecil.

“Yaelah, Mas. Kalo Mira bisa ikut juga aku ajak Mira, aku ajak Tala karena Mira enggak bisa ikut. eman-eman tiketnya kalau angus.”

“Hmm.. Udah-udah, Mas. Lagian Tala berangkatnya sama Juna kok. Gak akan telat, ya udah Tala berangkat yah.” setelah berpamitan dengan Mbak Sora, Mas Angkasa dan Mas Arial. Tala langsung berjalan cepat ke luar rumahnya, ada Juna yang lagi duduk di teras ternyata. Begitu melihat Tala keluar cowok itu nyengir sambil ngasih helm miliknya ke Tala.

Helm yang selalu Juna bawa di belakang kursinya, helm berwarna pink dengan gambar babi di belakangnya. Kata Juna babinya mengingatkan dia sama Tala.

dasar pacar songong

“Kenapa muka kamu kok kaya gitu, Tal?” tanya Juna.

Tala hanya bisa menghela nafasnya berat, sembari membuka pengait helm miliknya dan memasangkannya di kepala.

“Biasa deh, Mas Angkasa sama Mas Arial mau adu mulut lagi.”

“Kenapa lagi emangnya?”

“Aku lagi cerita sama Mbak Sora kalau aku telat bangun karena semalam keluar venue jam 11. Terus sampai rumah jam 1 malam karena macet banget.”


“Ya itu, Mas Angkasa negur Mas Rial kalau jangan ngajak aku pulang sampai malam gitu kalau tau aku ada kelas pagi hari ini.”


Tala cemberut, dia sebel banget liat Juna ngomong terus-terus persis tukang parkir yang suka muncul tiba-tiba di minimarket.

“Kamu ih teras terus teras terus, udah lah. Mau terus kemana lagi? Ayo berangkat, sebentar lagi Pak Suripto udah mau ngajar nih.” ucap Tala, dia berjalan lebih dulu ke tempat Juna memarkirkan motornya.

Pacarnya itu hanya bisa tertawa, melihat betapa menggemaskannya Arutala jika sedang ngambek seperti itu. Di perjalanan, Tala sempat bercerita bagaimana konser semalam berlangsung. Walau enggak banyak hapal lagu-lagu milik Cakrawala, tapi Tala lumayan menikmati konser itu.

Mas Arial juga banyak memberitahu tentang Cakrawala dan lagu-lagunya yang indah, Tala baru tahu ada band lokal yang sekeren itu. Selama ini dia enggak pernah melirik band lokal, lagu yang setiap hari Tala dengar itu lagu-lagu dari boygrup KPOP.

Begitu mereka sampai di parkiran fakultas Tala, Arjuna menahan lengan Tala dulu sebelum gadis itu berjalan menuju kelasnya. Tala dan Juna itu beda jurusan, harusnya Juna bisa parkir di gedung fakultasnya sendiri. Tapi ia justru memarkirkan motornya di gedung fakultas Tala.

“Gudeg buatan Ibu. Buat kamu sarapan.” Juna memberikan kotak makan berbahan dasar kayu lengkap dengan alat makan yang ia ikat dengan karet di atasnya.

Kemarin minggu Juna sempat pulang ke rumahnya, dia pulang seminggu sekali. Atau kadang kalau Ibu menyuruhnya pulang dia akan segera pulang.

“Ihhh Ibu baik banget sih, tau aja aku gak sempat sarapan. Makasih ya, Jun.”

“Makasih nya sama Ibu lah, kan Ibu yang masak.”

“Hmm.. Kamu kelas jam berapa?” tanya Tala, dia ada niat buat mampir main ke rumah Juna setelah pulang kuliah nanti.

“Ada 2 kelas, mungkin selesai jam 3 atau 4 kayanya. Kenapa?”

“Aku mau main, mau ketemu Ibu soalnya kangen.”

“Yaudah, nanti tunggu aku aja sebentar di kantin yah. Kamu kan selesai kelas lebih dulu.”

“Siap!” Tala memberi hormat seperti Juna adalah komandannya “aku duluan yah.”

Setelah mengatakan itu, Tala lari menuju kelasnya. Ia sudah terlambat, Pak Suripto itu Dosen yang tegas, enggak lucu kalau sampai ia tidak boleh masuk ke kelasnya. Ya meskipun Pak Suripto enggak akan sekejam itu mungkin, mengingat Pak Suripto mengenal Mas Angkasa.

Oiya, Mas Angkasa itu Dosen juga. Memang tidak mengajar di kampus Tala, tapi Pak Suripto dan Mas Angkasa mengajar di kampus swasta yang sama. Kalau Mbak Sora, dia itu Istrinya Mas Angkasa.

Mas Angkasa dan Mbak Sora juga sudah di karuniai seorang anak perempuan, umurnya 3 tahun. Namanya Bentari Embun Anandani. Kalau Mas Arial, dia itu kerja di sebuah bank dan memegang jabatan sebagai Branch.

Mas Arial belum menikah, tapi dia sudah memiliki tunangan. Namanya Mbak Mira, Tala juga memiliki seorang Adik laki-laki. Namanya Reno, Reno ini masih SMA kelas 11. Di dalam keluarganya Tala adalah anak perempuan satu-satunya.

Mungkin sebagian orang akan mengira hidupnya enak karena memiliki saudara laki-laki, seperti yang pernah Yuqi bilang kalau Tala banyak yang melindungi. Belum saja mereka tahu kalau Tala kadang suka senewen sendiri setiap kali saudara-saudaranya itu adu mulut.

“Dih, elu kok nongol dari gedung sebelah?” tanya Ino begitu melihat Juna datang dari gedung fakultas sebelah, namun belum sempat Juna menjawab. Ino sudah mendengus. “Pasti abis pacaran ya lu sama Tala?”

“No..No.. Siapa juga yang pacaran, orang Tala aja telat. Noh anaknya udah masuk kelas, gak sempet pacaran pagi ini.” jelas Juna.

Kedua laki-laki itu berjalan menuju kantin fakultas mereka yang di dominasi oleh laki-laki, kebetulan kantin tidak seramai biasanya. Dan mereka masih menunggu 2 orang teman mereka lagi yang belum datang.

“Besok sore, ngomong-ngomong jadi gak?”

“Liat nanti deh, gue belum izin sama Tala.”

Lagi-lagi Ino mendengus dengan sebal, kadang Ino mikir. Tala dan Juna ini udah kaya pasangan Suami Istri aja. Setiap mau melakukan ini itu harus izin dulu.

“Nikah aja deh lo, Jun. Pake izin segala, izin mah ama orang tua bukan ama pacar.”

“Orang tua sama Tala tuh sama pentingnya buat gue, No. Makanya gue butuh izin mereka kalau mau ngapa-ngapain.”

“Yaudeh iye, izin dulu dah. Kalau jadi lo kabarin gue yah.”

“Mau dimana emang?” Juna menoleh ke arah Ino, cowok itu sedang asik melirik ke arah mahasiswa baru perempuaj di fakultas mereka yang kalau ke kantin masih bergerombol.

“Di pantai sebelah aja, gausah jauh-jauh. Lo ngarep kemana emang?”

“Yaudah kalau gitu”

“Ajak aja cewek lo lagi, Jun. Gue juga mau ngajak Yuqi.”

Biasanya kalau Juna surfing memang Tala suka ikut, tapi Juna tahu kalau besok Tala masih ada kegiatan dengan HIMA. Berbeda dengan Tala yang pintar, ambisius dan selalu serius dalam segala hal yang di lakukan. Juna ini kebalikannya.

Bukan berarti Juna bodoh, enggak gitu kok. Juna ini enggak bodoh dan enggak sepintar Tala juga. Dia biasa-biasa saja, seorang mahasiswa teknik sipil yang IPK nya selalu stabil. Juna juga enggak aktif di organisasi apa-apa, tapi Juna lumayan aktif di UKM basket.

“Tala gak bisa ikut kayanya, dia besok ada rapat HIMA, Buat yang terakhir kalinya sebelum demisioner.*

“Yaudah gas kalau gitu sendiri aja. Entar balik rapat HIMA suruh nyusul deh bocahnya.” kata Ino yang langsung dijawab anggukan oleh Juna.

Tidak lama kemudian ponsel Juna yang ia taruh di saku kemeja flanel nya itu bergetar, Juna akhirnya menyingkir dulu dari meja nya dengan Ino untuk mengangkat telfon itu. Tadinya Juna kira itu Kara atau Tala, tapi ternyata panggilan itu dari Jijel Adiknya.

“Halo, Jel. Kenapa telfon Abang?”

Bang, Jijel habis di marahin guru

“Di marahin kenapa?”

Jijel kan belum beli buku Bang, ini aja Jijel di depan kelas karena gak di izinin masuk. Jijel gak ada bukunya, Jijel udah bilang sama Bapak. Tapi kata Bapak, Bapak baru ada uangnya 2 minggu lagi. Gimana nih, Bang.

Juna memejamkan matanya, hatinya mencelos begitu mendengar Adiknya di keluarkan dari kelas perkara belum memiliki buku pelajaran. Juna sebenarnya memiliki uang tabungan yang ia dapat dari hasil paruh waktunya, tapi uang itu untuk membayar uang kuliahnya.

“Jijel masih pegang ATM Abang kan?”

masih, Bang.

“Abang transfer uangnya ke ATM Abang yang Jijel pegang, beli bukunya sekarang yah.”

tapi itu kan uang buat bayar kuliah sama kosan Abang.

“Ada kok, Abang kan kerja. Abang transfer sekarang yah.”

Begitu sambungan teleponnya dan Jijel terputus, Juna langsung mengirimkan uang tabungannya ke rekening miliknya yang lain. Juna sengaja memberi Jijel ATM miliknya yang lain, biasanya Juna suka mengirimkan uang jajan untuk Adiknya di ATM itu.

Juna itu ngekost, dia enggak bisa setiap hari pulang ke rumah. Karena jarak dari kampus ke rumahnya itu cukup jauh, memakan waktu sekitar 2 jam kalau naik motor. Dulu rumah Tala juga berada di daerah yang sama dengan rumah Juna, namun saat Mas Angkasa jadi dosen mereka pindah rumah.

Sementara rumah peninggalan orang tua Tala, di sewakan oleh Mas Angkasa. Lagi pula rumah peninggalan orang tua Tala itu tidak sebesar rumah Tala yang sekarang, sedangkan Mas Angkasa sudah menikah dan memiliki anak. Makanya mereka pindah.

Lee Juyeon as Arjuna Daniel Kamaharsa (Juna)

OC/ Sembagi Hana Arutala (Tala)

Lee Junho as Angkasa Sangga Djiwa (Mas Angkasa)

Lee Jaehyun as Arial Hazafran Rahargi (Mas Rial)

Lim Yoona as Sorai Senja Permadi (Mbak Sora)

Aeri Uchinaga as Naladhipa Gisella Ayuni (Jijel)

Lee Minho as Arlino Nawa Tirta (Ino)


from Beside You ❌

Arutala tidak pernah berpikir ia akan dengan berani kembali menginjakan kakinya di kota ini lagi, pagi ini setelah di beri izin oleh Suaminya untuk mengajak Anak perempuan mereka berjalan-jalan keliling kota. Arutala berniat untuk mengajak putrinya itu bertemu dengan kedua orang yang pernah menjadi hidupnya.

Bertemu dengan sang Nenek dan Kakeknya yang belum pernah Arutala kenalkan padanya. Sembari menyetir, sesekali ia melirik ke arah putri nya itu yang tampak antusias melihat ke arah sekitar mereka.

Dinda namanya, bocah itu tadi merasa bosan. Untuk pertama kalinya Arutala dan Suaminya mengajak Dinda untuk berlibur ke kota yang dulu pernah Tala singgahi. Wajahnya masih cemberut, tapi kini bocah itu tampak antusias. Memperhatikan ke sekeliling mereka. Ada beberapa pedagang kaki lima yang menjual beraneka ragam makanan serta buku bekas di sisi kiri jalan.

“Ibu. Kita mau kemana sih?” tanyanya, bulu mata lentik itu mengedip ke arahnya dengan seutas senyum polos yang selalu bisa memberikan kehangatan di hati Tala.

“Ibu mau ajak Dinda bertemu seseorang”

“Kemana sih, Buk?”

Tala tidak menjawab lagi, ia hanya tersenyum kecil sembari mengingat-ingat jalanan yang pernah menjadi kenangan manis untuknya. Ia tidak pernah melupakan kota ini, Tala masih menyimpannya rapat sebagai kenangan yang akan selalu ia ingat.

Mobil Mini Morris yang Tala kendarai itu berhenti di sebuah restoran bernuansa Indonesia sekali, interiornya di dominasi oleh kayu dengan beberapa lukisan di dindingnya. Di depan pintu masuk utamanya, ada sebuah kolam ikan berukuran sedang dengan air mancur di tengahnya.

“Yuk kita turun”

Tala keluar lebih dulu agar bisa membukakan pintu mobil untuk putri nya itu, begitu mereka memasuki area restoran itu. Pelayan sudah tahu jika Tala akan datang, ia juga sudah memesan tempat VIP di restoran itu.

“Buk, Dinda ke toilet dulu yah, mau pipis.”

“Dinda berani sendiri?”

Adinda mengangguk, rambut panjangnya yang terurai itu bahkan bergoyang di sisi kanan dan kirinya. Setelah di beri persetujuan oleh sang Ibu, gadis berumur 9 tahun itu keluar dari ruang VIP untuk segera ke toilet.

Sementara Tala, ia merogoh tas miliknya dan mengeluarkan scrapbook usang dengan hiasan bunga tulip kering di depannya. Bunga tulip yang bisa di jumpai di musim semi, dan musim semi adalah sesuatu yang menggambarkan dirinya.

Arutala masih mengingat jelas siapa orang yang mengatakan ia seperti musim semi, di rabanya tulip kering itu. Rasanya seperti mengantarkan sebuah kenangan lama, ada rasa sesak dan bahagia mendominasi saat ia merabanya.

Pada halaman pertama itu, Arutala dapat melihat dirinya dengan kedua orang tua dan anak laki-laki muda seusianya dulu. Senyumnya manis, matanya membentuk bulan sabit indah tiap kali ia tersenyum. Dan pada lembar kedua adalah foto dirinya dengan lelaki itu yang tengah mengenakan seragam SMA nya dulu.

Dan scrapbook ini akan menghantarkan Arutala pada titik dimana ia pernah merasa sangat amat bahagia di kota kelahirannya. Sebuah kenangan yang mungkin sebagian orang mengira sudah ia tutup rapat, padahal tidak juga. Tala hanya menyimpannya pada ruang teristimewa di hatinya untuk sesekali ia singgahi jika ia merasa rindu.


from the Tulips

cw everything


Sometimes people walked in to beat me. My blood pooled on the floor. It stained the wood. My limbs were often broken. They healed eventually. Nobody came in to fix them. I just sat there. I deserved it.

The walls were damp. I was cold and alone. Scared, confused. You walked in, scanning the room. A hawk ready to swoop me into your talons. I could barely stand. My legs shook. I was like a table about to collapse. I needed this. I walked up to you. The last bits of my energy exerted. I could not think. I was alone here.

You seemed different. Were you here to hit me? What were you going to do? You scooped me up. I was lying on my back. My paws were in the air. You ran a finger across my stomach. I could feel my own ribs. You could play it like a xylophone. If you wanted to. I was starving. I couldn't cry. You were so warm. I couldn't trust you. I was so hungry. I was so so so hungry.

You sat me down. You got out your bag. You opened it up. There was something hot in there. Something edible. You set it down. There was a bowl. You gestured at it. I had never seen something like it. I had been living on scraps. I felt helpless. I walked up to the bowl. It was warm. I felt guilty. This should not be allowed. But I had no choice. I ate it all. The greens of the lettuce. Against my teeth. The oranges of the carrots. They tasted good. They tasted better than I deserved.

You bent down. Around my neck came a collar. Then a leash. You gave me food. I had to trust you. Anything but here. Anywhere but here.


I hate the walls here. They feel sterile. They feel cold. Not the same cold. Not damp. Just cold. You said something. I couldn't understand. You sat me down. You didn't restrain me. I knew you told me to sit. I trusted you a bit. You gave me food.

The person there was mean. They hurt me with something. They kept poking at me. I tried to hit them with my paws. They did something to me. It kept my paws on the table. The table was cold. I hated how it felt on my fur. They poked me with something. It was cold. It felt like I was being hurt again. It made me sleep.

I woke up. Where am I? I saw you. You were there. You saved me from the person. I trust you. I think. You said something. I felt better a bit. It was like there was less noise. I could think clearer. I was still scared. Why did they inject me with that? Did you do that to me?

The thing we were in stopped. You let me out of the container. You stroked my back. It felt nice. You stroked my head. It also felt nice. You scratched behind my ears. They perked up a bit. I had to trust you. I had no choice but to trust you. If I didn't trust you I would die.

You were so warm.


Time passed. I don't know how much. It was better now. You gave me a nice enclosure. A place to sit down. A place to sleep. The walls weren't cold. There were no walls. I could stick my paws through them. Sometimes they got stuck. You had to push them back through. It hurt a bit. It was okay. This was better.

There was hay on the floor. You would give me leaves. Lettuce. I would chew on them and you would just watch. I didn't know why. Why do you care about me? Why do you keep cleaning up my poop? What are you doing with it? Do you need it for something? I don't want it. You can have it.

The leaves tasted so good. They tasted like something. Spinach? I think that means something. I don't know what spinach is. It tastes good. There was carrots and other things. The carrots were really good. Every time it reminded me. The time you found me. You picked me up.

You kept picking me up. You would scoop me up. Take me out. I would go outside sometimes. It was nice. I would hop around your garden. You would hold something at me. It looked like another eye. You were so nice to me. Why were you so nice to me?

You took care of me. I could trust you. I wouldn't die here. I couldn't die here. I was not going to be hurt. Slowly I realized that. I realized that you weren't going to hit me. You weren't going to force meat into me. You weren't going to shove a dead rat in my face. You were worth it. You knew what I was. I didn't know what I was. I just needed food. I just wanted someone to care.

I would flop by your side sometimes. When you let me out. Those were the nice moments. You would scratch me. You would touch me. I was always so itchy. It was nice. You were so warm. I was always so cold and you were so warm. Thank you. I wish I could say something. I would hop in the air sometimes. I would turn too. You would always make some noise. I never knew what it was.

I loved you.


So why are you pointing that gun at me?