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This article is part two in a series by guest contributor Amianon, focusing on the societal impact of the K-Pop boy band and worldwide sensation BTS.

So why all this fuss about Jung? Well, considering this series examines the MKUltra symbolism in BTS' work, the fact that they chose to base an entire album after Jungian philosophy is extremely pertinent. Jung had connections to Allen Dulles and the MKUltra project, and the Jungian process of individuation is heavily similar to the intentional splitting of the mind in the Dulles fashion. But they do not encourage fans to subscribe to this particular method of psychotherapy to the best of my knowledge; their concepts have only touched on these ideas for thematic purpose. If Jung had ill intentions and his psychology relates to BTS' message, (even if he is widely revered for the 'good' he did) that infers sinister intent in BTS' messages, which is highly concerning. They have massive influence among most notably college students (ages 18-24) as well as a minority of teens (16% to 27%) and adults (according to Reuters, a growing share of their audience are in their 40’s and older, which means they often have more disposable income). According to Brandwatch Audiences, adults in creative professions are more likely to engage with the band at 40%, then students at 26%, executives at 12% and health practitioners at 7%, (the remaining percentage undocumented). They're influencing a large part of their demographic people in a highly impressionable stage of life, and their moral compass and worldviews are laced in everything they do. Even watching entertainment-focused content by them such as their daily life may often seem like an invitation to the dinner-table political talk of a mismatched, highly-accomplished and philosophically literate family structure. 'A forced society is a bad society,' Namjoon remarks casually while washing dishes (In the Soop, 2020) after Hoseok tries and fails to gently rouse an exhausted Jimin, who'd stayed up late partying with Jungkook and had no pressing appointments or engagements the entire day. “Let him sleep, we'll save lunch for him.” They're not intentionally political, but their personal views cannot be divorced from their content, unless they maintain an intentionally neutral silence on certain topics to avoid offending their varied and diverse fanbase. And they oftentimes do maintain this stance, but not always; if a topic becomes so serious they feel compelled to do something, they will, as evidenced this year. After looking up, alarmed, to find the United States on fire, they perhaps rashly emptied their pockets of one million dollars in a donation towards Black Lives Matter. But in order to not offend, they aren't very vocal about politics besides occasionally dedicating songs towards these topics; Billboard says: 'the group litters millennial-oriented messages about societal woes throughout their discography,' including songs like 'No More Dream', 'Silver Spoon', as well as 'Am I Wrong' and, to an extent 'Spring Day.' Billboard adds: “The song [Am I Wrong] features Jimin and Jungkook singing about the entire world going crazy, and RM questioning how people don’t react strongly to the state of news and media in this day and age. The message of “Am I Wrong” proved to be prophetic, as Wings was released the same month that a multi-layered corruption scandal erupted that would eventually bring down then-South Korean President Park Geun Hye.” In light of this vaguely anti-governmental sentiment frequently reflected in their songs, I think it's reasonable to assume that the dedication of an entire album to a Jungian theme is purely a stylistic decision and not an endorsement of the sinister MKUltra government program's method of splitting the mind to weaponize it. Devil's advocate: this popularizes and launches a lot of dirty laundry into popular culture, exposing people to dangerous ideas. The response: if you bring to light an abhorrent institution in order to draw attention to how bad it is, are you romanticizing it or creating an added stigma towards those who espouse such values when you are staunchly against it? Food for thought. In conclusion, Jung's methods of dividing the mind ARE utilized by the Map of the Soul: 7 album, but not to weaponize. MOTS:7 diagnoses inner turmoil (Persona), contemplates the turmoil (Shadow) and resolves it (Ego.) The goal is to sort out a bunch of really complicated problems, solve them, and unite eventually into a solution. They do not, in any way, recommend the long-term division of the mind in order to let handlers weaponize and direct it. The members are the ones who compartmentalize each part and 'face' of themselves and not anyone else, as a coping mechanism; the album is primarily about the group's struggle dealing with their burgeoning fame. Being thrust into the spotlight is scary, even if you see it coming a long way off—there are a lot of eyes on you, all the time, and fame takes a toll on anyone, especially if you're worried about maintaining a spotless image. “I’m afraid, flying high is terrifying. No one told me how lonely it is up here,” Yoongi raps in 'Shadow.' “I rise, rise, I hate it/I pray, I pray, hoping to be okay.” Then he, in characteristic BTS fashion, challenges himself: “Wasn’t this the kind of thing you’d been wanting?/The life you hoped for, the life you wanted/The life you chose: you achieved everything without regrets/And on top of that, you have a big house, big cars, big rings/All the things you wanted, you’ve got it all/So what’s the problem? Just enjoy it.”

BTS member Jungkook sends an 'I love you' (Korean/American Sign Language) towards a tense Jimin on the red carpet (Fact Music Awards) in order to elicit a smile. (2019.)

Sometimes it is necessary to maintain a particular 'face' in order to not be nitpicked excessively, your every word dissected. In 'Persona', Namjoon raps, “Who am I? The question I had my whole life/The question which I probably won’t find an answer to my whole life/If I were answerable with a few more words/Then God wouldn’t have created all these various [facets of myself]. I'm still not so sure if I'm a dog or a pig or what else/But then other people come out and put the pearl necklace on me.” He continues later on, “Hey, have you already forgotten why you even started this? You were just digging it that someone was listening. Someone like me ain't good enough for music/Someone like me ain't good enough to be a muse/The flaws of mine that I know/Maybe that's all I've got really/The world is actually not interested in my clumsiness at all.” This fear and anxiety that plagues BTS leader Namjoon he characterizes as another 'face' of himself, and tries to reconcile the fact that as long as he's famous, he's going to be dealing with the conflict for a while. No split personalities found here; just a young man's confidence and uncertainty battling within. “Who the hell am I?” he wonders, and then answers himself that's he's all of these things at once: “The 'me' that I want myself to be/The 'me' that people want me to be/The 'me' that you love/And the 'me' that I create/The 'me' that's smiling/The me that's sometimes in tears/Vividly breathing each second and every moment even now.” They'd prefer you to carefully look back on every aspect of yourself and judge, but also begin to move forwards in life—minus all the emotional baggage. “Where's your soul?” he asks. “Where's your dream? Do you think you're alive?” Devil's advocate: being personally previously traumatized by various events does make them perfect candidates for MKUltra programming. But just because you're vulnerable doesn't mean someone will take advantage of you. It just means they can. It's important to protect yourself, they reinforce throughout their discography, espousing the importance of consent, a sense of self-worth and a fundamental sense of identity. Map of the Soul: 7 is, in one word, about identity, and focuses heavily on the 'Ego' part of Jungian philosophy and the importance of developing a healthy ego (positive life experiences, identity, world-view, dignity, self-worth and purpose.) While they haven't endorsed a certain political idea, their beliefs shine starkly through their lyrics and messages: criticism and skepticism of heavy government control, advocacy for free speech ('Speak Yourself'), amity and civility between people even if they disagree (bipartisan unity) and a distaste for violence. It's pretty accurate to say they believe people should be able to be and believe anything they want, without harming others. These values, along with their humility, love and kindness, endear them to fans all around the world. But be not distracted by my own heavily politically-focused coverage of the group. This is just where they stand on the issues, and they don't go around screaming their political stances to the world 24/7, either. If no one asks and it's not relevant to current events, one might deduce that on any given day the seven are simply a bunch of often-goofy bros who really like singing and dancing and rapping and making music. While that may be not as important and pertinent to world events, one would be amiss to say that this isn't a large part of why they are so popular.

Written by Amianon.



from Counter Culture Comments

This article is part one in a series by guest contributor Amianon, focusing on the societal impact of the K-Pop boy band and worldwide sensation BTS.

So BTS references MKUltra in their work? You bet they do. For the award-winning septet, MKUltra slavery and the techniques one uses to enslave serves mainly as a metaphor for the dark side of fame and the psychological toll it takes to be in an industry that requires a high level of visibility and thus, one must either get comfortable feeling very naked before an audience or formulate some kind of persona to protect themselves. BTS have tried to strike a balance between the two. They're very, if almost intimately, acquainted with MKUltra programming techniques. Their work is laced with its symbolism. Did they extensively study it in order to strike a complicated, intricate parallel (and silently critique the entire structure of the Korean music industry) or do they actually have experience being beta kitten slaves? I tend to think it's the former. One ought to employ Occam's Razor. Hollywood is an entire industry dedicated to training people to put on personas. It's common thespian work: it's called acting. It doesn't have to have any negative implications. Where the negative/sinister implications do come in are when it's implied anyone (we'll call them Subject A) has such a traumatizing and emotionally, mentally and spiritually draining job or experience that it is necessary for them to actually disassociate themselves from what's happening to them/around them/to them so that they can maintain some semblance of sanity. The MKUltra theory is that you take the broken pieces of the person's mind and utilize each shattered piece separately, instead of gluing everything back together. (BTS only aims to heal and reconcile what might have been broken, instead of breaking anything further; in this way their art is therapeutic instead of divisive.) This is a method of employing the method of individuation (a Jungian psychological technique). One might separate them out and train each disassociated part to perform a certain purpose. One segment, when triggered, will elicit a bouncy, artificially happy Subject A. Another will bring to the forefront Subject A's dancing or multilingual skills. A 'glitch' might cause Subject A to stammer 'Good morning, Sunday morning'. Subject A may wear various faces or all of them at once to get through the day and convince themself they're doing just fine. Not every Subject A was originally broken; some are broken in on purpose in order to weaponize them. So is this necessary for titan group BTS? Probably not. Being a kpop-idol-type star is overwhelming and draining, but BigHit has always prioritized their artists' mental, physical and emotional health, providing them with 24/7 access to a spectrum of therapists and going so far as to cancel concerts due to an injury that might be easy to power through on powerful drugs or (in a rare case early-on, canceling an event because one of the artists had severe stage fright). Beyond the typical 'Staff treats BTS like kings' compilation videos on YouTube, the company has receipts. In 2019 they famously risked their financial security to give the seven members a month-long break and unlimited funds to go anywhere or fly anywhere they wanted in the world and do anything they wanted; the permission to joyride and let loose with black cards and no restrictions was just what the young twenty-somethings needed. They'd hit a wall and couldn't go any further. Jimin decided to party in Russia and get hilariously drunk in a nightclub in France (an anecdote that's captured on video on YouTube, uploaded by a stranger) and then fly twelve hours back to Korea to visit member Jungkook to celebrate the last two hours of his birthday with him and Hoseok, bearing expensive gifts and a flamboyant rainbow cake back with him. It's a horrifying tale; a world-famous musician traversing around with no security detail and unlimited freedom and money and letting strangers record him in an unfiltered, inebriated state; the gossip magazines would have a field day. BigHit pretended they Did Not See and probably had staff text him a reminder to take his hangover medicine. In contrast, the average kpop artist has only a few days off work a year. Not all members were as wild; some went to art museums, the weebs played games and watched anime and binged on junk food, some went fishing, their 'maknae' spent all of his time in the gym. It's doubtful the BTS members feel stifled or overwhelmed by their workload; sure they have grueling days, but they get ample off time, as well. And they've always had a hand in self-producing and working on the music and essentially enjoy free rein over their subject matter. So is it necessary to employ them as MKUltra slaves because they simply suffer from oppressive tyranny too much to be functional? Again, likely not. It's lucrative to treat your artists well, as BigHit has discovered; after their month-long break they came back with a platinum-certified album, the first South Korean album to achieve such a rating. Then why have they been referencing MKUltra's techniques so much recently? Specifically in WINGS, I believe they do it as a metaphor, being particularly fond of powerful symbolism. They're saying 'this is' (whether entangled in temptation or trapped in someone else's idea of what they should be) 'is as bad as not literally having my freedom.' BTS first touched on hints of the dull, lifeless feeling of being a puppet and a shell in WINGS (2016) but it was a vague foreshadowing of their more current Map of the Soul: 7 Jungian analysis. WINGS is BTS' most controversial era and is heavily queer-coded; the title track (Blood, Sweat and Tears) is disputably about gay BDSM and its choreography remains the most sensual BTS has ever performed to date. The album covers a multitude of thinly veiled topics such as temptation (both sexual and monetary), wasted youth, childhood trauma, internalized homophobia, loneliness at being an outcast/different, confusion and pain after realizing you are different, the struggle/desire to please others, identity, and solidarity. Track titles include, 'Boy Meets Evil' 'Stigma', 'Lost', 'Am I Wrong', 'Lie', and 'Reflection.'. If WINGS was without this heavy subtext, it might easily be construed as an offering up oneself to be a puppet and controlled, if only it might make the internal turmoil stop. Sounds familiar, doesn't it? But Hoseok (J-hope) hearkens back to his childhood and his one constant, his mother, in track, 'MAMA', summoning a Protestan Korean church choir onstage at the end of his performance on tour. While they may be struggling with particular sins, they haven't forgotten their roots. J-hope's raw delivery of the climaxing lines, 'What is higher than anything above the ground/what is wider than anything beneath the sky/I want to be held in your arms./You are forever my placebo, mother's hands are medicine hands./I love you, mom,' is a tearjerker for any ARMY. WINGS is a beautifully layered, startlingly honest emotional rollercoaster. It's one of BTS' most brutally sincere and direct albums to date. Taehyung sings despairingly in 'Stigma', “Are you calling me a sinner? Please let me be punished. Please forgive me for my sins”, Jimin cries out in 'Lie': “Find the me when I was pure,” and Namjoon gravely intones, “He, too, was a tempter, a link to the evil world with which I no longer wanted anything to do with.” The album's story winds down by settling on the idea that while relationships are to be treasured, self-introspection and challenging yourself on uncomfortable ideas yields maturity and personal growth. It's perhaps fitting; life does not resolve itself all at once and some people may struggle with things for a while. Jimin and Jungkook sing in 'LOST', 'I never felt this way before/am I becoming an adult?/this is too hard, is this the right path for me?/I'm confused.' Jin replies, 'There must be a reason for all this frustration/I do believe we're on the right path.' Jungkook continues: 'I went on the road I was told not to go/I did the things I was told not to do/I wanted things I shouldn't want/I got hurt and hurt again/You can call me stupid/and I'll just smile'; transitioning to Yoongi's line, 'But I believe in myself/I know my back is hurting because my wings are coming out.' So is WINGS about MKUltra slavery? Not really; it's more about growing up and venturing out on your own and having to make your own decisions—essentially a coming-of-age story. But Namjoon reminds that choices have consequences in 2!3!: 'Saying you will only see good things from now on/saying you won't get hurt/I can't tell you that/I can't lie like that.' The idea is to lean on those who love you for help. Ending track, 'A Supplementary Story: You Never Walk Alone' (the extended play of the album is retitled 'You Never Walk Alone) begins out by saying, 'Hey, why does God always make us feel lonely?/Yeah, even if we're covered in scars/we can smile if we're together.' The soloists entreat to those who may sympathize with their struggle but have come to a different conclusion: 'Even if it's the price I must pay for this life/will you walk with me/will you stay with me?' wrapping up the entire story arc with a powerful message: you can still disagree with someone and love them with all your heart. In the music video for 'Not Today' the members attempt to take bullets for each other, even if it means in the end they are all shot down. (Not Today is based after and in some parts quotes word-for-word a speech by Martin Luther King Jr. about resilience.) WINGS is an excellent example of the members' famous extraordinary tight bond and love for each other. “When I was fifteen years old, I had nothing,” Jungkook sings. “Love you my brother, now I've got brothers.” He reflects later on: “I feel like dying, when my brother is sad. When my brother is sick, it hurts more than when I'm sick./So I don't know much about sadness/but I'm going to cry with you anyway.”, hearkening back to biblical commands love those around you, weep with those who weep, and walk alongside them, even if they don't have it all figured out yet. So even if WINGS does have an entirely different premise the deeper one digs, it does lay the foundation for the lengthy discussion of identity and personas outlined in Map of Soul: 7. J-hope raps in 2!3! 'I didn't want to show you everything, including my pain/because I'm still unaccustomed/I just wanted to make you smile.' The members frequently tell their fans they wish to show them only the best of them and avoid burdening them with worries and in order to be the inspiration they always wanted someone else to be for them. Thus, they might, for the sake of conversation, employ a 'split', or just…act cheerful when on camera. The line between voluntarily acting and being controlled is drawn at autonomy. One must genuinely ask the question, 'Is Subject A being controlled?' and the 'yes' or 'no' will give you some idea of your answer.

In short, to the religious members of the team, being entangled in sin is as bad as being an MKUltra slave; for the secular, bowing to baseless societal expectations and stereotypes is like giving up your freedom to evil faceless puppet masters. Pick your POV.

Written by Amianon.



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Ich sammle hier einfach meine persönlichen Eindrücke, Gedanken und Erlebnisse während der Corona-Zeit in einem forlaufenden Zeitdokument.

Donnerstag, 26.03.2020

Seit gestern wusste ich kurz nicht mehr genau welcher Wochentag ist. Ich hatte zum selben Zeitpunkt das Gefühl mich an diesen ganzen Zustand, “Ausgangssperre”, verkürzte Arbeitszeit, heruntergefahrenes gesellschaftliches Leben, gewöhnt zu haben.

Freitag, 27.03.2020

Der Hautausschlag, der vermutlich vom vielen und falschen Händewaschen kommt geht zurück.

Samstag, 28.3.2020

Die Eismaschine läuft seid Jahren mal wieder. Die Inlineskates habe ich auch aus dem Keller geholt und bin 10km gefahren. Schön dass solche Dinge jetzt in den Fokus rücken. Aber all diese Sachen für die ich jetzt “Zeit finde” kann ich auch ohne Corona machen. Auch lese ich seit einigen Tagen nicht mehr ganz so viel Nachrichten sondern schaue 1-2x die Meldungen für BaWü und auf die Statistiken. Das hilft dass man sich nicht dauernd kurz vor dem Weltuntergang sieht.

Dienstag, 31.3.2020

Seit gestern fange ich mich an zu langweilen obwohl ich noch echt viel tuen könnte. Der Hautausschlag ist weg. Das regelmäßige Eincremen versuche ich beizubehalten.

Heute Nachmittag konnte ich mein Rad abholen. Nabendynamo und Licht ist dran. Obwohl vermutlich alle Radveranstaltungen ausfallen werden, bei denen ich gerne teilnehmen würde, freue ich mich in die Saison zu starten.

Juhuu!: Zum ersten mal nennt der SWR Liveblog 627 Genesene. Die sonstigen Zahlen waren abends Infizierte und Tote. Ein kleiner Lichtblick.

Mittwoch, 1.4.2020

Ich weiß so langsam echt nicht mehr welcher Tag ist. Aber ich bekomme gerade einfach viel von meiner ToDo-Liste weg, Super!

Mittwoch 8.4.2020

Die letzten Tag flogen vorbei. Ich war einkaufen. Mittlerweile entspannt sich die Lage etwas. Trotzdem bleibt immer etwas auf dem Einkaufszettel was man nicht auf Anhieb bekommt.

Im Geschäft schneide ich ab jetzt viel Video. Was viel Zeit in Anspruch nimmt aber irgendwie Spaß macht.

In ein paar Tagen ist Ostern und ich weiß noch nicht so wirklich was ich mache.

Donnerstag 16.4.2020

Obwohl mich alles wahnsinnig nervt, merke ich wie normal mir die ganzen Einschränkungen gerade vorkommen.

Montag 20.4.2020

Gestern als ich mit den Inlinern unterwegs war dachte ich, dass ich mir gerade gar nicht mehr vorstellen kann wie es ist wenn das normale Leben wieder los gehen würde oder es heißt “Die Krise ist überwunden. Das normale Leben beginnt wieder”

Samstag 2.5.2020

Lange nichts mehr geschrieben. Gestern und heute lange geschlafen und Weißwurstfrühstück gehabt aber sonst rumgehangen. Nicht so gut auf Dauer.

Mittwoch 7.5.2020

Heute das erste Mal mit Maske einkaufen gewesen. Ich war nicht so außer Atem wie bei kürzeren Besuchen in anderen Läden. Ich hatte aber das Gefühl durch die Maske unvorsichtiger zu sein und mich trotzdem an engeren Orten im Laden aufzuhalten. Ohne Maske habe ich gewartet bis Platz war oder bin einem Umweg gegangen.

Eine Woche Einkaufen auszusitzen und trotzdem gut Essen, gibt zwar Prepper-Punkte, macht aber den nächsten Einkauf teurer und den Heimweg schwerer.

Sonntag 10.5.2020

Gestern war die zweite Anti-Corona-Maßnahmen-Demo auf dem Wasen. Vermutlich mit noch mehr Teilnehmern und auch mehr als fragwürdigen Gästen wie Ken Jebsen. Auch sonst hat man auf der Straße größere Gruppen gesehen und auf Abstände wurde nicht so viel geachtet wie in den vergangenen Tagen. Ich selber hatte gestern oft den Satz im Kopf: “ Alle bekloppt”. Mein Theater begegnete der Situation in Stuttgart mit einem sehr passendem Video.

Und noch ein Artikel in der TAZ

Ich bin gestern nach einer Radtour am Wasen vorbei gekommen. Dort waren abends immer noch einige Grüppchen. Ein paar schienen dort sogar zu campen. Zum Glück fuhr auch gerade eine Auto des Ordnungsamtes vor.

Mittwoch 13.05.2020

Momentan ist viel über größere Lockerungen zu hören. Ich habe das Gefühl dass das wieder eine Zunahme der Infektionen bedeutet.

Freitag 15.05.2020

Es ist Freitag Abend 21:00. Eigentlich gar nicht so spät Die Urlaubsplanung für den Sommer beginnt. Was wirklich ein Lichtblick ist und ich mich jetzt schon sehr freue. Ich könnte ein bisschen was raussuchen und recherchieren. Aber mir fehlt der Antrieb oder die Energie obwohl ich nur wenig gearbeitet habe und heute Mittag ein paar Sachen erledigt habe.

Generell rennt die Zeit einfach. Die Wochen fliegen vorbei obwohl ich wenig erlebe. Eigentlich fliegt die Zeit eher wenn man sehr viel tut. Was momentan ja nicht der Fall ist.

Mittwoch 20.05.2020

Ich lasse etwas nach in meiner Planung. Gehe gerade wieder spontan für einzelne Gerichte einkaufen und nicht mehr geplant und gebündelt. Die Läden sind voll und die Leute tragen natürlich Masken aber achten kaum auf Abstände. Selbst an den engsten im Laden. Auch bei einem Imbiss war es in der Schlange unmöglich Abstand zu halten und auch die Leute agierten nicht sehr umsichtig.

Heute war die Premiere eines neuen Bikepacking Films über das Atlas Mountain Race. Jetzt, nach dem Film findet auf Zoom ein Q&A mit einigen Protagonist*innen aus dem Film statt. In normalen Zeiten fände diese Premiere vermutlich außerhalb von Deutschland statt. Nun treffen sich alle, verstreut über den Globus, online. Schön wenn so etwas jetzt vielleicht auch in Zukunft normaler wird.

Freitag 22.5.2020

Wenn kein Corona wäre, wäre ich jetzt vermutlich bei einer wunderschönen Bikepacking-Veranstaltung in Franken, dem Mainfrankengraveller. Die Veranstaltung wurde abgesagt und so war das für mich gegessen. Aber Jochen hatte noch diese Woche die Route veröffentlicht. Viel zu spät kam mir der Gedanke einfach trotzdem hinzufahren. Zwar ohne das schön Pre Camp, Gegrilltem und Bier. Aber 3 Tage vorher war irgendwie zu knapp obwohl ich eigentlich nur ein paar Dinge in die Taschen packen müsste und ein Ticket nach Würzburg lösen müsste. Eine Art Lethargie hielt mich auf obwohl das vermutlich wunderschöne Tage geworden wären. Das ärgert und frustriert mich, dass ich wieder mal die viele Zeit die ich momentan habe nicht wirklich nutze obwohl ich mir genau das mal vorgenmmen habe: Meine Freizeit nicht zu verschwenden sondern sie für schöne Dinge zu nutzen. Immerhin kam ich in dieser Zeit einige Schritte weiter bei meiner eigenen Bikepacking Route durch Baden-Württemberg. Aber das waren einige Stunden am Computer und nicht auf dem Rad in der Natur. Aber jetzt raus zum Kesseln Bergzeitfahren

Sonntag 31.5.2020

Gestern Abend noch spazieren gewesen. Ich habe mich einmal erschrocken als 2 Leute aus einem Hauseingang kamen. Und jemand hat sich wegen mir erschrocken als ich am Hauseingang vorbei lief. Generell waren gestern abend einfach viele Menschen unterwegs. Sind wir es nicht mehr gewohnt draußen auf Menschen zu treffen?

Dienstag 16.6.2020

Seit gestern habe ich wieder einen Dienstplan und das frühere Aufstehen fällt doch etwas schwer. Vielleicht auch weil mir die 200km Radtour noch etwas in den Knochen steckte. Es gibt nun Präsenztage und Arbeitstage die wir uns selbst einteilen können. Ein interessantes Modell.

Gestern wollte ich eigentlich nur schnell bei einen Radladen etwas besorgen. Ich stand sehr lange in der Schlange. Die Mitarbeiter berichten von großen Schlangen schon vor den Öffnungszeiten. Räder sind fast ausverkauft. Manche Leute in der Schlange sind leider unmöglich und reagieren sehr aggressiv darauf dass sie halt etwas warten müssen. Die Mitarbeiter bleiben cool. Und es ist ja auch gut wenn versucht wird den Kunden trotzdem eine gute Beratung zu geben und sich Zeit zu nehmen.

Ab heute ist die Corona-Warn-App offiziell verfügbar. Ich habe sie installiert da ich den Entwicklungsprozess und den Open-Source-Ansatz begrüße und diverse Experten denen ich vertrauen würde, keine schlimmen Einwände hatten. Ein paar Artikel, auch mit Kritik habe ich noch auf der Leseliste.

Montag 27.7.2020

Viel Zeit ist vergangen. Wie im Flug. Wie in der ganzen bisherigen Corona-Zeit. Noch ein paar Tage zu arbeiten und dann ist der sehr verdiente Sommerurlaub.

Nach einer langen Zeit der Ungewissheit was Corona für den Urlaub bedeutet, stecke ich tief drin in der Planung meiner Sommerradtour. Es zieht mich wieder in die Alpen.

Und nach der Radreperatur und einer kleinen OP am Arm möchte ich jetzt auch endlich wieder aufs Rad und wenn ich meine Routen durchgehe sind ein paar Kilometer in den Beinen auch dringend nötig.

Donnerstag 08.10.2020

Seit drei Wochen arbeite ich nun wieder. Die neue Spielzeit hat begonnen. Der Urlaub mit Corona war sehr schön und ehrholsam. Außer in Deutschland war ich auch in Österreich und Italien unterwegs und bin auf ganz verschiedenes Verhalten mit den jeweiligen Maßnahmen gestoßen. In Italien hatte ich den Eindruck dass die Leute sehr konsequent mit den Maßnahmen umgegangen sind und ich musste mich ehrlich gesagt erst wieder an die konsequente Umsetzung des Maske tragens, usw. gewöhnen. Leider war es nicht überall so.

Aktuell steigen die Infektionen hier in Stuttgart wieder. Deshalb ist jetzt vielleicht der richtige Zeitpunkt diesen Artikel zu veröffentlichen und ihn mit dem Beginn des Herbsts weiterzuschreiben.

Montag 12.10.2020

Morgen wäre ich auf ein Seminar über Netzwerktechnik nach Heilbronngefahren. Das Seminar wurde abgesagt weil der Seminarleiter aus Köln nicht nach Baden-Württemberg einreisen darf und nicht beherbergt werden darf. Schade, ich hatte mich sehr auf das Seminar gefreut und war froh dass es terminlich so gut hinein passte. Vom Risikogebiet ins Risikogebiet (12.10.20). Ich hatte selber schon Bedenken gehabt ob ich von Stuttgart überhaupt dort erscheinen dürfte.


from Die Eisenbahn – das unbekannte Verkehrswesen

Der Trans-Europ-Express soll zurückkommen. Am besten noch neu in coolem CamelCase als TransEuropExpress 2.0. Sagt auch unser Bundesverkehrsminister Andreas Scheuer.

Hier ist das offizielle Dokument. PRO BAHN, die Bahnblogstelle, das Eisenbahnjournal Zughalt.de und andere haben die Kunde verbreitet, letztere auch kommentiert. Auch beispielsweise die ZEIT hat berichtet. Zweimal gleich.

TEE 2.0 wortwörtlich?

Unsere einheimischen Schienennostalgiker werden sich jetzt sicherlich die Rückkehr zum klassischen TEE-Farbschema wünschen: Dach RAL 9006 weißaluminium, Fensterband RAL 1002 beige, unterer Wagenkasten RAL 3004 purpurrot, Rahmen, Schürzen und Fahrwerk RAL 9005 tiefschwarz. Die ganz harten Fälle, die sich bis heute weigern, irgendetwas nach der Epoche Ⅲb anzuerkennen, dürften gar davon träumen, daß entweder die alten 1.-Klasse-IC-Wagen der Deutschen Bahn AG wieder in ihren Ursprungszustand als TEE-Wagen zurückgebaut werden – ungeachtet der Tatsache, daß inzwischen die Rheingold/Rheinpfeil-Wagen von ab 1962 und wahrscheinlich auch die Helvetia-Wagen von ab 1964 samt und sonders ausgemustert sind, von museal erhaltenen Exemplaren abgesehen, und wir heute nur noch Wagen aus den 70ern haben.

Oder es werden gleich nagelneue Wagen gebaut, die mit dem Rollmaterial der ersten deutschen TEEs im Ursprungszustand baugleich sind – vielleicht mit Ausnahme der Farbgebung der Rheingold/Rheinpfeil-Wagen, es sollen ja TEEs werden. Als Loks stellt man sich Nachbauten der E 10¹² oder der Vorserien-E 03 vor (obwohl die aus guten Gründen so nicht in Serie gegangen ist), jeweils mit Bundesbahn-Keksen und Vorcomputernummern in Form aufgeschraubter Aluminiumgußschilder.

Oder wo wir schon mal dabei sind, werden gleich ganz neue VT 11⁵ gebaut, die echten TEEs, die außerdem nicht erst in den letzten Augenblicken der immer noch ach so glorifizierten Epoche Ⅲb aufkamen. Und ja, mit Nachbauten der gleichen, heute fast 70 Jahre alten 1100-PS-Zwölfzylindermotoren. Und auch wieder mit Echtholz-Inneneinrichtung, auch wenn die inzwischen gar nicht mehr zulassungsfähig wäre, weil brennbar.

Das dürften ähnlich veranlagte Franzosen anders sehen. Zugegeben, den X 2700 werden sie nicht wiederhaben wollen – sondern statt dessen die TEE-PBA-Wagen, die Mistral-’69-Wagen oder gar die nie planmäßig grenzüberschreitend gefahrenen Grand-Confort-Wagen. Als Lok träumt der Pragmatiker von 1:1-Nachbauten der Viersystemlok CC-40100 (aber ohne daß die Belgier wieder eigene Exemplare bauen, zumal die Reihe 18 ja inzwischen neu belegt ist), der Romantiker von Nachbauten der legendären CC-7200 als Viersystemlok, die aber trotzdem auf jedem Laufweg irgendwie mit zwei Stromabnehmern auskommt.

Natürlich wird nichts davon eintreten. Am nächsten käme das Konzept noch dem EuroCity von 1987 bzw. dem, was aus dem Konzept in den späten 80ern und frühen 90ern letztlich wurde. Man denke an wahnwitzige Langläufe wie den EC Tiziano zwischen Hamburg und Mailand – und daran, daß ausgerechnet die Deutsche Bundesbahn krachend an den Forderungen des EC-Standards scheiterte, weil sie kaum bis gar keine durchgängig klimatisierte Wagengarnituren stellen konnte. In der 2. Klasse dominierten als Abteilwagen ja noch Wagen mit Übersetzfenstern und ohne Klimaanlage, die beim Publikum allerdings populär waren.

Aber die 2. Klasse wird es natürlich beim TEE 2.0 wieder geben. Ich kann mir nicht vorstellen, daß etwas so Wichtiges heutzutage rein erstklassig durchgezogen wird.

Hürden und solche, die dann doch keine sind

That said, die Frage stellt sich, mit was für Rollmaterial da gefahren werden soll. Die Rede ist ja von Hochgeschwindigkeitszügen im Tagesverkehr und von Nachtzügen. Nacht-TEEs gab’s ja nie, aber es gab den EuroNight als nächtliches Gegenstück zum EuroCity, der aber keine Qualitätsmindeststandards hatte. Und es gab kurioserweise drei Nachtzugpaare, die als EuroCity liefen.

Häufig wird als Haupthürde im internationalen Verkehr aufgeführt, daß es in Europa vier verschiedene Stromsysteme gibt. Das ist inzwischen Nonsens und komplett irrelevant. Heutzutage sind Viersystemtriebfahrzeuge kein großes Problem mehr, und vor allem für Belgien, das mit seinen 3000 V Gleichstrom ja in der zweiten Hälfte der 60er Jahre an die anderen drei Stromsysteme stieß, waren sie das nie. Seit der Jahrtausendwende hat Siemens drei verschiedene Typen von Viersystemloks gebaut, Bombardier zwei, auch Alstom kann schon lange Viersystemloks, und auch bei Viersystem-Hochgeschwindigkeitszügen hat man die Wahl zwischen etlichen Typen von etlichen Herstellern. Herrje, in der Schweiz hat man seit fast 60 Jahren kleine dreiachsige Viersystem-Rangierloks! Stromsysteme sind also überhaupt kein Problem mehr, solange man nicht unter Gleichstrom Leistungen braucht, für die man Wechselstrom mit entsprechend höherer Spannung bräuchte.

Statt dessen ist bei den Hochgeschwindigkeitszügen der Einsatz das größte Hindernis, jedenfalls so lange, bis Europa flächendeckend mit wirklich stabilem, praxisgerechtem ETCS ausgerüstet ist. Bis das erreicht ist – wann auch immer das sein wird –, wird man in jedem Land mit anderen Sicherungssystemen zu tun haben. Wenn es möglich wäre, in einem Triebfahrzeug alle europäischen Sicherungssysteme einzubauen, hätte man das schon längst getan, und niemand bräuchte ETCS als europäischen Standard. Es ist aber nicht möglich. Und das schränkt internationale Langläufe ein.

Bei lokbespannten Zügen, und darunter dürften auch zukünftige Nachtzüge fallen, spielt das keine große Rolle. Man kann ja unterwegs die Lok wechseln. Theoretisch wäre ein Nachtzug zwischen Amsterdam und Mailand komplett mit Einsystemloks mit entsprechend eingeschränkter Ausstattung mit Sicherungssystemen möglich. Niederländische Lok bis Bad Bentheim oder Venlo (Emmerich macht inzwischen Viersystemloks notwendig), deutsche Lok bis Basel SBB, schweizerische Lok bis Chiasso oder Domodossola, dann italienische Lok. Im Nachtverkehr schreit keiner nach dem Herausquetschen auch noch der letzten Minute an Fahrzeit.

Bei Triebwagen und Triebzügen kann man das Triebfahrzeug nicht einfach so austauschen, denn der ganze Zug ist das Triebfahrzeug. Den auszutauschen, würde Umsteigen bedeuten, und das will man ja gerade nicht. Ein Hochgeschwindigkeitszug muß also von vornherein mit allen Sicherungssystemen der Länder und Strecken ausgestattet sein, wo er verkehren soll. Und wie gesagt: Man kann nicht alle gleichzeitig einbauen.

Die Folge wäre also, daß Hochgeschwindigkeitszüge jeweils nur für bestimmte Verbindungen hergerichtet werden können. Je länger diese Verbindungen sind und je mehr Länder damit bereist werden, für desto weniger Verbindungen kann man die Einheiten ausstatten. Für eine Tour von Rom nach Amsterdam über Basel und Köln kann man keine Einheit nehmen, die am Vortag aus Warschau über Prag und Wien gekommen ist, um sie von Amsterdam aus am darauffolgenden Tag über Hamburg, Kopenhagen und Göteborg nach Oslo zu schicken – abgesehen davon, daß man dafür einen internationalen Betreiber bräuchte und keine ehemalige Staatsbahn.

Im Extremfall hat man Garnituren für nur eine einzige Verbindung, z. B. Rom–Amsterdam. Die kann man dann aber nirgendwo sonst verwenden. Und man kann auf dieser Relation auch keine Einheiten verwenden, die eigentlich für andere Relationen vorgesehen sind. Wenn man also Reserven vorhalten will, sind die nicht universell einsetzbar, sondern man muß sie für jede Verbindung einzeln vorhalten – hat also mehr teure Hochgeschwindigkeitszüge untätig herumstehen. Und für die Umrüstung für eine andere Verbindung müßte erst die ganze Fuhre im Herstellerwerk einrücken.

Die Betreiberfrage

Wer soll nun das Rollmaterial stellen? Dafür wurde ein komplett neues eigenes Eisenbahnverkehrsunternehmen vorgeschlagen. Das wird also mitnichten die Deutsche Bahn AG sein, und es werden auch nicht die Österreichischen Bundesbahnen sein, die Retter des europäischen Nachtverkehrs – ob es denen paßt oder nicht.

Stichwort passen: Der DBAG wird es definitiv nicht passen, daß ein anderes EVU in Deutschland Hochgeschwindigkeitszüge fahren will auf Relationen, auf denen auch ICEs fahren. Und sie wird alles an verfügbarem Filz zwischen Geschäftsbereichen in Bewegung setzen, um diese Züge zu behindern, solange sie nicht als ICEs fahren. Man war ja schon not amused darüber, daß die französische SNCF mit dem Gedanken gespielt hat, TGVs im deutschen Binnenverkehr einzusetzen. Im nachhinein war das nicht ungerechtfertigt, denn inzwischen dürften die Franzosen in Deutschland auf die Billigmarke Ouigo setzen und den ICE im Fahrpreis (zwar auch im Service, aber wen interessiert Service) klar unterbieten. TGVs nach Stuttgart hat die DBAG nur akzeptiert, weil sie im Gegenzug ICEs nach Paris fahren darf.

Stichwort SNCF: Die will Konkurrenz natürlich noch viel weniger, zumal sie im Moment kaum welche hat. (Wer jetzt „Akiem“ im Güterverkehr nennt, sei daran erinnert, daß Akiem eine SNCF-Tochter ist.) ICEs nach Paris hat die SNCF nur akzeptiert, weil sie im Gegenzug TGVs nach Stuttgart fahren darf. Wenn da jetzt noch einer mitmischt, springen die endgültig im Dreieck.

Dazu kommt dann ja auch noch, daß alles, was in Frankreich an Hochgeschwindigkeitszügen rumfährt und nicht TGV ist, moderner und somit potentiell cooler ist als der TGV. Dessen letzte Generation, der TGV Duplex – von Alstom als Avelia Euroduplex feilgeboten –, wird seit Mitte der 90er praktisch unverändert gebaut. Der verschenkt immer noch als 400 m lange Doppeltraktion genug Platz mit dann vier Triebköpfen, daß es bei einem lokbespannten Zug für drei Wagen reichen würde. 20% unnutzbare Zuglänge sind ja so 1983. Und Doppelstock-Hochgeschwindigkeitszüge ohne Triebköpfe gehen nicht nur, sondern in Japan fährt sowas sogar schon lange – wo man übrigens noch nie Triebköpfe hatte.

Die Rückkehr der Langläufe

Nächster Punkt: Man sehe sich mal die geplanten Laufwege der Züge an. Beispielsweise eben Amsterdam–Rom. Sowas gab’s schon mal jahrzehntelang. Einige TEEs hatten sehr lange Laufwege, aber noch mehr sah man die bei D-Zügen, wo es durchaus Läufe gab, die sowohl als Tageszug – und nicht nur in Tagesrandlage – als auch als Nachtzug liefen. Kopenhagen–Rom zum Beispiel, und das schloß noch die Fähre über den Fehmarnbelt ein.

Warum gibt’s das alles nicht mehr?

Weil man irgendwann gemerkt hat, daß, je länger so ein Laufweg ist, er um so unzuverlässiger und verspätungsanfälliger ist. Wenn so ein Zug erst Verspätung hatte, hat er sie über seinen ganzen Restlaufweg mit sich mitgeschleppt. Weil er dann „irgendwann“ über die Strecken fahren mußte, wenn gerade mal Platz war, statt in seiner angestammten Fahrplantrasse, wuchs dadurch die Verspätung häufig sogar noch an.

Über den Fehmarnbelt kam man auch nur alle halbe Stunde. Wenn der Zug also für eine Fähre fünf Minuten zu spät war, kamen durch die Wartezeit auf den nächsten Kahn nochmal 25 Minuten drauf – 55 Minuten, wenn als nächstes die Lodbrog aus dem reinen Straßen-RoRo-Fährbett fuhr oder außerhalb der Saison eine Lücke im Fährfahrplan war.

Ja, natürlich hätte man dem entgegenwirken können, indem man an dem einen oder anderen größeren Bahnhof einfach länger gehalten hätte. 20 oder 30 Minuten oder so. Aber dann wären nicht nur die Passagiere ungeduldig geworden, sondern man hätte sich auch seine schöne Durchschnittsgeschwindigkeit verhagelt. Gerade beim TEE sprach das dagegen, weil bei dem ja alle damit gestrunzt haben, wie schnell der doch im Schnitt war. Außerdem hätte man sich die damals schon nicht unterausgelasteten großen Knotenpunktbahnhöfe mit ewig wartenden Schnellzügen und TEEs vollgestellt.

Längere Halte gab es nur, wenn es sein mußte, z. B. bei Lokwechseln oder größeren Rangiertätigkeiten, die dann natürlich auch noch eine entsprechend lange Bremsprobe nach sich zogen. Aber „einfach so“ ließ man höchstens Nachtzüge stehen, wenn die Passagiere schliefen und nichts davon mitbekamen. Bei Nachtschnellzügen krähte kein Hahn nach Durchschnittsgeschwindigkeiten; vielmehr mußte bei einigen Zügen die Fahrzeit künstlich verlängert werden, um die Leute im Zielbahnhof nicht „mitten in der Nacht“ aus den Betten werfen zu müssen. Die gab’s aber eher, wenn die Fahrtstrecke zu kurz war – z. B. bei den InterCityNight zwischen Bonn und Berlin Mitte der 90er, die jeweils eine Stunde in Hannover herumstanden –, aber nicht bei den absurd langen Laufwegen vieler Tages-Nacht-Züge.

In der 2. Hälfte der 80er Jahre war man die ständigen Verspätungen leid. Im internationalen Tagesverkehr hob man daher den EuroCity aus der Taufe, zu dessen Anforderungen ja auch eine Mindestdurchschnittsgeschwindigkeit und die zuverlässige Einhaltung des Fahrplans zählten. Die ersetzten allmählich die Tagesschnellzüge. Extreme Langläufe waren da eher die Ausnahme als die Regel.

Die wiederum wurden dann einfach gebrochen. Der ehemals schon seit morgens laufende D-Zug lief dann nicht mehr abends als Nachtschnellzug weiter bis mindestens zum nächsten Morgen. Statt dessen hat man den Tagesabschnitt zum EuroCity gemacht, der endete abends, und der nächtliche Anschlußzug fuhr mit hinreichend zeitlichem Abstand, daß damit gewisse Verspätungen ausgeglichen werden konnten. So manch ein Tageszug wurde auch gebrochen, zumal die Langläufe selten wirklich durchgängig genutzt wurden. Die meisten Passagiere nutzten sie nur über Teilstrecken. Im Endeffekt brauchte man diese absurden Langläufe kaum.

Nun gibt’s aber keinen einzigen Verantwortlichen mehr, der sich noch an diese Zeit erinnern kann. Dafür gibt’s aber international einsetzbare Hochgeschwindigkeitszüge, die die alten Langlaufdistanzen in noch kürzerer Zeit zurücklegen können. Oder in derselben Zeit noch längere Strecken. Es ist also verlockend, mal wieder zu gucken, wenn man irgendwo an einem Ende Europas um fünf Uhr morgens losfährt, wo man mit einem 320 km/h schnellen Zug unter Nutzung möglichst vieler Schnellfahrstrecken (inklusive solcher, die es bis dahin geben soll) gegen elf Uhr nachts ankommen könnte.

Als wenn jemand tatsächlich bereit wäre, in einem einzigen Zug die ganze Strecke zu fahren. In einem Zug, der wahrscheinlich allerhöchstens ein Bistro hat, in dem es nicht mal Frühstück gibt, aber kein richtiges Zugrestaurant mehr. Und der obendrein wie ein Flugzeug bestuhlt ist – aber nicht Emirates oder Cathay Pacific, sondern Frusthansa – und die Innenraumanmutung einer S-Bahn hat, weil es keine Einstiegsräume mehr gibt.

Und weil man dann den Anspruch hat, daß das der neue TEE ist, also der hochwertigste Reisezug Europas, wird dann wahrscheinlich auch noch an den Fahrzeiten geknapst, wo es nur geht. Prestige und so. In der Mähdorn-Ära haben wir doch schon gelernt, daß ultraknappe Fahrzeiten ohne Reserven scheiße sind, weil man Verspätungen eher einfährt als rausholt. Das konnte aber auch keiner ahnen, daß in Köln Hbf immer derartige Menschenhorden durch die wenigen Türen aus- und einsteigen, daß der Fahrgastwechsel drei Minuten dauert – statt der einen veranschlagten. Oder daß das Kopfmachen in Frankfurt/Main Hbf nicht in drei Minuten erledigt ist – schon gar nicht, wenn man zu geizig ist, von vornherein im anderen Führerstand der 400 m langen Doppeltraktion einen zweiten Tf mitzunehmen, der dann übernimmt. Und schon regt sich wieder ganz Deutschland über die Verspätungsstatistik auf. Von Anschlußverbindungen will ich gar nicht reden. Aber an die Zeit erinnert sich ja auch keiner mehr.

Dann werden sich alle wundern, warum die neuen TEEs ständig verspätet sind. Und das gehört abgestellt. Nur was tun? Wenn man die Fahrzeiten streckt, mosern alle, daß die Züge langsamer sind. Schnelleres Rollmaterial müßte dann schon deutlich schnelleres Rollmaterial sein, wenn man nicht eh schon das schnellste auf dem Markt hat. Das wird entsprechend sehr viel teurer. Und ausreizen kann man es eh nicht, weil man schon überall Streckenhöchstgeschwindigkeit fährt. Spurtstärkeres Rollmaterial? Unwahrscheinlich, daß es das gibt. Außerdem sind die Garnituren dann erst zwei, drei Jahre alt, das ist bei der Eisenbahn kein Alter. Beim Pkw vielleicht, aber bei der Eisenbahn nicht.

Ich bin ja auch mal gespannt, wann sie merken, daß man nicht überall nach Belieben mit mitteleuropäischen Hochgeschwindigkeitszügen fahren kann. Dann endet außerplanmäßig der TEE von Paris Gare du Nord nach Trondheim wegen Schneegestöbers schon in Göteborg. Der Schienenrenner von Alstom oder Siemens hat zwar einst im lauen Juli seine Norwegenzulassung bekommen. Aber jetzt im Februar hat man Fracksausen, daß er in der dicken Schneeschicht entgleist – weil er das einzige Rollmaterial ist, das auf der Strecke verkehrt, das keinen dicken angebauten Schneeräumer hat. Wer hätte das auch ahnen können, daß man hier einen braucht? [lacht in schwedischen Elloks]

Die liebe Presse …

Zu guter Letzt: Wie es bei der autofixierten Presse so ist, wo niemand auch nur annähernd Ahnung von der Eisenbahn hat, hat entweder die dpa oder die ZEIT bei der Übernahme der dpa-Meldung mal wieder Böcke geschossen.

Zunächst einmal ist der TEE nicht 1987 eingestellt worden, sondern 1995. Der letzte TEE war nicht der Rheingold zwischen Amsterdam/Hoek van Holland und Basel, sondern der Watteau zwischen Paris und Brüssel. Aber hierzulande kennt man an TEEs ja eh nur den zum TEE geadelten und umlackierten Rheingold und den VT 11⁵. Und selbst die Fachpresse „weiß“, daß der Rheingold der letzte TEE war. Wen interessieren Züge, die nicht nach Deutschland gekommen sind?

Außerdem wurden TEEs nur in Ausnahmefällen von „mächtigen Dieselloks“ gezogen. Ja, anfangs fuhren sie alle mit Diesel. Aber die französischen und italienischen Bauarten waren Triebwagen mit eingebauten Antrieben. Die niederländisch-schweizerische Koproduktion war ein Triebzug mit einem Triebkopf und einem Steuerwagen am anderen Ende, der also die Hälfte der Zeit geschoben wurde. Und der berühmte deutsche VT 11⁵ hatte zwei Triebköpfe, einen an jedem Ende.

Es kam sehr wohl vor, daß TEEs von Dieselloks gezogen wurden. Ein paar Jahre lief etwa der Rheingold zwischen Duisburg und Utrecht hinter einer Diesellok, weil zwischen Oberhausen und Zevenaar noch eine Fahrdrahtlücke klaffte. Ebenso kamen zwischen Aachen und Lüttich Dieselloks zum Einsatz, bis die Strecke durchgängig elektrifiziert war. Der Merkur, der einzige TEE von und nach Dänemark, fuhr auf der fahrdrahtlosen Vogelfluglinie durchgängig hinter Dieselloks – auf dänischer Seite der Ausfallsicherheit halber sogar hinter zwei davon, auch wenn der Zug selbst nur aus zwei Wagen bestand. Hier bestand der Diesellokeinsatz vor einem TEE noch am längsten; er endete 1979 mit der Umstufung des Merkur in einen InterCity, der dann aber weiter mit Diesel fuhr. In seiner kurzen Zeit als lokbespannter TEE lief zwischen Lindau und München auch der Bavaria hinter einer Brennkraftlok, einer kombinierten Diesel- und Gasturbinenlokomotive, der man ihre 3650 PS nicht mal ansah. Last but not least verkehrten die sogenannten „trains d’affaires“ Faidherbe, Gayant und Watteau zwischen Lille und Tourcoing hinter Dieselloks, aber nicht sonderlich großen.

Aber das waren Ausnahmen. Generell wurde weiter mit Triebwagen und -zügen gefahren, bis ab Anfang und verstärkt ab Mitte der 60er Jahre sich lokbespannte Züge mit elektrischen Lokomotiven durchsetzten. Die Zeitverluste durch Lokwechsel, die dank dem Zusammenwachsen der elektrischen Netze meist zwischen Elloks geschahen, konnten ausgeglichen werden durch bessere Beschleunigung und eine von 140 auf 160 km/h oder mehr erhöhte Höchstgeschwindigkeit.

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OR Criminal Law team stands up with our clients from the first moment the crime is committed till the execution stage. In this regard, we pursue painstakingly every stage of investigation and prosecution phases as well as due process and application procedure for appeal. After the finalization of the resolution, we provide legal support for our clients, as their defender, with regard to law on criminal execution. Besides, we provide all kind of legal support for our clients who are victim of the crime -as deputy of complainant- from the moment of suffer because of the criminal act until the finalization of penalty for the perpetrator. As a criminal lawyer, we are always with you with our expert staff.

Criminal Acts

Our team, with its highly experienced Criminal lawyers and solution partners, provides prudent and professional legal support for clients in various fields including drug trafficking, malicious wounding, defamation, menace, blackmailing, causing damage to property, simple and qualified larceny, sexual harassment, sexual assault, fraud, manslaughter, reckless injury, violation of privacy, recording of personal data and tax crimes. Our lawyers, who are present with their clients during the police and attorney generalship statements, also participate in interrogations by the Penal Magistracy of Peace and make all the applications regarding the law of execution. Procedure on Criminal Cases

The procedure of criminal investigations and prosecutions should be pursued carefully since it might be resulted in imprisonment. In line with the principle of ex officio examination, judicial authorities conduct investigations irrespective of demand in detection of the crime. However, this is not an obstacle for the complainants, suspect or accused to have an active role in judicial procedure. OR Criminal Law team actively involves in investigations and prosecutions regarding any matters that can be for the benefit of the clients. Yet, the mostly considered issues in punishment of the suspect or accused are unjust provocation, self-defence, subjective and objective elements of the offence, the density of intention, matter of discretional extenuation, effective repentance and minimum and maximum limits of penalty.

It is vital to make necessary applications for appeal immediately after the imposition of penalty by the court of first instance. At this stage, if the deadlines are missed, the penalty becomes final and the execution of sentence begins. Another vital issue is the appellate petition which is sent for the review of the Court of Cassation. According to the Criminal Procedure Code (article 301) the Court of Cassation shall only inspect the points indicated in the appellate petition and, if the appellate request is based on omissions regarding procedures, the facts declared in the appellate petition explaining them. Therefore, forgetting any issue in the appellate petition will result in its neglect in the review of the Court of Cassation, as a result of which the verdict is approved given against the accused while it will be broken. As being conscious of the significance and sensitivity of each stage, the lawyers of our office represent their clients in a careful and rigorous manner from the moment that they are informed by the clients until the execution of decision.

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Administrative Lawyer

The Main Cases in Administrative Law

The administrative law, having its source in the Constitution, consists of rules and principles regarding the structure and functions of the state and public power as well as the relations between public authorities and citizens. The administrative acts of public authorities having right to use public power as well as a wide discretionary power directly affect all legal entities. Thus, in case of a wrongful act by the public authority, according to the nature of dispute, it is initially necessary to make an administrative application for solution of disputes and elimination of discrepancies. If a result cannot be accomplished, then parties should bring a lawsuit in the related administrative courts during the term of litigation. As a administrative lawyer, we are always with you with our expert staff.

According to the article 125 of the Constitution, recourse to judicial review shall be available against all actions and acts of administration. The article 2 of the Procedure of Administrative Justice Act (Law no. 2577) clarifies three different types of administrative actions as annulment actions, full remedy actions and actions relating to disputes arising from administrative contracts. 1. Annulment Actions

The annulment actions concerns with administrative acts that are brought by a person whose interests were violated by the act, with the claim that the act is illegal due to a mistake made in one of the elements of competence, form, reason, subject and aim. The annulment actions make up an important part of administrative jurisdiction. 2. Full Remedy Actions

Full remedy actions refer to cases brought by those whose personal rights have been directly affected by the administrative acts or actions.

A separate action shall be filed against each administrative act. However, an action might be brought against more than one act, if there is a legal or material connection or causal-consequential relation between the acts 3. Actions Relating to Disputes Arising from Administrative Contracts

Actions relating to disputes arising from administrative contracts signed to carry out public services except disputes arising from conditions and contracts under which concessions are granted and for which arbitration is suggested. MAIN TYPES OF ACTIONS IN ADMINISTRATIVE JURISDICTION 1. ANNULMENT ACTIONS Disputes Arising from Zoning Legislations

Actions relating to the annulment of zoning plans, Actions relating to the annulment of amendments or rejection of demand for amendments in zoning plans, Actions relating to the annulment of acts regarding the land and terrain adjustment in zoning plans, Actions relating to the annulment of implementation of zoning plans, Actions relating to the annulment of zoning status, expropriation and written authorisation, Actions relating to the annulment of demolition and fines Actions concerning with disputes which emanate from zoning amnesty.

Disputes Arising from Legislation Concerning Public Servants

Actions relating to the annulment of the appointment of public servants and their transfer to a new post as well as break-off during their probationary period, Actions relating to the annulment of the dismissal, retirement or disciplinary suspension of public servants, Actions relating to the annulment of the disciplinary sanctions that are not resulted in the dismissal of the public servant and concerning the promotion, progress, employment record, acquirement of ranks and other rights relating to status and financial rights of public servants, Disputes Arising from Highway Traffic Law and Highway Transport Law Disputes Arising from Legislation Concerning Family Practice Disputes Arising from Legislation Concerning Mining Disputes Arising from Legislation Concerning Public Procurement Disputes Arising from Legislation Concerning Public Professional Organizations Disputes Arising from Legislation Concerning Private Education Institutions Disputes Arising from Legislation Concerning Supreme Boards

  1. FULL REMEDY ACTIONS Actions for Compensation Arising from Legislation Concerning Health

    Actions for compensation arising from service faults by health officers Actions for compensation arising from service faults by midwives during vaginal delivery without supervisory of a podiatrist Actions for compensation arising from damages due to wrong injection

Actions for Compensation Arising from Legislation Concerning Terrorism TIME LIMIT FOR THE INITIATION OF ACTIONS IN ADMINISTRATIVE JURISDICTION

The time limit to bring an action is sixty days for the actions brought to the Council of State and administrative courts, thirty days for the actions brought to the tax courts, unless otherwise stated in the specific acts. THE COMMENCEMENT OF ADMINISTRATIVE SUITS

Administrative suits shall be filed with a petition written to the presidency of the Council of State, administrative and tax courts. In the petitions,

Names and surnames or titles and addresses of the parties, their counsels and their representatives, if they have any, Subject, reasons of the case and the evidence it is based on Notification date of the administrative act which is the subject of the action, Disputed amount in the actions concerning taxes, fees, duties and other similar financial obligations or increases and penalties concerning these obligations and in full remedy actions, In tax actions, type and year of the relevant tax or tax penalty, date and number of the demand note, account number of the taxpayer, if available,


The extensive and complex character of the legislation as well as non-codification of decisions in this field makes legal support inevitable for the parties of disputes. In this regard, as OR Law office, we provide legal support regarding abovementioned areas of disputes during the procedures of administrative application firstly and if it is not available, application for administrative courts as well as appeal against the decisions of the courts.

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Compensation Lawyer

The Determination of Damage and Compensation Arising from Tort

Compensation Lawyer – Or Attorney at Law Office. The compensation is the cost paid for material or immaterial damage caused by a wrongful act. The purpose of the compensation is to make good a damage of the injured party. It may be a monetary value or a deed according to the decision of the court.

There are two types of compensation as material and immaterial. The former is the equivalent of the decrease in the assets of the person who is exposed to wrongful act; while the latter is decided for the pain, sufferings and depression of the injured party whose personal rights are violated as a result of the wrongful act. THE MATERIAL DAMAGE The Scope of the Material Damage and Its Proof:

The material damage is the difference between the situation that emerges as a result of the wrongful act in the asset of the injured party and the situation that existed before this act. The decrease in the asset must be concrete and directly depended on the tort.

There are two different kinds of the material damage:

Actual damage (the active decline in the assets) The loss of profit (the probable increase in the assets if the act did not occur)

It would be easy to manage the judicial process if the damage is concrete and specifiable. However, it is more difficult to determine the loss of profit. When the real amount of the damage cannot be determined, the burden of proof for plaintiff lessens and the determination of damage remains to the judge. In that case, the judge appraises the amount of the damage in a fair manner by taking into consideration the normal flow of events, the socio-economic situation of the injured party and the measures taken. As a compensation lawyer, we are always with you with our expert staff. The Date in Calculation of the Material Damage:

In practice, as a rule, the material damage is calculated based on the date when the injuring act occurred. The damage that emerges between the date when the wrongful act causing the damage happened and the court decision is given, is compensated with interest. The Benefits to be Deducted from the Damage:

In some cases, it is possible to have an increase in the asset of the injured party as a result of the wrongful act. In this case, the amount of the increase in the asset should be reduced from gross loss in order to determine the net loss. For instance, when a car whose value is 20.000 TL becomes unusable because of an accident and its scrap is sold to 5000 TL; then the real damage is calculated as 15.000 TL. In wrongful acts, the damage is calculated first and then the compensation

The Determination of the Material Damage:

After the damage is determined, the compensation is clarified by evaluation of the characteristics of the case. According to the Turkish Code of Obligations (article 51) the judge determines the form and extent of the compensation provided for loss or damage incurred, with due regard to the circumstances and the degree of culpability. The article 52 regulates the reasons for deductions from the compensation. The amount of material compensation is determined in this regard.

As a compensation lawyer, we are always with you with our expert staff. The Reasons for Deductions from the Material Compensation:

The slightness of negligence by the injuring party or his/her additional negligence. The consent of the injured party for damage. The contributory negligence of the injured party. The financial hardship of the liable party because of the compensation. Reasons arising from the characteristics of the case:

The unexpected incidents The intrinsic ability of the injured party The poor causal connection

The persons who are exposed to the wrongful act may bring a lawsuit against the injuring party with the purpose to compensate their damage. The ones who wonder why and how the actions for compensation could be brought must initially know what type of actions for compensation they will bring. While the ones whose personality rights are violated may bring an action for immaterial compensation, the ones who incur material damage may bring an action for material compensation. We strongly recommend parties involved in disputes to get legal support in actions for compensation since it will be difficult for them to manage all the procedure such as evaluation of evidences and expert examinations that directly determine the outcome of the actions.

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Ankara Anlaşması Vizesi Nasıl Alınır?

Ankara Anlaşması Vizesi Türk vatandaşlarına İngiltere’de birçok alanda iş kurabilme imkânı sağlayan bir vizedir.

Ankara Anlaşması 12 Eylül 1963 tarihinde Türkiye ile Avrupa Birliği(o zamanki adıyla Avrupa Ekonomik Topluluğu) arasında imzalanan bir anlaşmadır. İngiltere’nin 1973 yılında Avrupa Birliğine dâhil olması ile birlikte İngiltere de bu anlaşmasının taraflarından bir haline gelmiştir.

Ankara anlaşması vizesi (İngilizce adıyla Turkish Businessperson and Worker Visa) ile Türk vatandaşları, uzmanlık alanlarına uygun birçok iş kolunda İngiltere’de iş kurabilme imkanına sahiptirler. Bu iş kolları: Türkiye’de doktorluk, avukatlık, öğretmenlik, IT uzmanlığı, hemşirelik, müzisyenlik, oyunculuk, dansçılık, kuaförlük, kasaplık, aşçılık, kuyumculuk, müteahhitlik, terzilik, inşaat işçiliği, sporculuk, muhasebecilik, elektrikçilik, marangozluk, pastacılık gibi birçok alanı kapsamaktadır. Bu yazımızda Ankara anlaşması hukuk bürosu olarak vize danışmanlık konusunda bilgilendirmeler yapılacaktır. Ayrıca Ankara anlaşması danışmanlık tavsiye konusunda da genel bilgiler verilecektir. Ankara Anlaşması Vizesi Alabilmenin Şartları

Ankara Anlaşması kapsamında, ankara anlaşması vizesi için gerekli evraklar, vize başvurusu yapabilmek ve vize alabilmek için İngilizce bilmek veya üniversite mezunu olmak şartı aranmamaktadır. Vize alabilmek için;

Türk vatandaşı olmak, 18 yaşını doldurmuş olmak, Belli bir iş kolunda bilgi ve tecrübeye sahip olmak ve Yeterli sermayenin (işe göre değişmekle birlikte tavsiye edilen en düşük miktar 50.000,00-TL) sahibi olmak

gibi genel kriterleri sağlamak yeterlidir. Ankara Anlaşması Vizesi Sağladığı İmkânlar

Ankara Anlaşması vizesi diğer adıyla ECAA 2 Turkish Businessperson Visa Türk vatandaşlarına: 1- İngiltere’de iş kurma,

2-Belli bir süre sonra İngiltere’de süresiz oturum alma,

3-İngiltere vatandaşı veya çifte vatandaş olma,

imkanı sağlamaktadır.

Ankara Anlaşması vizesi üç aşamalı bir vize türüdür. Birinci aşama; ilk başvuruda alınan bir yıllık vize, ikinci aşama üç yıllık uzatma vizesi ve üçüncü aşama ise ikinci kez üç yıllık uzatma vizesi şeklindedir. Böylelikle toplam yedi(1+3+3) yıllık bir süreyi kapsamaktadır.

Vize başvurusu için gerekli tüm iş ve işlemler online internet üzerinden yapılmaktadır. Başvurunun yapılacağı merkeze(TLS Contact) fotoğraf çekimi, parmak izi verme ve pasaport teslimi için gidilmektedir. Olağandışı bir durum söz konusu olmadığı sürece normal şartlarda kırk beş gün ila altmış gün içerisinde vize başvurusu sonuçlanmaktadır. Başvuru olumlu sonuçlandığında vize ile İngiltere’ye gidip bir yıl süreli çalışma kartlarının(BRP) başvuru formunda belirtilen adresten alınıp işin kurulması gerekmektedir. Bir yıl sonunda üç yıllık uzatma başvurusu yapıp üç yıl daha çalışma vizesi uzatabilir. Birinci üç yıllık sürenin sonunda da vizenin ikinci kez üç yıl daha uzatılması talebi ile vize iş ve işlemlerinin yapıldığı Home Office e başvuruda bulunabilir.

Ankara Anlaşması vizesi aldığında, toplam yedi yıllık sürenin beşinci yılında süresiz oturum hakkı elde edebilmektedir. Öte yandan, bu yedi yıllık sürenin altıncı yılında İngiltere vatandaşlığı alma hakkına da sahip olunmaktadır.

Ankara Anlaşması kapsamında vize başvurusu yapan kişinin eşi ve 21 yaşından küçük çocukları da bu vizeden yararlanır. İngiltere’de yaşama imkânına sahip olma hakkı elde ederler.

Ankara Anlaşması vizesi, dil, yaş, eğitim ve yüksek sermaye şartı olmaksızın dünya üzerinde Türk Vatandaşlarına yurtdışında iş kurup yaşama imkanı sağlayan en kolay vize türüdür. İngiltere Ankara Anlaşması Vizesi Özellikleri

Genel olarak, ingiltere vizesi ankara anlaşması, ingiltere çalışma izni, ingiltere çalışma vizesi olarak da adlandırılan ve Ankara anlaşması 2020 dönemine ait özellikleri aşağıdaki şekilde sıralayabiliriz.

• İngiltere Ankara Antlaşması vizesi ile İngiltere’ye giriş yapan kişiler burada yerleşik yaşama hakkına sahip olurlar.

• Türkiye Cumhuriyeti vatandaşları ECAA Ankara Antlaşması vizesi ile İngiltere’de kendi işini kurabilir ya da mevcut bir şirkete ortak olabilirler.

• Ankara Antlaşması vizesi ile İngiltere’ye yerleşen kişiler İngiltere vatandaşlarına sunulan ücretsiz ve sağlık gibi haklardan faydalanabilirler.

• Ankara Antlaşması vizesi ile İngiltere’ye yerleşen kişiler askerlik hizmetlerini 37 yaşına kadar erteleyebilir ve bedelli askerlik hakkından faydalanabilirler.

• ECAA Ankara Antlaşması vizesi kapsamında İngiltere’ye yerleşen kişiler bakmakla yükümlü oldukları kişileri yanlarında götürebilirler. Aile bireyleri kişinin vize başvurusunda beyan ettiği mesleği yapmakla yükümlü değildir. İstedikleri diğer bir alanda çalışabilirler.

• Ankara Antlaşması vizesinde stand-still( değiştirilemez) kuralı bulunmaktadır. Yani Ankara Antlaşması vizesi ile İngiltere vatandaşlığına geçen ya da otum hakkı elde eden kişilere ilişkin uygulamalar herhangi bir şekilde ya da koşulda değiştirilemez. Ankara Antlaşması Vizesi Hakkında Sıkça Sorulan Sorular Ankara Antlaşması Başvurusu Ne Kadar Sürede Sonuçlanır?

Ankara Anlaşması vizesi başvuruları kısmen değişiklik göstermesine karşılık maksimum 30 günde sonuçlanmaktadır. Ancak Ankara Anlaşması vize başvurularının sonuçlanma süresi zaman zaman değişebilecektir. Ankara Anlaşması 2-3 haftalık bir sürede de sonuçlanabilir. Ankara Antlaşması Vizesi Başvurum Olumsuz Sonuçlanırsa İtiraz Edebilir Miyim?

Ankara anlaşması vize başvuruları olumsuz sonuçlanan Türkiye Cumhuriyeti vatandaşlarının itiraz hakkı mevcuttur. Ancak Ankara Anlaşması vize başvuru sahibinin

Vize başvuru geçmişinde olumsuz bir durum ve Hali hazırda başka bir vizesi olup süresi bitmiş ise

Ankara Anlaşması vize başvuru reddi hakkı ”Appealrights”ı kullanabilir. Ankara Anlaşması İle İngiltere’de Başka Bir İşyerinde Çalışabilir Miyim?

Ankara Anlaşma vizesi başvuruları olumlu sonuçlanmış Türkiye vatandaşları bu vizeleri ile İngiltere’de başka bir iş yerinde çalışma hakları yoktur. Ankara Anlaşması imkânlarından yararlanabilme koşulu olan kendi iş yerini açma uygulaması ihlal edilmemelidir. Ankara Antlaşması İle Hem Kendi İşimde Hem De Başka Bir İşte Çalışabilir Miyim?

Ankara Anlaşma vizesini almış kişilerin hem kendi işlemlerini yapıp hem de ek bir işte çalışmaları anlaşma uyum koşulları gereğince yasaktır. Türkiye Cumhuriyeti vatandaşları Ankara Anlaşması vizeleri ile başka bir firmada ek iş yapamaz. Ankara Anlaşması sahibi farklı bir firmada iş hayatına devam edecek olması halinde ise İngiltere devletinin Oturum İzni belgesini edinmelidir. Ankara Anlaşması Vizesi Başvuruları Sırasında ”Mülakat” Uygulaması Var Mıdır?

İngiltere ile Türkiye arasında imzalanan ve başvuru sahibine İngiltere vatandaşlığı alma hakkı tanıyan bu anlaşma başvuruları direkt olarak İngiltere’ye yapılmaktadır. Türkiye’de bulunan İngiltere Konsolosluklarına ve İngiltere Konsolosluklarının yetkili temsilciliklerine Ankara Anlaşması başvuruları yapılamaz. Bu sebeple, Ankara Anlaşma vizesi başvuruları sırasında ”Mülakat” uygulaması diğer bir deyişle yüz yüze görüşme bulunmaz. Ancak İngiltere Konsolosluğunun kısa süreli vize kategorilerine başvuru yapacak kişi ve kişiler İngiltere Konsolosluğu ile mülakat gerçekleştireceklerdir. Ankara Anlaşma Vizesi İle Ailemi İngiltere’ye Götürebilir Miyim?

Ankara Anlaşma vizesi almış kişiler bu anlaşma ile eş ve çocuklarını da vize alma koşuluyla İngiltere’ye getirebileceklerdir. Ankara Anlaşması vizesi almış kişiler eş ve çocukları içinde vize başvurusunda bulunup Ankara anlaşması vizesi almış eşin vize süresi kadar vizelerini alabilirler. Başvuru İçin Sermaye Kişisel Banka Hesabımda Olmak Zorunda Mıdır?

Ankara Anlaşması vize başvuru sürecinde kişinin İngiltere’de kendi şirketini açma koşulu olarak sermayesini Banka Bilgilerinde beyan etmek zorundadır. Ankara Anlaşma vizesi başvuru sahibi sermaye gösterim bilgilerini şahsi hesap bilgilerinde göstermesi gerekir. Üçüncü bir kişinin Banka bilgilerini paylaşamaz/beyan edemezler. 3. Kişiden Edindiğim Sermaye İle Ankara Antlaşması Başvurusu Yapabilir Miyim?

Ankara Anlaşma vizesi başvuruları için sermaye bildirimi zorunludur. Sermayesini 3. bir kişiden temin etmiş kişiler yazılı olarak paranın ne için verildiğini (Borç, Hediye) bildirmek mecburiyetindedir.

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Technology plays an important part in the growth of the business in this era of digitization. The company's digitization increased its performance. And the marketing software for the network is a prominent element of multi-level marketing. It has been proven that network marketing software is an effective source and provides integrated solutions for any MLM or organization. At the time of business analysis, the significance of the network marketing software can not be sufficiently ignored. Network marketing software helps to execute a complex task with high speed, fee processing, and instant transaction processing are the simple task of running the MLM business without any trouble. This software can also be easily deployed on a single popular platform to analyze the company income in real-time, turnover, accountability in commission processing and pay-out processing, generated growth statistical reports, downline management, and many more. In addition to the above-mentioned task, some customers need to be customized and modified to obtain better suitable software for their specific requirements. We can define a good marketing software for the network as programming with a high degree of software efficiency with good service quality and support.

(Here I want to tell you the extent to which network marketing software can be used without difficulty to boost your MLM business)

MLM software is a leading factor that goals fluently interact with consumers, employers, and workers. Now the software wanted features such as digital media and social media. The correspondence between the various parties concerned is smoothly rendered through network marketing software. For this purpose, this software also needs a multilingual feature that helps the team and clients who belong to different languages but can communicate easily on that platform. Network marketing software will have a versatile protocol and will be able to change the network as needed by the client. For one or more users the network marketing software has specific parts. It also keeps a separate database of each client-vendor transaction. It also offers such a database to authorities at the time of requirements. The network marketing software allows you without problems to execute one or more compensation plans. The compensation plan such as a binary plan, matrix plan, plan Unilevel, etc. Are applied, and the downline management and commission distribution will be easy and precise. A company may also create a new compensation plan or a combination of two or more specific compensation plans as per their business requirements. There are many customers in different countries in a large MLM business so to meet the customer requirements, they have many associated groups that help to establish themselves there. Inventory stability and tracking in the different countries and delivery are possible in a smooth and flexible management system due to the marketing software of the network.Network marketing software helps provide end-users with all of the product details and their current prices. Network marketing software makes it easy to integrate with third parties.MLM software also provides lead generation, allowing sales affiliates to generate higher quality leads and sustain the standard. Network marketing software can also monitor the content and updated time to time for your company Web page to have a strong amount of web traffic. Since we know it reduces the manual work which we claim is cost-effective and not risky for any MLM business. So the network marketing software surely boosts your MLM business, Cloud MLM software provides best network marketing software in the industry with 24/7 customer support you can check our network marketing software features through our MLM software demo.

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from Boost Your MLM Business

Technology plays an important part in the growth of the business in this era of digitization. The company's digitization increased its performance. And the marketing software for the network is a prominent element of multi-level marketing. It has been proven that network marketing software is an effective source and provides integrated solutions for any MLM or organization. At the time of business analysis, the significance of the network marketing software can not be sufficiently ignored. Network marketing software helps to execute a complex task with high speed, fee processing, and instant transaction processing are the simple task of running the MLM business without any trouble. This software can also be easily deployed on a single popular platform to analyze the company income in real-time, turnover, accountability in commission processing and pay-out processing, generated growth statistical reports, downline management, and many more. In addition to the above-mentioned task, some customers need to be customized and modified to obtain better suitable software for their specific requirements. We can define a good marketing software for the network as programming with a high degree of software efficiency with good service quality and support.

(Here I want to tell you the extent to which network marketing software can be used without difficulty to boost your MLM business)

MLM software is a leading factor that goals fluently interact with consumers, employers, and workers. Now the software wanted features such as digital media and social media. The correspondence between the various parties concerned is smoothly rendered through network marketing software. For this purpose, this software also needs a multilingual feature that helps the team and clients who belong to different languages but can communicate easily on that platform. Network marketing software will have a versatile protocol and will be able to change the network as needed by the client. For one or more users the network marketing software has specific parts. It also keeps a separate database of each client-vendor transaction. It also offers such a database to authorities at the time of requirements. The network marketing software allows you without problems to execute one or more compensation plans. The compensation plan such as a binary plan, matrix plan, plan Unilevel, etc. Are applied, and the downline management and commission distribution will be easy and precise. A company may also create a new compensation plan or a combination of two or more specific compensation plans as per their business requirements. There are many customers in different countries in a large MLM business so to meet the customer requirements, they have many associated groups that help to establish themselves there. Inventory stability and tracking in the different countries and delivery are possible in a smooth and flexible management system due to the marketing software of the network. Network marketing software helps provide end-users with all of the product details and their current prices. Network marketing software makes it easy to integrate with third parties.MLM software also provides lead generation, allowing sales affiliates to generate higher quality leads and sustain the standard. Network marketing software can also monitor the content and updated time to time for your company Web page to have a strong amount of web traffic. Since we know it reduces the manual work which we claim is cost-effective and not risky for any MLM business. So the network marketing software surely boosts your MLM business, Cloud MLM software provides best network marketing software in the industry with 24/7 customer support you can check our network marketing software features through our MLM software demo.

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from Pick The Plan For Customers Favor For a successful MLM business

Multi-level marketing is an increasingly growing sector with people from all over the world. This is well established in large as well as small organizations. To be successful in this field, you should listen to the experts and advisors who are more informed of the many approaches in the MLM market and learn the advice. And that will show you the best route to succeeding. In the network marketing business, there are various business plans available. Many business plans such as uni-level, binary compensation level, board level, Australian x-up plan, monoline plan, generation plan, MLM STEP PLAN, breakaway plan, party plan, etc. If you need to run a successful MLM company, you'll want to know the interest of customers. For any business, consumers are the most important thing. So, pick the business plans by the client. If the consumers aren't happy with the plan then the company will crash. So picking a plan is the website's half-success. The software company Cloud MLM software offers many MLM plans, and you can choose according to your wishes. And in this industry, we've recently reinvented some best schemes like a Binary compensation plan, step plan, monoline plan, gift and donation compensation plan.In the multi-level marketing industry, the Binary plan is one of the popular MLM plans. This plan’s main benefit is the simplicity, the more appealing and the members can grasp it easily. The Monoline Plan is also as simple as the binary plan and will capture the customers quickly. And the key benefit is that in down line and in commission there would be no confusion.Like others, every and every business strategy would have a certain benefit. And the choice of plans varies from region to region. Some areas people are going to go with a binary plan and others are going to go with an Australian x-up plan. So, pick the plan according to the people’s favour to make a successful company.


from The Advantages of Choosing the Best MLM Software Company

MLM or Multi-Level Marketing software is an affiliate marketing tool where the admins manage the network status and payments of the agents/ users in the network. The agents can also access their accounts to check their activity history, referrals, and payouts. MLM software is used by enterprises that follow the business model of network marketing or multi-level marketing. In this business model, the enterprise hires agents instead of employees to take the products directly to the customers. The agents are paid a commission for the sales they generate and new agents they recruit. The agents are positioned at different levels in the network based on their performance. The commission is calculated according to the compensation plan followed by the enterprise. This compensation plan decides how the agents are categorized into various levels. For enterprises to manage the agents in the network, the sales, the inventory, and the overall business performance, they need MLM software that has been designed for the purpose. Be it a new startup business or a global enterprise with branches in various countries, the MLM software can be used to streamline the business operations and manage the agents in the network. Many companies have released MLM software into the market. There are numerous software packages that offer an array of services. But for an enterprise to make maximum use of the software, it needs to choose the Best MLM Software Company. From customizing the software to suit the business to providing technical assistance, hosting services, and training employees to use the software, the success of using the software depends on the company that provides it. While most MLM software solutions are flexible and can be customized and integrated with other solutions, there is no denying that some companies offer the best services and support. Let us see a few advantages of choosing the right company to buy/ lease the MLM software. Increase the productivity of the enterprise. Process all transactions instantly. Save time and generate more business. Accurate processing of agents’ commissions and payouts. No chances of human error as the calculations are done by the software. Analyzing business operations and performance in real-time. The data stored in the database and software is processed and reports are generated to help with better decision making. Get different statistic reports about the numerous aspects of the business. Get a faster return on investment and increase profits. Manage all departments and functions from a single platform. Create websites, user accounts, and landing pages. Create duplicate websites for each agent to attract more customers. Make payments and sell products online. Choose multiple eCommerce integrations.Customize the layout, themes, compensation plans, and just about everything in the software. Mould the software to meet the requirements of the business for increased business performance. Send automated SMS/ email alerts to employees, agents, and customers. Make the compensation payment a transparent process. Why let agents wonder how they are paid? Let the software show them the calculation.24x7 technical assistance to ensure that the software is working without any glitches or errors highly extensible software that can be scaled to meet the increasing demands of the business.Easy to use interface makes it simple for employees, agents, and customers to get the information they are looking for. Enhance the user experience for everyone.MLM software delivers the best results when it is hosted on the cloud platform. Contact the software and service provider for more information about customizing the MLM software.

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from Reasons to Invest in the Best Multi Level Marketing Software

Whether you are planning to start a new business or area already owning one that follows the MLM business model, it is necessary to invest in reliable MLM software. MLM software has been created to assist brands that follow a multi-level marketing model, also known as the network marketing business model. All the topmost global enterprises use MLM software to simplify the process and keep track of the day to day updates. There is a myth that only famous and established brands can use MLM software due to the size and volume of the business. Many small scales and startup businesses feel it is not essential to invest in MLM software. There is also a misconception that MLM software is highly expensive to purchase and maintain. Be it the employees or the agents, they feel wary of using the software, thinking it is complex and confusing. Nothing can be farther than the truth. The Multi-Level Marketing Software offered by a well-known company in the market is cost-effective, affordable, and highly useful. It is easy to install and operate. The software reduces the amount of time the employees have to spend on performing recurring tasks. There are many reasons for an enterprise to invest in MLM software and make the most of it to expand the business.

Flexible, Scalable, and Extensible

MLM software is highly flexible. It can be used by any business, irrespective of the number of employees and agents associated with it. A startup MLM business can expand the software and continue to use it even as the business grows. There is no need to purchase another software solution.

Customization of MLM Software

MLM software can be customized to any extent. Businesses can change colours, themes, languages, navigation, layouts, and add logos, new features, and more. Customizing the software doesn’t adversely affect its performance. In fact, customization makes the software user-friendly and enhances its performance. Enterprises can decide whom to give access to the database so that the information stored will be secure and safe. Data encryption, data backup, and data compression are a part of the software.

Custom Integrations

Payment gateways, e-wallets, open-source eCommerce platforms, multicurrency modules, etc. can be integrated into the software. This helps in selling the products online, paying the commission to the agents, and accepting customer subscriptions. The multicurrency module will enable customers from different countries to make purchases in their local currency. The money will be converted and credited to the brand’s e-wallet. From the e-wallet, the money will be transferred to the bank account of the business at the end of the day.

MLM Compensation Plans

The compensation plan is an integral part of every MLM business. The network and marketing model depends on the compensation plan. The commission paid to the agents is automatically calculated based on the position of the agent in the network. Enterprises can choose any compensation plan though it is preferred to go with the one that is usually used by competitors in the existing market/ region.

MLM Website and User Accounts

Multi-Level Marketing Software can be used to create a business website and integrate it with the database. The website can be duplicated for each agent to use it to recruit more agents and sell products to customers. Individual user accounts for every agent make it easy for them to access their network status, their commissions, referrals, and more. Enterprises can use MLM software by installing it on-premises servers or by accessing it through the cloud. The company that offers the software also provides training for employees, cloud hosting services, and technical support to maintain the software.

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