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from fictions and reactions

I've never seen Tilda Swinton play a woman character in a traditionally feminine role, but this was... different.

I think the plot is famous enough – troubled teen with a tendency toward violence. Was not surprised that the kid in question turns out to be basically a youtuber with a toxic following.

So predictably it shows child abuse, has terrible depictions of mental illness and fatphobia, and is really ableist as well.

Would... not watch again. Not even because it was particularly horrifying, but because of everything else that comes with it.


from kenanyildiz1

Aile ve Boşanma Hukuku

Aile hukuku; aileye ilişkin her türlü konuyu düzenleyen, Türk Medeni Kanununda yer alan bir hukuk dalıdır. Aile hukuku özet olarak evlilik hukuku olarak da tanımlanabilir. Toplum içindeki düzen ve aile birliğinin korunmasını amaçlamaktadır. Ofisimiz konusunda uzmanlaşmış, deneyimli Ankara boşanma avukatı olarak her zaman yanınızdadır.

Boşanma, aile hukukunun ana konularından biridir. Boşanma davaları hangi sebeple olursa olsun aile mahkemelerinde görülür. Boşanma gerekçeleri de Türk Medeni Kanununda düzenlenmiştir. İyi bir Ankara boşanma avukatı ile çalışmak bu zorlu süreci kolaylaştırarak haklarınızın korunmasını sağlar.

Devamını oku...

from Roche Limit

Essential, foundational ideas of physics are being presented to children by teachers who know nothing about them themselves. Able children are being undermined by the belief that there is nothing in the compulsory science curriculum that cannot be taught by any science teacher and that physics teachers, bringing only enthusiasm to an inherently dull subject, are therefore not required for physics lessons.

Having just finished a unit on forces and motion with 16- and 17-year-olds, we started on work and energy. After some introductory discussions and activities, the students were given a task to research and describe how wind turbines worked, in preparation for a study of the work done by the wind. Prompted to describe how the wind makes the generator turn, each student wrote that the wind's energy did it. When pressed, one offered that the wind's kinetic energy spun the blades and the blades' kinetic energy was turned into electricity. How does kinetic energy do that then? Well, the generator turns kinetic into electricity, they said, something to do with magnets.

Well, that's just dandy, as it is really no more than a plausible sounding 'just so' story. Without the technical terms the explanation is empty. “The wind turbine has something about it that makes electricity from wind” has nothing of substance and only a patina of education. The answers are routinely consistent with the idea that energy is a sort of fluid with some physical reality, akin to the caloric whose existence was disproved when Joule showed that heat was a method of energy transfer.

So how do bright pupils routinely get through secondary school physics lessons without a working understanding of the relationship between work and energy?

The short answer is: biology teachers.

Well, not their existence per se, but their willingness to teach physics topics about which they know nothing. That, and the connivance of school managers and government ministers who pretend that every biologist, chemist, environmental scientist, biochemist, physicist, engineer, geologist, metallurgist and zoologist can be treated as a generic science teacher, and should be able to teach any science specialism to any class up to age sixteen.

Of course, that is a self-serving cynical delusion. Cynical, because having that belief allows a head teacher to claim that their school has no vacancies, even when, as is the case with at least one school that feeds to my sixth form, they have had no physics teacher for several years. That school even takes the brightest pupils and teaches them more than the minimalist physics in the 'double science' GCSE, dragging them through separate biology, chemistry and physics courses without even bothering to employ a specialist physics teacher.

But does it matter? Can't a graduate scientist teach any of the simple topics that appear in the secondary curriculum, as long as they refrain from teaching A levels?

The response must be a clear 'no'. It should be shouted from the rooftops and at all education ministers, head teachers and science department heads. Specialist science teachers are not interchangeable. Biologists, especially, do not understand physics. They are often required to teach Newton’s Laws of Motion and Energy to the younger secondary pupils, but I have yet to meet a biology teacher who understands them even in the shallowest terms.

Asked about his willingness to teach from a position of ignorance, a biologist Head of Science shrugged it off with a “Well, that’s physics”, while more recently qualified teachers say they think that they teach physics better than the specialists as their difficulties with it themselves puts them closer to the children’s’ experiences. Honestly! I have heard both comments several times.

Secondary schools in inner-city areas, schools without sixth-forms and those whose managers insist on making physics teachers teach biology and the biology teachers physics, will continue to lose physics teachers, and pupils will fail to see the wonder and coherence of physics.

(originally written 2008)


from My Birthday

22 Mei 2022, hari dimana Ziva menginjak usia 21 tahun. Hari yang dari tahun ke tahun selalu ia tunggu-tunggu, tahun ini terasa asing sebab tak ada ucapan dari sang kekasih. Harvi biasanya menjadi orang pertama yang memberi selamat dan banyak doa baik untuk Ziva, sekarang entah mengapa tak ada pesan yang ia dapat dari lelaki itu.

Lamunanya terpecah oleh suara Davin, ia barusaja membayangkan bahwa lelaki yang ada didepan kamarnya ini, lelaki yang beridiri membawakan sebuah kue ini, lelaki yang akan ia nikahi besok pagi ini, adalah Harvi.

“Hei ini ditiup dulu, jangan lupa make a wish,”

Kedua tangan gadis ini mengepal, memanjatkan doa pada sang pencipta. “Tuhan, kali ini aku tidak meminta banyak hal. Aku hanya meminta kebahagiaan, untuk Harvi. Bagaimanapun besok, apapun yang terjadi nantinya, tolong buat Harvi tetap bahagia. Jaga Harvi selalu,” batinnya terus memanjatkan doa untuk Harvi, entah ini ulangtahun siapa. Tanpa sadar matanya juga mengeluarkan tetesan air mata.

Ziva meniup lilin itu dengan penuh harapan, semoga hanya lilin saja yang padam, jangan doanya.

“Kok nangis?”

“Emang gaboleh?”

“Ya boleh, yaudah kamu masuk lagi. Lanjut tidur. Besok pemberkatan jam 9 kan? Kamu di make up jam berapa besok?”

“Mas? Boleh jalan-jalan sebentar gak?”

“Kamu mau kemana?”

“Rooftop munkin?”

Udara dingin seperti tak dirasa oleh Ziva, tengah malam ia mengajak Davin untuk naik ke lantai paling atas dari hotel yang sedang mereka inapi itu.

“Mas? Besok gue jadi istri lo ya?”

“Eum.. ga nyampe besok. Cuma dalam hitungan jam,”

“Mas, lo punya pacar gak sih? Gue berusaha stalking lo di setiap sosmed tapi ga nemu akun lo,”

“Ga punya pacar, dan saya gak punya akun sosmed, haha”

“Hah? Lo ga ngikutin perkembangan zaman ya mas?”

“Saya ga punya waktu buat main handphone, Ziva. Syukur-syukur saya bisa main keluar sama sahabat-sahabat saya,”

“Enak ya punya sahabat,”

“Kamu gak punya?”

“Sahabat gue ya pacar gue mas,”

“Terus sekarang?”

“Ya gimana, jujur gue belum kasih tau pacar gue mas,”

“Mau saya yang ngomong ke dia?”

“Eh, ya jangan. Udah, itu jadi urusan gue. Mas gaboleh ikut campur,”

“Yaudah, ayo balik. Disini dingin, ga lucu kita masuk angin berdua disini,”

Mereka kembali ke kamar masing-masing. Keduanya tak tidur, Ziva masih berpikir bagaimana cara memberitahu Harvi. Sedangkan Davin, lelaki ini masih mencoba-coba akun sosmed yang baru saja ia buat.


from Adept Clipping Path

High-End Photo Retouching Service In 2022 [Top 4 Categories]

A high end photo retouching service is essential when your best snapshots require more appeal. This service is needed for various photographs, including wedding shots, magazines, advertisements, images for luxury or fashion periodicals, real estate photos, and many more.

However, regular photo editing may result in a significant pixel loss. Professional portrait & beauty retouching may necessitate non-destructive photo retouching to produce more realistic-looking images.

Therefore, ACP's premium photo retouching service is labor-intensive, but the rewards are great.

In this short article, we will talk about the top 4 categories for high-end photo retouching services. Start reading now!

Top 4 Categories For High-End Photo Retouching Service: In the final product, the retouching's traces are essentially undetectable. Mostly, professional retouches use pen tablets, complex image software, and innovative Photoshop tools, their valuable time, attention, and effort. There are mainly four categories for digital photo retouching which are given below:

1#. Non-destructive Wacom Retouching: This service is necessary to obtain high-end photographs that preserve the original texture in a non-destructive manner. It produces the most outstanding results in maintaining natural color shedding, photo dimension, tones, and so on.

2#. Digital Airbrushing & High-End Beauty Retouching:

By erasing wrinkles, bags, and spots, smoothing the skin, whitening the teeth and eyes, and reshaping the physique, face, nose, and chin, among other things, it helps a model look younger and healthier, leaner, and glamorous. It's crucial for digital makeovers as well.

3#. High-Quality Photo Restoration:

When old photographs are restored, a lot of detail is lost. But you can significantly reduce the loss of details with high-end photo restoration. To repair images, you can employ many sophisticated methods and equipment for your e-business.

4#. Blending & Retouching In HDR:

Blending and retouching for HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography are one of our areas of expertise. ACP (Adept Clipping Path) assists you in combining the best image from many exposures and contrasts, whether a wedding, real estate, interior, or product photo.

In Conclusion: [High End Photo Retouching Service] Although ACP's high end photo retouching service's base pricing is comparatively low, we can offer the best quality solutions at the lowest cost on the market. You know that a photographer's most challenging obstacle is to spend sufficient time and effort & focus on image editing.

By hiring our innovative retouching photo solutions, you can effectively delegate your time and endeavor to take your e-business to the next level.

More than an hour must be spent on one retouching task with extreme care and attention to detail. Because of this, one of our most expensive services is our high-end professional retouching service. Good Luck!!


from Vellichorilse

Selamat malam, sampai bertemu buat kawan yang baru saja berjumpa. Terima kasih sudah jadi teman puan kesepian ini. Bahagia selalu, besok lusa andai ada kesempatan lain semoga bisa jadi pertemuan yang lebih panjang dan menyenangkan. Singkat, tapi banyak terima kasih yang puan ini mau ucap buat pertemuan semu ini. Hati-hati di jalan elvano.



from Signature Home Lawn and Pest Control

Signature Home Lawn and Pest Control

Are you expecting to get the various kinds of baits and chemicals for your land or other property? Signature Home Lawn and Pest Control offers the best quality chemical for eradicating and damaging different types of pests. Our professional chemists know the best mixture and perfect dosages because they were trained by reputed institutions. Even they have been working here since a long time ago over pest control services. As a result, they know the correct proportion of chemicals which is useful for eradicating pests from the land.

Everyone wants to get a good harvest but it would not be possible by means of harmful pests. Again you cannot think of your land for housing purposes by the harmful pest. As Pest infections are harmful to fertile land, every landowner should do better against the pest. Most of the time pests damage fertile land and crops in two ways: exterior damage and interior damage. As we have to get a good harvest, we should use both exterior and interior pest control.

In past, the land was fertile and free from all kinds of pests. Then it was easy to grow crops but now it is not easy because of harmful pests. Pest damage your home and land which is precious to you. Even you can’t lead your comfortable life without it. With a view to protecting from this harmful pest, you should contact Sarasota pest control companies.

Every year in the USA, termites origin homeowners an incredible $5 billion in damage costs. Termites hide out the foundation and the wood of your home. Your home is your great investment. So it is your responsibility to save your property. We know the best way of termite removal. Our expert team is experts in dry wood termite removal, subterranean termite removal, termite screening, and so on. If you work with Signature Home Lawn and Pest Control, you can develop extraordinary termite safety by using eco-friendly techniques.

We provide superb termite treatments. In Signature Home Lawn and Pest Control we pledge to keep our home free from invasive pests and termites. Our active programs are as follows:

Termite Warranty Preventative Treatments

Since anyone comes to our company for getting treatment and inspection, first we recommend an annual termite inspection. It is based on your property. We use the most effective and informative plan. Our plan depends on your termite problem as well as termite threats. However annual treatment is effective for termite treatment. So we recommend our customers for taking annual treatment. If you take the annual treatment, it lasts long. Our Sarasota Pest Control ensures quality chemicals for annual treatment. Even we ensure a clear conception of the chemicals’ dosages and how to mix and treatment. We never follow the bad treatment for our future existence. With a view to getting high-quality services, you can contact our company offices.

We also offer Manatee Pest Control for the best interior pest control services and chemicals. People of Florida take continuous services where there is no complaint against our company. So you are welcome to our dedicated Pest Control Englewood FL. We always take a reasonable price which won not be unbearable for your side.

It is really stressful if you feel infestation. Most of the interior pests are so harmful that they affect the land or property greatly. Signature Home Lawn and Pest Control is a well-known interior pest control company. You are satisfied with our pest control service.

If you find a white spiral forming on your tree, you should take quick action. We give chemicals for these infections to your plants. We recommend using horticultural oil spray or insecticidal soap once in a week. And if you find your plants are in a collapse condition, you can also try to repair them otherwise it damages our entire plants.

Signature Home Lawn and Pest Control offers eradicate the mosquitos’ attracts. Among the pest, it is one of the harmful. But we eradicate mosquitos very intelligently. Even we can control them permanently. To get a mosquito-free environment, you should look forward to our dedicated pest control company. Our pest control services are the world’s best.

Are you finding a good company around your areas? So you should not wait for a moment. You just contact us for rodent control. Rodents will not be trouble, but it is necessary to protect otherwise it damages your home and property. Since you are facing this problem, you should look forward to our Pest Control Company based on rodent issues. Just contact to the company and we can solve your problem as early as possible.

Are you feel too disturbed on fire ant? So no wait. You should contact us for continuous pest control service englewood FL. We provide the top selected insecticide chemicals. We provide the chemical for longer-lasting applications which can control your property from fire ants round the year. Among the top selection, we sell chemicals by following the correct proportion. The fire ant is a very dangerous as well as a harmful insect. Even it is not a simple task for eradicating. As it is a new infestation, you should be much cautious about it. However, we are much more conscious of the fire ant. Our professionals are highly experienced in maintaining the dosages. We serve high-efficiency as well as the low-efficiency mixture. And you can follow a yearly dosage or a half-yearly dosage.

Signature Home Lawn and Pest Control is a Florida-based Industry that is locally owned and controlled, pest protecting services to and Manatee, Charlotte, and Sarasota regions. When it was 2010, we have been supporting clients in the inhabited, profitmaking, and industrial sectors through the authority in eternally concluding the door on pests. We provide both the rodent control Sarasota and termite removal services. So keep contact to us as early as possible so the pest enemy do not harm ultimately.

For getting ultimate services and perfect proportionate chemicals for exterior and interior pest control, you should come to the following address ( Office Address).

Signature Home Lawn and Pest Control 2881 Worth Ave Englewood, Fl 34224 Phone: 941-460-3034


from Pilihan

Bunyi suara alat rumah sakit yang Ziva benci kini terpaksa ia dengar kembali. Suara alat yang dulu berupaya memopong hidup mamanya itu kini beralih terpasang rapih di tubuh sang papa. Oksigen yang terpasang di hidung lelaki tua itu seperti berusaha menyalurkan hembusan kehidupan. Sumpah rasanya ia ingin sekali beranjak dari ruang ICU itu.

“Gimana lo bisa tau papa gue di rumah sakit?”

Akhirnya erlontar suatu kalimat dari mulut Ziva semenjak ia dan Davin berdiri di ruang ICU itu selama 15 menit. Davin sebenarnya ingin mengajak Ziva berbicara, namun ketika ia melihat wanita yang ada disampingnya itu menangis ia seperti kehilangan keberaniannya untuk mengeluarkan sepatah kata.

“Saya tahu dari orang kantor papa kamu, katanya sudah di rumah sakit sejak 3 hari yang lalu. Mbok Siti yang menjaga sejak awal, mbok bingung ingin menghubungi kamu tapi tidak tahu bagaimana caranya,”


“Non, saya ingin menyampaikan pesan bapak sebelum bapak sakit, Non.”

“Apa mbok?”

“Bapak ingin melihat Non Ziva menikah dengan lelaki yang tepat. Cuma itu keinginan bapak ,Non.”

Ziva tertunduk lemas, bagaimana ini? Bagaimana ia harus mengambil keputusan untuk hal ini? Harvi adalah cinta matinya tapi Papa adalah cinta pertamanya. Bagaimana Ziva sanggung membiarkan satu dari dua orang yang ia sayang terluka, bagaimana mungkin ia tega menjatuhkan pilihan pada salah satunya.

Davin, lelaki yang kini bersamanya tak berkutik sedikit pun. Davin hanya diam dan menatap Ziva dengan lekat. Ia tahu pasti sulit bagi Ziva untuk menjatuhkan pilihannya. Ia lebih memilih diam tanpa kata.

Satu jam mereka diam di ruangan kecil itu, hanya menyisakan suara dari alat yang terpasang pada tubuh papa Ziva. Hingga suatu waktu jari sang papa bergerak setelah hampir satu jam tangan itu digenggam oleh sang putri.


“Ziva, akhirnya pulang,”

Suara lemah yang keluar dari bibir sang papa bak suara yang telah tertahan begitu lama. Ada nada “lega” dibalik satu beberapa kata itu. Rasa lega telah mengetahui sang putri sudah kembali di genggamannya. Ada rasa bahagia bahwa disamping putri yang ia cintai berdiri seseorang yang ia restui bersama putrinya.

“Ziva, papa ini sudah tua. Kamu cuma punya papa. Papa ingin kamu ditangan orang yang tepat. Biar nanti kalau papa pergi, papa bisa pergi dengan tenang,”

Tangisan Ziva pecah tepat setelah papanya menyebut kata “pergi”. Kata yang ia benci semenjak mamanya harus pergi dari dunia ini. Dulu Ziva merasa dunia ini sangat kejam karena mamanya harus direnggut paksa dari pelukannya. Jelas saja ia tidak bisa membayangkan bagaimana nanti jika papanya yang pergi.

“Udah ya pa, Ziva udah pulang. Papa jangan banyak bicara dulu. Kita fokus kesembuhan papa dulu ya?”

“Papa sembuh kalau lihat kamu ada di tangan orang yang tepat, Ziva.”


“Davin, kamu mau berjanji sama om? Mau jaga Ziva sampai kalian tua nanti? Biar om suatu saat nanti pergi dengan tenang, Vin.”

Hening, berkali-kali Davin mengalihkan pandangannya pada Ziva. Wanita itu menundukkan kepalanya, menciumi punggung tangan sang papa. Berharap papanya berhenti mengucapkan kata “pergi”.

Ada rasa ingin melindungi wanita ini dari kejamnya dunia. Ada rasa ingin memiliki wanita ini. Davin sungguh merasakan itu. Apalagi sejak tadi ia rasanya ingin sekali menyeka air mata Ziva. Tapi keberaniannya selalu kalah dengan rasa segannya.

“Vin? Gimana?”

Pecah keheningan yang telah Davin bangun sejak tadi. Kini ia harus memberikan jawaban pada lelaki paruh baya itu. Anggukan kecil darinya kini telah menjadi jawaban dari pertanyaan papanya Ziva.

“Baik, kapan kalian bisa menikah?”

“Om, sebaiknya kita fokus dulu ke kesembuhan Om Adijaya,”

“Tidak, tidak. Om mau kalian segera menikah. Minggu depan adalah ulang tahun putri om, bagaimana kalau hari itu Vin? Ziva mau kan?”

Pertanyaan yang diajukan papanya seperti bukan sebuah pertanyaan yang jawabannya dapat ia pilih. Seperti hanya kata “ya” yang bisa ia berikan. Tak ada pilihan lain lagi baginya. Begitu juga dengan Davin. Tepat, telah ditentukan bahwa minggu depan mereka akan menikah.

Kini yang ada dibenak Ziva adalah bagaimana cara memberitahu Harvi?


from Adept Clipping Path

What Is The Color Correction Service?

An intro for the color correction service is actually less important when you know whether it is right or wrong in images. Just look at any image and try to see the very detail it contains, not the purpose it is used. You will definitely be certain if everything is alright. Well, if you are a professional in photo editing or photographic presentation, you can do better. Color correction has become a vital issue to make an image look amazing. So, if you find an image with proper color, accurate brightness, and looks comfortable in your eyes, the image is good for presentation. The technical part is the service to modify a raster image to look perfect all the way without any lack of resembling color.

Color Correction Service Categories

So far it is clear what the Image Color Correction is and where it should be implemented, let’s go for the categories. Here we will make a word graph of the variation ignoring the front-end image. The output will be even more transparent if you go through the entire section described here;

Color Tone Correction

The most important part of the Color Correction Service is tone correction. When a subject on a background does not look resembling each other or the entire color tone does not look good color tone correction is important. Here photo editing professionals adjust the color, color level, and lightness to make the image naturally perfect.

Adjusting Brightness and Contrast

The second important part of an image is the brightness and contrast adjustments. When it is not perfect, the image may look dull or over-saturated which will not be comfortable for the eyes. So, photo editors do some modifications to achieve the best brightness and contrast that looks good.

Color Change

Suppose you are a product manufacturer or marketer and need to make a presentation using products in a variety of colors. Color change service is the one you need the most. Years ago people spent enough time photographing products multiple times with multiple color arrangements. Now, you can have it digitally using color change.

Black & White To Colorization

Black & white photographs are vintage and need to preserve for the future. This is the category where professional photo editors use colorization techniques to restore memories of old times. The final image will be colored for better looks.

Why Color Correction Is Necessary?

The necessity of color correction has various reasons. We have discussed the first one which is a proper presentable image. The second one should be creating an eye-catchy image form. The third one should be removing color impurities and so on. Literally, bringing the very best view if any raster image requires color correction.

Final Words In this short article, we tried to bring a brief on photo color correction service and its usefulness. Well, this is not all for sure because the actual piece of art is far more illustrating. You should go for the demonstration for a better understanding of Color Correction Services.


from @wugemn


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from Ziva, kenapa?

Pintu cafe terbuka dengan lebar, ada Harvi yang berdiri disana dengan nafas yang tersenggal-senggal. Terlihat dengan jelas dada bidang lelaki itu naik turun dengan cepat seperti tanda kegusarannya.

Ia langsung menghampiri meja yang disana berisikan Ziva, Naros, Jalu, dan Bang Jeff. Rei ada di meja lain bersama teman-temannya, tampak sedang mengerjakan sesuatu.

“Hei kenapa? Ini koper siapa? Kamu mau kemana? Kenapa ga hubungin aku?”

Harvi datang dengan pertanyaan yang sedari tadi melayang di pikirannya. Tak ada jawaban yang terdengar dari bibir mungil yang ada didepannya. Bibirnya tertutup rapat bak mengunci semua jawaban dari pertanyaan yang telah terlontar.

“Wei, duduk dulu. Tenangin lo dulu.”

Ucap Naros tak digubris oleh Harvi. Ia masih lekat memandangi wajah Ziva yang sedari tadi tertunduk lesu. Entah apa yang ada dipikiran wanitanya ini? Ia ingin wanitanya ini mencurahkan beban pikiran yang ia miliki padanya. Sumpah, keheningan yang dilakukan Ziva membuatnya sangat tersiksa.

Harvi menuruti saran Naros, ia duduk di samping Ziva. Naros dan Jalu pindah ke meja yang lainnya. Sedangkan Bang Jeff kembali ke kasir. Mereka memberikan ruang kepada Harvi dan Ziva.

“Ziva, kenapa?”

Tak ada jawaban. Masih sama. Wajahnya menunduk seperti tak menghiraukan kehadiran Harvi. Keheningan Ziva ini membuat Harvi berlutut, mengangkat dagu wanitanya itu agar ia dapat menatap mata Ziva.

Mata gadis itu bernanar, Harvi tak sanggup melihatnya. Tapi ia harus mendapatkan jawaban dari alasan wanitanya ini pergi membawa koper tanpa menghubunginya.

“Kalau kamu gak mau cerita ke aku gak papa. Aku tunggu sampai kamu mau cerita.”

“Ga gitu, Vi.”

“Terus gimana?”

“Papa pailit”

Kalimat itu seperti petir disiang bolong bagi Harvi. Jalu dan Naros yang berada di meja sebelah pun juga terkejut mendengar apa yang diucapkan Ziva.

“Terus kenapa kamu bawa koper ginia? Papa kemana?”

Tidak, ia tidak boleh mengatakan bahwa ia pergi dari rumah karena papanya ingin menjodohkannya. Ziva hening, memikirkan jawaban apa yang masuk akal untuk diberikan kepada Harvi.


“Papa di Surabaya, nenangin diri.”

“Terus kamu disini kenapa? Kenapa ga cerita sama aku dari kemarin?”

“Aku gak mau nyusahin kamu, Vi.”

“Oke sekarang kamu maunya gimana? Kamu mau ngapain sekarang? Aku bisa bantu apa?”

“Aku mau kerja, Vi. Buat lunasin hutang papa aku.”

“Oke, aku bantu cari kerja ya? Berapa hutang papa kamu?”

Ziva terdiam. Jelas tidak mungkin ia mengatakan nominal hutang papanya. Sangat jelas itu akan menjadi beban Harvi. Pasti lelakinya ini akan melakukan 1001 cara agar dapat membantunya.

“Kamu gaperlu tau, Vi. Ini urusan aku.”

“Kenapa kamu gamau terbuka sama aku sih Ziv?”

Bukannya ia tidak mau, ia segan untuk membicarakan masalah uang dengan Harvi yang berjuang untuk hidup di dunia ini seorang diri. Harvi yang kerja kesana kemari untuk membiayai hidup dan pendidikannya. Harvi yang bekerja keras demi menggapai impiannya. Ziva malu, benar-benar malu.

“Sorry nyela, gue bisa ngasih kerjaan ke Ziva kok Vi kalau dia mau,” sela Bang Jeff.

“Serius bang? Bang lo bos terbaik gue. Ziva gimana?”

“Mau kok aku mau Vi kerja apapun yang penting bener.”

“Oke lo bisa mulai kerja disini besok Ziv, jadi kasir ya.”

“Makasih bang, makasih banyak,” ucap Harvi dan Ziva bersamaan.

Teringat sesuatu, dimana gadis ini akan tingal? Harvi berpikir keras dimana ia bisa membawa Ziva ke tempat istirahat sementara. Tiba-tiba ia teringat bahwa keluarga Rei memiliki usaha kos-kosan.

“Rei! Sini dulu. Please.”

Rei yang mendengar namanya sontak menghampiri Harvi dengan kebingungan. Harvi menjelaskan keadaan Ziva dan menanyakan apakah ia masih memiliki kamar kos yang kosong untuk Ziva.

“Hoalah, santai. Ada kok ada. Yaudah ayo sini gue anter sekalian. Kerkel gue bisa gue tinggal bentar kok.”

Rei, Jalu, Naros, Harvi dan Ziva kini berada di mobil Jalu. Mereka berempat sedang mengantar Ziva ke kos milik keluarga Rei. Sementara Ziva, gadis ini sedari tadi tak henti-hentinya mengucapkan terimakasih kepada Harvi dan teman-temannya. Lagi-lagi ia merasa sangat beruntung memiliki Harvi dalam hidupnya.