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from Friends Near and Afar

As much as 25 % MORE of your Coins or Stamp purchases

...can end up reaching our app developers. Simple. No gimmicks. For real.

How? Read and learn, the basic idea is to avoid the 30 % Commissions charged by the giant corporate App Stores. Instead of Apple, Inc. or Google's parent Alphabet, Inc. keeping a large chunk of our purchases value, MORE of it goes to the ones providing us with a valuable service.

Slowly Communications, the creators of the award winning Slowly app for pen pals friendships. A small company, started just 3 years ago, and run with passion by a small and dedicated team.

If you are already a user, you know why we appreciate and love the product and the company. And why we could do a small change and provide them more of any purchases of their Merchandise (stamps, stamp sets) or Services (Plus! memberships) we make.

The Key — Reduce the Middleman's Cut of our purchases

In a comment in another Topic, very pertinent, Reddit user hobbes8548 wrote :

Are the prices the same on the Web version as on the App Store version? Normally companies mark up the price on the App Store because they take a higher cut on all transactions. So sometimes it can be more economical for the buyer and also more profitable for the developer to purchase directly from them.

And that was an interesting question — so I wrote a Direct Message to Team Slowly at Twitter, and received a reply this morning :

I am glad that you asked. Yes, please go to the web version to purchase if you would like to support Slowly because we will get a higher net payment. At the moment, we are not going to provide a lower payment fee for the web version because we would like to keep the price the same on all platforms.

YES — Slowly does receive more money from ANY purchases done via the WEB client (aka web mode), since there are NO App Stores with 30% commissions involved.

Who is Stripe ? What does it charge for their processing ?

The WEB Client purchases use the US based payment processor called Stripe -– whose Pricing page explains Costs as :

Access a complete payments platform with simple, pay-as-you-go pricing

2.9% + C$0.30 per successful card charge

Which is MUCH lower than the big corp app stores.

Examples of typical Slowly purchases, Calculations :

a. 500 Slowly coins package at the Canadian market pricing of CAD 9.99

App Store net payment to Slowly = 9.99 * 0.70 = CAD 6.99 net

WEB Client, Stripe payment to Slowly = 9.99 * 0.971 – 0.30 = CAD 9.40 net

A Difference of CAD 2.41 for the Stripe payment option. 24.1 % more of the Sale value reaches Slowly.

[ images shows Web client, prices in US Dollar. Equivalent Canadian Dollar prices used here for calculations. These are the amounts listed in the CA market at the App Stores ]

And for Large value purchases, even more remains

b. Slowly PLUS! one year membership sign up, at Canadian market price of CAD 59.99

App Store net payment to Slowly = 59.99 * 0.70 = CAD 39.19 net

WEB client, Stripe payment to Slowly = 59.99 * 0.971 – 0.30 = CAD 54.07 net

A Difference of CAD 14.88 for the Stripe payment option. 26.6 % more of the Sale value reaches Slowly.

What does it take from the User side ?

Just a small amount of data entry. App Store sales are quick since they keep your customer data and payment cards info in their servers.

For Stripe payments via the Slowly Web Client, you will need to fill in this info. But it's worth it, don't you think?

Thank you to Slowly Team Twitter for the prompt reply, and to Hobbes8548 for the question that started this ball rolling.

App Stores Commissions are now in the News

“Apple Promotes Research It Commissioned Defending App Store’s Fee Structure Ahead of Congressional Hearing” – Variety article, partial quote :

Apple is publicizing a study it commissioned looking at the App Store’s fees and terms — as the tech giant tries to make the case that its practices are in line with the rest of the industry.

The upshot? Not surprisingly, the report says, Apple takes a cut from app developers that’s akin to rival app stores. But, according to critics, just because a 30% commission has become the de facto standard doesn’t make it fair.

“‘Fortnite’ Looks to Sidestep Apple, Google App Store Fees With 20% Discount for Direct Payment”– Variety article

Epic Games is trying to skirt the 30% revenue cut taken by Apple’s App Store and Google Play — announcing a 20% discount to “Fortnite” players who purchase the game’s virtual currency directly from Epic, instead of from Apple or Google.

“If Apple or Google lower their fees on payments in the future, Epic will pass along the savings to you,” the company said in announcing the mobile direct-payment option Thursday.

Famous Last Words

Special Thank You to the folks behind this wonderful app — all the hard working people at Slowly Communications.

Letters we share, with pen pals all over the World, via the magic of the Slowly App. A modern day take in the traditional penpal experience.

Come and join us, if you are not yet using Slowly.

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from Friends Near and Afar

A new and Puzzling Stamp Set

Recently release, the interesting and colourful new Slowly Stamp set called “Gírias Brasileiras” has left many people a bit puzzled.

Even fluent Portuguese speakers, since some of the expressions depicted on the stamps are not that common in the language. Thanks to a gentle fellow Redditor called Draculalien, we now have an Explainer.

Big thank you — as even being fluent in the language, a few of those escaped me completely. “Ensacar Fumaça” was one, which started a dialogue in the comments of the stamp set release Topic here.

I was thinking about you, and asking if you knew anything about their design selection process for this set. Some of the expressions are really strange (they could be more regional) like “Ensacar fumaça” ??

So what in blazes is Ensacar Fumaça? Stick with me and find out. :)

Beautifully written and formatted, the post appeared originally here — at the SlowlyApp subReddit where many app users hangout, shoot the breeze and learn from each other.

Guest Post by Draculalien, with Thanks from the Slowly user community.

Hello, everyone!

There's a new Brazil exclusive stamp set available on Slowly and, inspired by Yann2's question on another post, I think it would be interesting to explain the slangs (that I prefer calling “popular expressions”).

“A última bolacha do pacote”

A última bolacha do pacote” — Literally “the last biscuit in the package”.

This expression is often used to refer to someone who's full of themselves.

Example: Ele se acha a última bolacha do pacote... (He's all full of himself...)

“Amarrar o burro”

Amarrar o burro” — Literally “to tie the donkey”.

This expression has three main meanings:

  1. When someone gets mad about something and isolate from others. Example: Depois que seu irmão pegou seu doce, ela amarrou o burro. (After her brother caught her candy, she was in a sulk.)

  2. When you're dating someone seriously. Example: Meu primo amarrou o burro desta vez. (My cousin is in a serious relationship this time.)

  3. When you put yourself and a bad situation. Example: Onde fui amarrar meu burro?! (What have I done?!)

“Ensacar fumaça”

Ensacar fumaça” — Literally “to pack smoke”.

Means to do some useless work or do nothing.

Example: Pare de ensacar fumaça e venha me ajudar! (Stop lazing around and come help me!)

“Enfiar o pé na jaca”

Enfiar o pé na jaca” — Literally “To stick your foot in the jackfruit”.

This could means two things:

  1. To commit excesses, especially when you abuse alcohol. Example: Ontem à noite você acabou enfiando o pé na jaca, hein? (You hit the bottle last night, huh?)

  2. To make a mistake, mess up with something. Example: Eu enfiei o pé na jaca da última vez. (I messed everything up last time.)

“Colocar a melancia na cabeça”

“Colocar a melancia na cabeça” — Literally “to put a watermelon on your head”.

This expression is often used to refer to someone who wants to get attention at any cost.

Example: Se quer chamar atenção, coloque uma melancia na cabeça! (If you want to show off, put a watermelon on your head!)

“Descascar o abacaxi”

Descascar o abacaxi” — Literally “to peel the pineapple”.

Means that you have to sort out a really difficult problem.

Example: No fim, vou ter que descascar o abacaxi sozinho... (In the end, I'll have to sort everything out by myself...)

And that's all, folks! I hope you like it. :)

Are there more Fun Brazilian expressions like those ?

Oh, you bet. Brazilians are a gentle and friendly people, who enjoy joking, and playing with their friends. So a quick search and I found TWO interesting sites for your reading pleasure.

Hope you enjoy this post, the original Reddit topic by Draculalien (which is open to comments, questions and general banter!) and those two extras; they have other neat Slang expressions and explanations.

Maybe a Gírias Brasileiras 2 stamp set ? LOL.... :P

Famous Last Words

Special Thank You to the folks behind this wonderful app — all the hard working people at Slowly Communications.

Letters we share, with pen pals all over the World, via the magic of the Slowly App. A modern day take in the traditional penpal experience.

Come and join us, if you are not yet using Slowly.

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from The Dark Room

The four walls

I woke up in darkness as I was used to by now. It didn't surprise me anymore. “Finally awake?” good morning to you too It had been some time since I had those kinds of nightmares. And this one was new too. “Good night rest?” make a wild guess “ou ou ou, i love guessing... Uhhh a nightmare?” bravo “Abooout... Water!” Yeah, somewhat related to water, I gotta admit that you are getting better at this “So much time together is finally paying up” As if there was anything positive about you being with me

A dark room with just a mattress, some blankets and a WC with a sink. This is where I spend my days, or nights, I have absolutely no idea about what is going on in the outside world. Every time I wake up there is a tray with some plates on it lying near my bed. It contains the three basic meals. Someone is keeping me alive in here for no apparent reason. “Hey! Whats for breakfast?” Haven't had time to check, gimme a second sheesh I crawled out of bed and searched for the tray. As usual it was only a few feet away from the mattress. Today we got... i said as my hand made its way cross the tray * apples* “Again?” Stop bitching, not like this is a hotel and we guests, be grateful we got something to eat I grab an apple and give it a huge bite. Its tasty and juicy. I smell it and let the smell fill my nostrils with its aroma. The smell is nice for a change. The dark room doesn't smell bad, but it doesn't smell good either. It has the basic facilities, true, but it lacks so much at the same time. A simple working light bulb would be like a treasure. Four walls in which I really cant do much. I have plenty of time to think, but that just isn't enough. I have wondered why I am here, why I am being kept alive. No answer comes to mind. “Watcha thinking bout?” Why are we here? “I stopped wondering some time ago” You never wondered in the first place, you just went along “Got me” 'Course i did I didn't know what was gonna happen, all I knew was what had happened until now...


from The Dark Room

The Awakening

I woke up surrounded by darkness. I could see nothing at all. I could hear the sound of drops of water when falling on a pond. Where am I? It could have been a dungeon or something like that, but i didn't have shackles of any sort on any part of my body. Sewers perhaps? Couldn't be. It didn't smell bad or foul. Where am i then? Many thoughts crossed my mind and even more questions arose from the depths. How did i get here in the first place? I really cant recall anything besides waking up here... I better move I had to find out what my surroundings looked like. I crawled in one direction, using my hands as antennae. I had to come to a sudden stop. Nothing... there is nothing here How is it possible? I tried to remain calm and tried my luck in another direction, just for the same outcome. I tried other directions, but it was always the same. After some meters, there was absolutely nothing. I had had some hope when crawling in the last direction that remained unchecked, maybe that one would be different from the rest. But the cold reality hit my face like a wet towel. There was nothing there, i was sitting in the middle of an island, stranded. The sound of the water was slowly driving me insane. Could there be a pond beneath this island? Its seemed like a crazy idea, but the whole situation was, so maybe it could even make sense. The trickling sound bore into the back of my head, my mind telling me to make a leap of faith and jump. Its not like i will be able to survive much time on this island anyway. There are only two possibilities: either i die when hitting the ground or there is a pond and i can look for an exit... I stood on my two feet. I had to make a decision now. The sound of the drops inviting me to jump, my survival instincts telling me to remain on the island and wait for something to happen. One step forward... Forward to an unknown future. Forward to what could be a certain death. Forward to discovering a truth that could either hurt or be most precious to me. Another step, and another and another... That was it, half of my foot was now over the abyss. I... I have to do something. I am standing on the verge of what could be death. My foot slips, i fall... The wind blows through my hair, it feels good. The last drop hits the surface.


from Friends Near and Afar

Starting the day, Friday morning

And a popup showed when loading the Slowly pen pals correspondence app. A banner image, followed by some details and finally a link to this Promotion page.

Share an Instagram Story & Get 200 Coins 💰

July 30 is the International Friendship Day. How about introducing your best Slowly pen pals to the world? Post an IG story and tag @slowlyapp. You will get 200 Slowly Coins for free! (See instructions below)

To get 200 Coins, you MUST do the followings in your IG Story:

* Introduce a pen pal you’ve met in Slowly (e.g. your friend’s name, location, how many letters you have exchanged, how great your friend is etc.)

Interesting... 200 Slowly coins are worth 5 Canadian dollars, but better yet, they can purchase TWO full sets of Slowly pretty stamps which we can use for our future letters. And they never wear out or get cancelled like regular mail stamps!

At first I wasn't sure. I read the terms, and even posted a new Topic at Reddit about this. To spread the word for the app users, and many went ahead and posted theirs. Soon receiving their promised bounty of coins.

Today was the last chance for this promotion, and upon receiving a nice letter from a dear friend, it clicked on me — I also had a story to tell. Below is the actual text, as posted on Instagram.

Pen pal introduction

I have been using Slowly now for just over a year. And it has been a lot of fun — I have been able to find many good friends all over the world. Different countries, different cultures, and even using different languages in our letters.

For this International Day of Friendship, I would like to introduce a good friend, Liz, from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. My user folder for Liz is quite packed with letters, I haven't counted them, but I had to scroll deep to reach the first ones. Which is were my story begins.

Many great letters

The total count of our letters? Currently, 127 — and after manually counting all of these, I was surprised too.

I had found Liz's profile in the Slowly User Explorer area. Simply had set a few filters, and had been looking through. As usual, I had selected to see only profiles with a Bio, an 'About Me' included. And hers was quite an interesting one.

Since we share a language and many common interests, including Writing, I decided then and there, and wrote a first letter introducing myself. Being a new user on Slowly, it was something I did a lot back in those days; you have to find some good people to connect to.

Sent the letter, timestamp shows June 25, 2019. That was about 2 weeks into my Slowly use, so an early contact. And I wrote a nice first letter, knowing they are important, and hoping to get a reply.

And Time passed...

Day by day other letters arrived, but no reply came from Liz. Months went by, I added many other penpals, some I am still active with. But from her, I hadn't heard back.

After a few months, cleaning up house, I removed some of the previous contacts, those without replies, including Liz. This might have happened in September or so.

And so it stayed — until sometime in early December, when I went to look at the Removed Users list; knowing that sometimes someone will send an unexpected reply, which will show there (as a recent letter arrival, in their username).

Voilá !

Unexpectedly, there was Liz's profile, right near the top of the Removed users list. See, when a letter arrives from one of those removed users, their name rises on the list, as hers did.

She had written, replying to my June letter; after months away from Slowly, to deal with life matters. Her recent letter arrival was surprising, and I promptly restored her to active user. Then I could see her letter, written on November 13, 2019. And my reply is next on the folder, dated December 8, which is when I found her original reply.

So at last we started corresponding, and it was fun. She's creative, writes well, loves reading long letters which I also favour, and we share all kinds of ideas, tips, suggestions.

Meet my Editor!

Someday, Liz is going to be the Editor of a book, which she sees me writing, with my many life stories, trips, Internet experiences, etc. And maybe a Slowly User Manual, since I have written many topics and Blog pages sharing how to best use the app and its features.

This morning, a letter from Liz arrived. I had been happy to see it, incoming, to arrive about 17 hours after she dispatched it, yesterday. And it was a lovely letter, even more appreciated since lately we had less correspondence than usual; with her being busy with life events.

A reply promptly followed and was sent, it's on its way to her. And upon writing it, I decided to come here and share this story.

A small Quote

...from today's letter she sent me – original in Portuguese, and an English translation below :

Caro Yann, sou grata por nossa amizade. Esta semana comemoramos o dia da amizade, 30/07. Te considero um amigo.

Adorei – e muito obrigado, que também sinto o mesmo, Liz.

EN :

Dear Yann, I am grateful for our friendship. This week we commemorate the International Day of Friendship, July 30. I consider you a friend.

I loved it — and thank you, I also feel the same, Liz.

Famous Last Words

Special Thank You to the folks behind this wonderful app — all the hard working people at Slowly Communications. We consider you all Friends as well!

Letters we share, with pen pals all over the World, via the magic of the Slowly App. A modern day take in the traditional penpal experience.

Come and join us, if you are not yet using Slowly.

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from Multiverso

Procúrate una trinchera incluso en tiempos de -supuesta- paz.

Sé que tengo la mía porque cuando leo “resaca” pienso antes en el mar que en la bebida.


from ravenbird

Bugreport | Fehlerhafte Darstellung im Menü

Offenbar gibt es bei einem der Menüs einen Darstellungsfehler:

Als Browser bei dem der Fehler auftritt kommt der aktuelle mobile Firefox für Android zum Einsatz.

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from ravenbird

Info | Auch im mobilen Bereich gut

Auch auf dem Smartphone und Tablet läuft Wordsmith wirklich gut und ist angenehm zu handhaben. Natürlich wären auch für diesen Bereich einiges an Möglichkeiten denkbar. Nun schauen wir mal was kommt. :–)

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from ravenbird

Test | Ein externes Bild einbinden

Natürlich will man in seinem Blog hin und wieder auch Bilder. Die Frage ist natürlich wo man sie am besten hostet, den man will ja nicht das sie nach einem oder zwei Jahren wieder verschwunden sind. Wir werden sehen was sich da anbietet. Hier auf jeden Fall erst einmal das erste Bild auf meinem Blog.

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from ravenbird

Info | Ein erster Beitrag

Vor kurzem bin ich über ein anderes Blog auf Wordsmith.social gestoßen und muss sagen mir das was ich bisher gesehen habe bisher sehr gut gefällt, was auch daran liegen mag das ich was Social Networking betrifft von Diaspora her komme. Ja mir ist klar das WriteFreely auf welchen Wordsmith basiert noch in einem recht frühen Entwicklungsstadium ist und noch einiges an elementaren Features fehlen. Jedoch ist eines der Features die ich suche und die in meinen Augen essentiell sind vorhanden, die Anbindung via ActivityPub an andere Plattformen. Ich hatte früher auch schon selbst gehostete Blogs und auch so manch anderes, aber ich habe es weitgehend aufgegeben, da ich mich neben meiner Arbeit lieber auf anderes konzentrieren will als darauf zu achten das die Sachen die ich betreibe laufen.

Und nun hoffe ich das ich hier auf Wordsmith einen guten Start habe und meine Beiträge für Euch interessant sind.

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from Friends Near and Afar

How to get stamps for countries missing in your Collection?

There are a few different ways. So, I thought of making a post and sharing some tips and notes. [ originally posted as a topic on Reddit ]

I can think of 3 good Options or methods to get those missing stamps — some are faster and easier, as long as you have the Slowly Coins to fund the purchase.

Others take a bit of effort and some skill in searching for potential pen pals, but anyone with some experience using the User Explorer (see “Getting Good Penpals – 2. Three Ways to Go” here for it if unsure) — to search for local users to contact and make a request for their local Stamp(s).

In some countries, this can be up to 5 stamps! That would cost you 125 Slowly Coins, equivalent to about $ 2.50 in cash , if done via “World Explorer”.

Plus take a while, as it's a Random selling mechanism. You would have to buy a whole lot of random stamps to get the five for a particular country.

Option 1 : The wonderful “World Explorer”

“World Explorer” is a great added feature in Slowly Stamp Store.

This is a nice one, and if you are shy but have some cash, it can get you ALL of the World's Location Based national Stamps.

Please note that some stamps you might see in the middle of the collection might NOT be available here — for example, in Italy's case :

  • There are 4 Location stamps.
  • There are also 2 Special Edition stamps and a National Holiday stamp — which are NOT available via World Explorer. (those are the three shown in the upper row in the image above)

The World Explorer works wonderfully — it will NOT sell you a stamp you already OWN (but that does not count the ones received from a pen pal in a letter for example). In the case you have a copy, received in a letter, it's possible that it could come up as the random selected stamp when you make a purchase.

While this is not as nice as a whole new one, which might fill a 'hole' in your collection, it's part of the game — and in the end a positive, since you CAN now send that stamp to anyone. :)

Each stamp purchase in World Explorer is a very affordable 25 Coins. We can gather those in one day from hitting the Watch Videos for a Free Coin feature — better yet if you keep a Timer set and running on a 15 min interval as a reminder.

There are 122 Countries, and some have multiple stamps, but given enough Coins you could get all of their stamps. :)

Buying Coins -– the impatient user way, each stamp would cost me about 50 Cents of a Canadian Dollar (based on buying the 500 Coins pack at $9.99 CAD; it's a bit lower in USD, maybe 8 dollars). At half a dollar per stamp, you can see it will take some money to use this method extensively; or quite a bit of patience if you go for the Free Coins method.

Option 2 : Travel there

And in some cases we could do that and enjoy multiple new stamps along the journey.

Always carry your mobile device when traveling. The first time you cross a border, finding a wi-fi hotspot in a store, or a cultural center, is all you need to activate Slowly and let if see you are now in a new Location. Aha! You will get ALL of their Location stamps (not the Special Edition ones, like in Italy's case explained above). Plus, the nice and unique Traveler's Stamp.

Only problem is, pandemic. Not a good year to Travel, so this method is here for completion. Maybe next year we can enjoy Travel and seeing other Cultures again?

Option 3 : Ask the Locals!! :)

Since Covid, we are up to either World Explorer or asking a local user. And since we have the wonderful Filters in the User Explorer, in the mobile versions of Slowly (both iOS and Android — User Explorer not yet available in Web Mode), since we have the Filters we can use them, find some interesting local person and send them a nicely written letter.

The Most Awesome Stamp Collector I know, who is a pen pal of mine, did this Extensively -– building up a huge collection with sheer dedication. My Kudos for the great job and inspiration — this topic is dedicated to you, dear friend (who I shall not name).

One of the last times we discussed Stamp collecting was mentioned in my Hello Kitty Stamps Blog post -– my friend sent 90 letters chasing for some of those stamps. And since they are SO RARE, the net result was Zero.

Don't Despair -– the Hello Kitty ones are very uncommon and only sold in certain Countries. But National stamps are much EASIER.

Been There, Done That !

Inspired by my friend, I used that method and sent letters which got me the missing stamps for Cuba, Ecuador, Belize. And even my friend was impressed that I managed to get the Belizean stamp with ONE single pen pal contact.

Please be super nice to those people — sadly we can only have 100 maximum penpals in Slowly (which can be doubled to 200 if you pay for the new Plus membership). But we can't be rude and simply ghost those gentle new friends, after getting what we asked for, right? (it would be SO Wrong.)

I still keep contact with people in these 3 countries I mentioned above.

And had just decided to close one of the gaps in my own collection, shown in the snapshot; a missing SNa Senegal stamp was needed. So, again I went and Searched. And wrote a nice letter, copied below.

A sample letter requesting Local Stamp :

Hello (username) !

Good evening, I am a Canadian user of Slowly and very interested in collecting the nice stamps that Slowly offers us. I have been using Slowly for a year now, and have many stamps but not one for Senegal yet.

I searched for users in Senegal and found your profile – could you send me your country's stamp to fill that empty spot in my Stamp Collection? :)

I would be happy if you can. I have written to people in other countries like Cuba, Ecuador, Belize for the same reason. I am sending you one of our Canadian Stamps with this letter, hope it's a new one for you. We have a couple more, and I could send them if you like as well.

Thank you for your attention,



I had used similar letters for my contacts in Cuba, Ecuador and Belize — in some cases, written in Spanish since it's the local language and I am somewhat fluent on it as well.

Notice that I offered to send more of my local Stamps — even if they only had one local stamp, I think being the one requesting the favour, I should offer them all of mine. There's no cost anyway. :)

Hope you find this useful — as I wrote, it expanded and is almost ready for a Blog version; which I will do in due course. [ Ed. note : Done. :) ]

Any questions or comments, please feel free to ask! :)

And someone in Reddit Asked !

Soon after the topic was posted, a local user posted a very direct question :

Can I use VPN to fake my location?

Does it work?

Lol, ooops... This is the one topic we try to avoid in the sub and in public discussions in general. Being the Topic Author, I felt obliged to reply.

Being the Sub's Moderator I also have to consider other aspects — including legality of any comments or posted content. But I like to be honest, and while I would not have touched the topic until then, now a clear question was posed; and the best in my opinion is to be completely honest and provide a detailed reply.

And here's my reply :

LOL, that didn't take long. :P

Thanks for the direct question, and bear with me as I need to explain some things as part of my reply.

In a nutshell, yes, if you have a vpn service and know how to use it, it does work. I did not include it on the guide above for a good reason — the same one why you don't see people talking about it openly here in general.

Changing locations could be seen as detrimental to the company (and it is, as they lose 50 cents for each stamp you acquire that way – and the loss can add up). So, there's a general concern that this could be seen as a violation of Terms of Service.

That is a big booboo -– as the Terms of Service for Slowly app is long, and detailed, and written by their own lawyers in language that clearly favours the company.

If someone irks a company, it can resort to the Terms of Service violation and terminate the user's account. We lose a lot — all your contacts, all your letters, all the stamps. It's pretty scary.

A partial quote from Section 9 – Availability of Service :

We may without prior warning or subsequent notice terminate your account and access to SLOWLY for any or no reason. We may decide to terminate your account for a number of different reasons ... (continues on to enumerating some clauses)

I am being completely honest here, the best is not to discuss this in public, knowing the consequences could be harsh. Not that I have heard of it happening, so far, but the potential is there.

Slowly Communications is a small company, employs a few talented people, and we absolutely NEED them to stay solvent, to stay funded, so the service can continue.

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from jay

a kind-of review

[This text was published on my Plume account before, but since I moved back to write freely, I publish it here again]

On July 3rd, british band Hot Milk released a new single, “California's burning”. Hot Milk describe their sound as “emo power pop” but this song is so much more. You can hear influences from punk, hip hop and electronic and of course some great, meaningful lyrics. For example, the first verse “semi-automatic in a candy store/strangers break down your door/NRA on the senate floor/is this the life you’re looking for?” or “lock up kids just to ignore/a rainbow flag they wanna cure”.

You can buy the single as a vinyl (“California's burning” on the A side and “June Gloom” and “Wide awake (in awful ever after)” on the B side from https://hot-milk-uk.myshopify.com/. A portion of profits from every sale will be given to Black Lives Matter and Stop Hate UK. You can watch it on YouTube https://youtube.com/watch?v=xt6fK9KltJo or listen to it on Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music. Also, Hot Milk announced that there will be a music video on YouTube soon.