Friends Near and Afar

Friends Near and Afar, Letters we Share and Cherish.

We are in the process of doing some major renovations at our SLOWLY Stamps WIKI site. I am one of the admins there, and very happy with some recent work and additions. Starting with the main landing page : Listing of Stamps on SLOWLY


A lovely image I just found on Twitter

...and which I retweeted and thanked the poster for.

It immediately reminded me of my favourite Holidays themed Slowly stamp set – the Purrfect Holiday one.


A new and interesting site for SLOWLY Stamps fans

This morning a comment on my Reddit topic announcing the sad closing of the super useful site, got my attention. This user mentioned and added the URL for a similar site, which I assumed the poster, No-Advantage2155 might be involved with.

I took notice, of course, as we are searching for alternatives. And visited the site, and later returned to get more familiar with it.


There's always been some curiosity

About this, the time it takes for a SLOWLY letter to arrive at our pen pal's destination and their inbox.

An interesting question, and thanks to what-888, a fellow user at our subreddit, we know the way it's calculated.


Not all available Stamp Sets showing in its Stamp Store?

One of our subreddit users noticed an interesting stamp, 'Latte', which he hadn't seen so far.

And he posted and asked about it:

Info on this “Latte” stamp? Is it limited? Is it part of a set?

Prompt response followed and identified it as part of the SLOWLY Coffee House set. Which the OP had not seen – as he uses the Web Client, as I and many others also do.

What is missing, then?


Slowly Android client running in a Windows 10 laptop

Using a Virtual Machine to supplement Web Client

If you follow my Blog, comments on Reddit and Twitter, it's clear I am a great fan of SLOWLY's Web Client – the most productive work environment for someone who is serious about reading, writing serious pen pal letters.

Sadly, there are a few things missing from Web Client. But we could get access to those with a Android Virtual Machine.


Today I had a meeting

At our local Public Library, to discuss a proposal I sent, suggesting having an information session for local people, about the SLOWLY app.

I was very pleased to have this meeting. The original proposal was written two and a half years ago, when I was a newly minted Slowly user; but one who could already see the potential of the app, and wanted to share the love.


This affects Mobile versions

Currently, the mobile versions of SLOWLY have a small design flaw. It's not a functional problem, but just something that might lead some users to not realize there are more stamps available to them than they can see at first glance in the Stamp Store.

DioRemTW posted a good topic explaining this at our subreddit, and I think it's worth expanding into a blog post, so here we go.


November 11 Remembrance Day in Canada, and it would be a perfect occasion for a commemorative stamp. This day is also observed in other countries, and marks the Armistice, the end date of the First World War (at 11 am, on November 11, 1918).


Wouldn't it be great if we could create Postcards some point — to send to our pen pal friends?

The postcards would allow for brief messages, without annoying the recipient (who might be expecting a long letter, possibly). This would be faster than composing a full letter, and done in short order when inspiration came. While travelling, for example?

It would also allow us to send a great image, relevant for the moment. Special occasions, Birthdays, Holiday greetings, I can see this feature serving in many instances, and being enjoyed by many. So here are the details...